Daily Cartoon: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power S04E05: “Protocol”

Welcome back to another episode recap! I know at this point most of you reading this have already binged the entire season, so I appreciate that you keep coming back to check out these blogs on a daily basis. It warms the cockles of my heart.

Yesterday, we saw Glimmer step out of Adora’s shadow as she embraced her new connection to the Moon Stone to single-handedly destroy a secret Horde weapon storage facility. It also forced her to make a tough decision to use She-Ra as bait in a side battle so the Horde wouldn’t be as fortified. I would have to think that this will cause some static as we go on within the Best Friends Squad since I would certainly have an issue if Gomez did that to me.

This was a big win for the Rebellion, however, as Glimmer did destroy the Horde’s massive Pulse Bot weapon so while yes, she did put her friends (Netossa and Spinnerella were also with She-Ra) in danger, you could argue that the ends justify the means.

We keep rolling along and now we’ll see the fallout and what’s next as Queen Glimmer settles into her role. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power S04E04: “Pulse”

Welcome to a fresh new week of episode recaps! After what felt like a long weekend, I’m excited to be picking back up with Episode 4 of the new season of She-Ra! The first three episodes thus far have been pretty damn good so I’m excited to see what’s next.

When we left off, She-Ra and Bow had liberated the village of Elberon from Horde rule, but this turned out to all be part of Catra and Hordak’s plan to insert a spy into the Rebellion: the shape-shifter Double Trouble disguised as a young, Elboranian girl named Flutterina. This is becoming a recurring theme for this season where the Rebellion is finishing off their battles thinking they’ve won, but the Horde has gone away with something in their back pocket making you think that they’re the ones who’ve actually come out on top.

If you need more than that, feel free to read the Episode 3 recap to catch up before diving into this because right now we’ve got a show to watch. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power S04E03 “Flutterina”

Welcome back to another exciting She-Ra episode recap! What a time to be alive!

If you recall from yesterday’s episode, Glimmer’s first mission as Queen – to retrieve Mara’s ship – was successful, yet, as we concluded, it seemed as if the Horde had won the day by bringing Double Trouble into their mix. In the interim, however, the Rebellion is feeling pretty good about themselves right now which is nice to see as they still deal with the loss of Queen Angella.

We’re still getting into the meat and potatoes of this season, as the kids on the street would say, but this much is clear: the Rebellion is being almost lulled into a false sense of security right now. They have no idea that the transmission to Horde Prime made it through and that him and his forces will be coming to Etheria. It’s going to be a game-changer and, though we’ve kind of backed off Adora’s intense She-Ra training, she is still learning all she is capable of and realizing her true power and purpose. Add that to Glimmer being new to the throne and the learning curve that goes along with that and it’s not unreasonable to think that Catra is right: this is the time for the Horde to end the Rebellion. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & the Princesses of Power S04E02 “The Valley of the Lost”

Welcome back to another episode recap as we continue with Season 4 of Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! We all know the deal by now: this show is great, I love it and I’m incredibly happy it’s back for me to enjoy.

Episode 1 was fun and laid all the groundwork for what will be coming this season and it totally nailed it. I came away even more excited to continue than I was even coming in which is saying something. So where do we go now? We’ve got now Queen Glimmer leading the forces of the Rebellion while – unbeknownst to them – Hordak’s GPS signal did go through and he know awaits the master Horde Prime to show up on Etheria. Catra, however, is done doing things Hordak’s way and is challenging him in ways I’d legit never expected anyone within the Horde to ever do as she becomes ever consumed with squashing the Rebellion for good.

How will they follow up on all these new happenings in Etheria? Time to find out! Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & the Princesses of Power S04E01 “The Coronation”

Welcome back to another episode recap! I’m super excited to be diving into this new season of She-Ra on Netflix! Season 3 was like a tease with only six episodes, but this time around they’ve given us a robust 13 to feast on and, if we’ve learned anything from the previous three seasons, this will be terrific. I’m serious. I love this show and they’ve been killing it since debuting on Netflix.

When we left off, the Rebellion had thought they had stymied Hordak’s plans to open a portal to bring Horde Prime and even more Horde troops to Etheria, but this victory had a high cost as Queen Angella of Bright Moon was lost after sacrificing herself to ensure that Adora could still protect Etheria as She-Ra. Unbeknownst to the the Rebellion, is that the portal was open long enough for Horde Prime to receive a transmission showing the location of Etheria and setting course. Shit, as they say, is about to get real.

I recapped all six episodes of Season 3 so if you need to catch up quick, you can always go back in the archives to do so. I actually recommend that you do because I would love the extra website clicks that would produce. Kthanxbai. Let’s start Season 4! Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E6: “The Portal”

Here we are, people! The main event! It may have only been six episodes, but the first five were legit and we have no reason to expect anything less from the sixth.

In yesterday’s episode, the world of Etheria was trapped in an alternate reality or consciousness that only Adora seemed to recognize on her own at first after Catra had opened the interdimensional portal. The portal is now ripping through Etheria threatening to completely wipe it from existence unless Adora can go back to her beginning as She-Ra and retrieve her sword as directed by Madame Razz.

Madame Razz is pretty mysterious, right? In the original series, she was basically a stand-in for Orko as Filmation pretty much just copied the template that made He-Man so popular, but in this telling, she’s not as over-the-top from a comedic aspect although she still has glimpses of it, but she’s more a friendly, elder who may not be as sharp as she once was, but still has great value in wisdom and experience.

Razz has been the one pushing Adora in the right direction post-portal since, as she states, she’s seen this before when Mara (the previous She-Ra) opened a portal to save Etheria a thousand years ago. There’s been some debate and hypothesizing over Razz’s relationship with Mara and the way I took it since Season 1 was that Mara was the daughter of Razz from the way Razz would say, “my Mara.” That may or may not be true and I’m sure it’ll play out in some form, but I’ve also seen theories that Razz IS Mara and that was something I’d never considered.

I try not to dig too far down the internet rabbit hole for these things since I’ve genuinely enjoyed the surprises and swerves these writers have dropped thus far, but maybe I’ll have to change that mindset once this episode is over and engage since I know I’m going to be left feening for more She-Ra after this.

Yesterday’s episode left us with Adora trying to find that moment in memory where she first met Glimmer and Bow and came into contact with the sword while Catra – thought to already be portal collateral damage, pulls herself back up intent on stopping Adora from claiming another win at her expense.

This has been a lot of fun and we’ve got 24 minutes of action to go. Let’s do it! Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E05: “Remember”

Welcome back to another episode watch on CarJoeMeZ as we conclude the work week with the penultimate episode of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power. Quick note: since this season is only six episodes, there’s no need to make anyone wait until Monday for the finale so that will be up tomorrow for a very special Saturday edition of the Daily Cartoon! I know you’re excited. I’m excited too.

But first, we have an episode to watch today which is coming off a dramatic turn of events at the conclusion of yesterday’s episode. Despite all the evidence pointing to doom should the Horde open the portal, Catra decided to ignore all of that and allowed her inner rage over everyone from Adora to Hordak to Shadow Weaver turning their backs on her to take over her decision-making and flipped the switch which left us with a Sopranos-style blackout and wondering just what fucking happened.

Look, I’ve covered each of the prior episodes this week so if you need a quick refresher, just hit the homepage and read up. There’s massive action and fallout that we need to get to immediately so no more wasting time! Netflix and chill time. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E04: “Moment of Truth”

It’s a Thursday cartoon watch and we’re rolling along with Netflix’s She-Ra & The Princesses of Power despite there being very few of the other Princesses actually contributing thus far in this season.

That’s not a bad thing, though, as the reveal of Adora’s unknown past and her ensuing search for answers has been dynamite through three episodes and since this writing team has earned my trust, I’d expect they finish off the final three episodes on a similarly high note.

In yesterday’s episode Adora and pals made their way aboard Mara crashed ship in the Crimson Waste and activated a holographic message about how she brought Etheria into Despondos via portal as a way to save everyone, but that seeing this message means she failed as she was supposed to have been the last She-Ra and the message couldn’t be activated without She-Ra’s sword. This is getting heavy, Doc.

Catra has become the leader of all the freaks and weirdos in the Waste, captured Adora and taken her sword, but that’s still not enough for Catra who – after finding out that Shadow Weaver once again chose Adora over her – has now sworn to open the portal to bring the Horde’s full might to Etheria on her own as a way to finally prove herself to all who’ve doubted her.

There’s a lot at play here and, honestly, it seems like a lot to tie up with just three episodes remaining. But, like I said, the team behind this show has earned my trust and haven’t let me down yet so I’m with it. Now that we’ve had our quick little catch-up, let’s head over to Netflix and hit play. Continue reading