Daily Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S05E15 “The Crypt of Dracula”

Welcome back to another Halloween cartoon episode recap and – unexpectedly – we are picking up right where we left off yesterday. Since I was completely unaware that the yesterday’s installment was a multi-episode engagement, we’re going to come right back and see what more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has to give us.

Truth be told, by the end of yesterday’s episode, I was totally into it and didn’t even realize we were coming up to the end so when it cut to credits I was all sorts of aghast. I made the decision right then and there that we were just going to bring this back to see what happened next.

When we left off, the Turtles along with their time-traveling friend, Renet, took a big L at the hands of Savanti Romero (another time traveler, but an evil one who is building an army by jumping time periods). Savanti escapes an ancient Egyptian tomb with the no-longer-buried Pharaoh and opens a portal to the Middle Ages to continue building his army. The Turtles had hoped to stop that before Savanti even got started to bring back peace and normalcy to their current-day New York which has been overrun with a curse perpetrated by Savanti that’s turning normal civilians into zombie vampires on Halloween of all days.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Renet’s scepter – which is what allows our heroes to travel through time – is at a dangerously low power level and cannot be recharged until they get back…to the future (yesssssssss). They’re already taking a chance at being stuck forever by following Savanti into the Middle Ages, but what choice do they have? Savanti Romero must be stopped.

Which bring us to today…S05E15: The Crypt of Dracula

Original Air Date: September 27, 2017

We open with Renet and the Turtles falling through their portal and landing in a swamp in the year 1300 in Transylvania. Renet uses her staff to disguise the Turtles in coats and hats to make them fit in to the time period. She tells them to be on their game because they’ll be looking for one of the most dangerous monster ever: Dracula.

Right off the bat, our group finds themselves being attacked by a pack of wolves. Along with the wolves, though, is one bigger, badder werewolf! Shit is just a few minutes in and already off the chain. As the werewolf prepares to sink his teeth into the Turtles, the sun begins rising which is just as good as silver bullets and send the werewolf and actually wolves scurrying away.

In the fracas, however, Raphael was chased off by some of the wolves. He tripped, but upon getting up saw the unmistakable silhouette of Dracula. Now that the other three Turtles and Renet have a second to gather themselves, they notice Raph is missing. They find Raph pretty quickly, but there’s something about him that’s just not right. Leonardo says that they’ve got to hurry to find Dracula before Savanti does.

The crew comes across a traveler and his daughter who warn that they must leave Transylvania ASAP because it is dangerous AF especially after dark. The traveler’s daughter starts looking after Raph and notices that he’s been bitten. It’s now highly important that they ensure he doesn’t bite any of the others or else he’ll become a full vampire.

Nightfall has come and Savanti Romero and the Egyptian Pharaoh are arriving at Dracula’s castle. Savanti uses the power of UV light to basically enslave Dracula to do his bidding.

The Turtles are riding in the traveler’s carriage when they’re attacked by a maniac with a pumpkin for a head. The carriage is overturned and the Traveler is taken away by wolves who are headed for the castle. As the good guys approach the castle, they’re greeted by the massive werewolf from earlier. The traveler’s daughter begs the Turtles not to hurt the werewolf because – DUN DUN DUN! – he’s her father!

Michelangelo tells Renet to give him a silver coin out of her purse. Renet has been carrying this thing that I suppose is just a standard issue item for all licensed time travelers, but what it does is produce currency for any time period you happen to be in. She hands over the requested coin to Mikey who bats it down the throat of the werewolf immediately curing him of all his wolfness. Michelangelo: local genius.

While they’re celebrating saving the Traveler, Dracula swoops in and grabs the daughter. He’s about to sink his fangs into her neck when the Traveler stabs him in the foot with a wooden stake causing him to let go of the daughter. Leonardo fires a wooden stake of his own destined to impale Drac and take him out for good, but it is intercepted in mid-air by Raphael the quasi-vampire who snaps it and allows Dracula to escape before turning into a bat himself and heading into the castle.

The Turtles follow him in and head downstairs to find their brother thinking he;s in the crypt, but when they get there, they are met by Savanti who introduces them to his allies: the Pharaoh, Dracula and Raphael. Raph demands that his brothers turnover Michelangelo because he wants to suck his blood and Michelangelo responds in a way that I’m sure the writers were shocked they got through the censors:

“No one’s sucking me! No way! No how!”

Fuck yes. Now this is getting sexy.

Dracula promises to make the Turtles suffer for trying to destroy him and they’re suddenly in a battle while Raph still stalks Michelangelo to suck his blood. Donatello, holding a staff given to him by Renet when she first disguised them finally believes in the protection power of the jewel set in it. Both Dracula and Raph now begin backing down as Donatello’s belief grows stronger and he wields it in their direction.

The Traveler jumps in front of his daughter to protect her from the Pharaoh which is exactly what the Pharaoh wanted. He shoves his full hand down the Traveler’s throat and removes the silver coin which cured his werewolfism just moments before. The werewolf has now returned and begins tossing the Turtles around like ragdolls.

Savanti assembles his crew – including werewolf and Raphael – and teleports out of Transylvania going on to his next stop to move on to the next phase of his army building. Renet has only enough power in her scepter for one more time portal, but they have no choice. They have to follow Savanti and put a stop to him. They jump through the portal promising the Traveler’s daughter (who I’m only now realizing is named Esmeralda) that they will have her father back soon.

When they land at their next stop, the year is 1818 and the crew is in Germany at the foot of Frankenstein’s castle. Which is the cliffhanger to bring us back tomorrow!

Final Thoughts

Yo! They fucking bamboozled me! Another cliffhanger and another episode we’ve got to come back tomorrow for! How long is this story arc? I mean, I’m not complaining, but I was definitely not prepared for this!

I have to be honest here: I’m completely with this. I’ve really enjoyed these episodes the past two days and the cliffhanger surprise, though unexpected, has me hyped to come back to see more of this tomorrow. The writers of this series have really done a great job of finding a good balance of humor and levity to go with the high stakes and tension in these two installments and you really feel like they’re building toward something epic at the end.

Under no circumstance was I planning on doing multiple episodes of the same show during Halloween month, but plans have changed and, thus far, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is making it a very worthwhile adjustment. Let’s do this again tomorrow.

Until next time.


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