Pop Tarts Toasted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Coffee Creamer Review

Another day, another new creamer to try for Captain Joe Shoes and this is a co-branded effort between our friends at Coffee Mate and Pop Tarts, the delectable breakfast pastry! Toasted Brown Sugar Cinnamon seems like a wonderful flavor, but how does it translate from breakfast pastry to breakfast coffee! Make sure to like and subscribe to the channel!

Ep. 44: The Mighty Ducks

We didn’t quit. Just got delayed. But Ep. 44 is finally here! We begin with a little NHL playoffs talk, discuss the whole United Airlines situation, compare Sidney Crosby and Brandon Dubinsky to Sonic The Hedgehog and Dr. Robotnik and tell some stories before getting to our main portion: detailing The Mighty Ducks trilogy! The Big Finish: top Pop-Tarts flavors! Listen on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe, rate, review and share with a pal!

MeZ Tries New Sh*t: 4 New Flavors of Pop Tarts!!

The other day I saw a commercial for two new pop tart flavors;  A&W Root Beer and Crush Orange. Immediately I put on some pants and ran to the supermarket. When I got there I was greeted with a sale on Pop Tarts and 2 more new flavors! What a wonderful day!4 boxesMmmmmmmmm! Let’s open these bad boys up and give ’em a taste.

I started with Crush Orange.


Yea… I ain’t feeling this one. Let’s try another one. Root Beer, I choose you!

 I don’t drink a lot of soda but when I do, Root Beer is one of my favs.

hmmmm… I don’t hate this one. It’s actually not bad. BUT I don’t love it either. It’s OK.

Next up is Chocolatey Caramel.

It’s the most basic of all the flavors today. It has to be good… right?


How can this be the worst one!? ugh! Terrible. It’s like a fake chocolatey taste. yuck!  Bacon, please save me!

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! It tastes like those fake Bac~Os everyone used to eat before Bacon became the hot shit. Thank god all these pop tarts were on sale!

Final Verdict:

I will never eat these pop tarts again. Maybeeeee if I was starving and had nothing else to eat, I would eat the Root Beer ones. But I gotta be pretty damn hungry for that to happen. All four flavors get a Batista Man thumbs down!!