Ep. 43: A League Of Their Own

A new week, a new episode! This time around, Joe heads to Universal Orlando to try the new King Kong ride, the boys go over the 400 hour-long Wrestlemania show and then they get all baseball on you by watching the classic, A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, and discussing and predicting the 2017 MLB season. It’s an absolutely packed episode!

Episode 41: Jean-Claude Van Damme

It’s a new week, so we give you a new episode! Check out our tribute to our double-main man, JCVD! We discuss five of his classic films in our own adorable way and you get to hear the Main Man Standings Song five times! We give the people what they need. Listen and subscribe!


Folks, Episode 40 is here! This was a lot of fun and we think you’ll be into it! We check out the latest entry into the King Kong movieverse: KONG: SKULL ISLAND as well as discuss the latest offering from the Outback Steakhouse and spend way too much time theorizing what superheroes’ penises may or may not look like. It’s your favorite hour of the week!

Ep. 38: “The Music of Us”

Check out the latest episode of the show! This week, we’re talking the music that shaped our adolesence, but also losing our shit over the bullshit Top Fast Food Items list put out this week by Bill Simmons’ The Ringer. It’s a good time so find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher & Google Play and please subscribe, rate, review and share with your friends!


A new week comes with a brand-new episode of the show! If you’re not familiar with the JOHN WICK series, it’s time you became familiar! We discuss both chapters of the JOHN WICK saga thus far as well as dive into Gomez’s favorite season of the year: Candy Time! The boys share their love for Cadbury chocolate and then close up shop with the Big Finish: Top 3 Supervillains! Find us on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher or wherever you get your podcasts!


Ep.28: “Star Wars – Rogue One”

A brand new episode is up for you to listen to as you wind down your holiday traditions! We do a little bit more of Christmas and talk about some personal traditions the two of us have and then hit you with our thoughts on the new Star Wars flick, Rogue One which, if you haven’t heard, is in theaters now. Make sure to listen, subscribe, review and share with friends. We’re on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Google Play. Enjoy the show and merry Christmas.


Ep. 24: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

We’ve made it to Episode 24! This week we talk about the new movie, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM as well as the entire Harry Potter universe since Joe is a huge nerd for it. We also go over our Thanksgiving plans and include some general fuckery as per the norm.


Ep. 23: “The Dark Crystal”

We’re back with another new episode! This week we talk about Jim Henson! He was a really big deal when we were kids and, in this episode, we talk about his cult classic movie, THE DARK CRYSTAL as well as a little known show called “The Storyteller”.

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Enjoy this week’s show!

Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.1, E.3: “A Thing About Rats”

Welcome again to another episode of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! So far, you’ve apparently been into this as evidenced by the uptick in our web traffic so I hope to keep you coming back after today’s offering.

Season 1, Episode 3: “A Thing About Rats” Original Air Date: 12/16/1987

OK, so after the big fight from yesterday, we open with Splinter recovering at home. He’s pretty worn out and who can blame him? This was a lot of action for the old guy after years of sitting in a sewer meditating about being kicked out of Japan. The Turtles decide to go searching for the Technodrome so they can force Shredder to turn Splinter back into a human being. They’re incredibly thoughtful.

At this point, we cut away and are introduced to Baxter Stockman. Or – as I called him aloud while watching this – “Oh, shit! It’s that dude!” I completely forgot that this was a guy in this despite him being a black scientist who looked like Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor in the most recent movies. Intense google research has shown that apparently Baxter was always a black guy until this cartoon and was magically transformed into a caucasian. Now, that, I did not know. I wonder how much of an uproar that would have caused if we had the internet in 1987. Probably a fuckton.

Yeah…what? Oh, um…Baxter, yeah. So he’s a regular old Mr. Science and he’s developing Mouser robots that are specifically programmed to catch rats. He’s thinking he’ll make a killing selling them to pest control companies. He’s wrong. The pest control man refuses to take on robots at the expense of human jobs. He’s probably a union guy.

Shredder has some fucking HD surveillance cameras basically fucking everywhere and sees Baxter getting rejected by the pest people and decides to bring him in for a meeting to discuss business since he has a rat problem.Shredder has a new base set up in an abandoned mansion. Personally, I’d like to know who his real estate guy is that was able to hook him up with such a place in the middle of New York City. I’d assume Krang is the money guy on it, but Krang is also being a bitch about getting the new body that Shredder keeps putting off building so maybe he’s tightened the wallet for the moment. I don’t know. I don’t even know why I think about some of these things.

Shredder tells Baxter to build an army of Mousers and to make a master control so he can have them carry out his plan with the push of a button. It sounds like a lot of work, but apparently Shredder’s got a full-blown factory in the mansion and they’re able to pump out hundreds of these Mousers in like ten minutes.

Splinter is home meditating when he’s attacked by a bunch of the robots. He fights valiantly, but is close to defeat when the Turtles do the hot run-in, save him and destroy the Mousers. Each one has Baxter Stockman’s stamp on the bottom, so the Turtles do their best Sherlock Holmes impression and decide to go ask him some questions. Before doing that, they make a quick stop at April O’Neil’s apartment to leave Splinter with her and so she can use her computer to get Baxter’s contact info. Sure.

Baxter is released by Shredder after building all these fucking Mousers, but Shredder has him tailed by Foot Soldiers because the dude knows too much. Just as the Foot are about to make their move, the glass shatters and BY GAWD, THAT’S THE TURTLES’ MUSIC!

The Turtles save Baxter from being injured and destroy the Foot Robots. The persuade Baxter to give up Shredder’s location, but upon realizing how easy the Mousers were able to track Splinter the first time, they head back to April’s to find her and Splinter under attack from a massive wave of Mousers. Our heroes are able to save their friends and barely escape the apartment building right before it collapses because of the damage the Mousers caused. Let’s take a brief time-out here.

Repeat: “…right before it collapses”.

The entire fucking apartment building collapsed. Rubble. Down to the floor.


Neither the Turtles nor April show any concern for her neighbors. Emergency services are not dispatched. The News doesn’t even cover this catastrophe. There may be survivors in there. We’ll never know.

But April does provide a humbling word as she takes a look at the destruction where her home once was, “Boy, they sure don’t build them like they used to!”


With a dearth of dead innocents in their rear view, the Turtles focus on getting to the Mansion. Donatello attempts to control the Mousers using Baxter’s remote, but Shredder’s overrides the control. Michelangelo tries sneaking into the Technodrome, but is captured by Shredder who then sends the Mousers to combat the other Turtles and Splinter.

Krang saves Michelangelo because he’s a salty fuck about not having a body yet and tells him where the Master Control is located so he can save his friends from the wrath of the Mousers. Michelangelo baits Shredder into FUCKING SHOOTING at him and ducks out of the way so Shredder basically takes out the master control. Donatello is then able to use his remote to send the Mousers for the gas pipes. Everybody fucking bails as the mansion goddamn explodes and another building it brought to rubble.


Final Thoughts:

What in the greenest of fucks just happened here? There are definitely dead people. Probably lots of them. And nobody gives even the remotest of damns. Holy shit.

Beyond the scores of innocent lives probably lost, the show continues to roll along with a pretty good story and good fun. Sure, I got caught up on the building collapsing on  people, but that’s just me. Apparently, nobody else in the show seemed to care about that, so maybe I shouldn’t either.

Outside of that, this was another solid installment that advanced the story, introduced us to Baxter and introduced the Turtles to Krang who – up until this point – had yet to see/know of him.

I’m a fan and look forward to tomorrow. Grade: ***1/2*.

❤ Joe