Grab Your Garmin!

In our most recent episode, I talked about his favorite Super Bowl commercial of all-time, a Garmin GPS ad that was shown during the Indianapolis Colts’ victory over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI in 2007.

When all commercials were starting to blend into each other and feel the same, this one came out of nowhere and rocked my face off. It was incredible then and is still wonderful. So, of course, I did some digging and found the extended cut for you to watch, enjoy and see if you agree with me.

Seriously, I cannot get enough of this. You agree. I’m sure you do.

❤ Joe


Hare, Air & The Ads That Inspired SpaceJam

In our latest episode (which can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher or Google Play), we spoke about how SpaceJam came into existence because of the popularity of a Nike ad that featured Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan having to team up against Marvin the Martian who was stealing all of the world’s Air Jordan sneakers.

Realizing that this commercial is now over 20 years old and you may not remember$ it, we’ve done some digging and found it to refresh those memories for you!

But this was also part of an overall series of ads that featured the superhero team of Jordan and Bugs – collectively Air and Hare Jordan that debuted as the most popular commercial from Super Bowl 26 and gave the SpaceJam idea a built-in audience.

Has there been any pitch-man in history as successful as Michael Jordan? Probably not. He’s been a part of some of the most memorable ad campaigns for decades and Jordan sneakers are so ingrained in society that it’s hard to imagine a world without people lining up hours in advance just to get the latest pair.