Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.11 “Teenagers From Dimension X”

Welcome everybody to another day with another episode of TMNT! Coming off what was absolute dreck yesterday, I’m hoping we get something redeeming today so we can salvage the end of this season. Season 2 is only 13 episodes which is more than Season 1’s five, but Season 3 jumps to 47 episodes where it follows the type of everyday, “after-school” syndication scheduling like He-Man, Thundercats and others before it.

As a kid, I loved the idea of seeing a new episode everyday, obviously. When you’re into something, you’re consuming it faster than it can be produced for you. TMNT was a monster hit so it’s no surprise they changed the formula going into Season 3.

But before that, we have to finish off Season 2. From the title, I assume we’ll be seeing the Neutrinos again which isn’t terrible. I didn’t mind them. But hopefully we have more fun today than we did yesterday. I really hated yesterday’s show. So, with that said…


S.2,E.11: “Teenagers From Dimension X”. Original Air Date: 12/10/1988


The Turtles are home watching a movie about some kind of Turtle-Godzilla creature stomping out a town and they’re loving life. Michelangelo says, “they sure don’t make love stories like they used to,” which triggers an inquiry about the love story between Mikey and Kala, the Neutrino chick who I guess he had a crush on for that one episode. Turns out he keeps Kala’s school photo or something in his…shell, I suppose since I don’t think he carries a wallet.

We cut to Dimension X where the Neutrinos are driving around and decide to fly into an open passageway in the Technodrome for shits and giggles. They tap into Krang and Shredder’s super-secret FaceTime line  and are privy to Krang sending Shredder a new weapon called a Mental-Neutralizer that Shred-Head plans to use to turn the Turtles into zombie slaves. Solid. The Neutrinos decide they have to get to Earth and warn the Turtles and are able to use the frequency of their star-cruiser to open a portal from the Technodrome.

The Neutrinos have no idea where to find the Turtles but fly by the Channel 6 news building thinking that if they get on the news, the Turtles will see them and come get them. April sees this and hits up the Turtles who jump into the Blimp to meet up. The Neutrinos begin telling them about Shredder’s plan, but are shot out of the sky before they can relay the deets. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady grab our interdimensional teenage friends and are able to lose the Turtles who were trying to chase them down.

Donatello unveils his new invention, a motorized skateboard called the Cheapskate that will allow them to move about the sewers with ease and also a locator device that can track the Neutrinos’ dimensional signal. Shredder sends Bebop and Rocksteady to look for the star-cruiser, but the city has already had it towed. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men…

The Turtles track the Neutrinos to an amusement park where Shredder’s holding them and, after a quick back and forth, the bad guys are foiled and all the good people hatch a plan to recover the space car. Unfortunately for the Neutrinos, the crystal that powers their car and allows them to open the portal to return home has been damaged and can’t be replaced since it only exists in Dimension X. Luckily for all involved, Leonardo knows where to find a particle accelerator so they can restore the crystal and get the kids home.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the importance of knowing where a dependable particle accelerator can always be located. Consider this a PSA. For all your crystal needs, be like Leonardo and always be aware of your nearest particle accelerator in case of an emergency.

Back to regularly scheduled programming…

Shredder and crew are able to get the location of the particle accelerator based on a spike in energy levels and they barge into the joint hitting the Turtles and Neutrinos with their stun guns. They load the Turtles into the Neutrinos’ star-cruiser and take off while leaving the kids because there’s not enough room. Donatello’s TurtleCom was dropped as he was stunned and chirped April like an old Nextel so she assumes they need help. She gets to the building, but is too late to stop Shredder, but does pick up the Neutrinos for some backup.

Shredder takes the Turtles back to the amusement park from earlier where he puts them into his Mental-Neutralizer so he can drain their brains and then send them to DX (Suck it!) to impress Krang. Shredder doesn’t know how to activate the portal from the Star-Cruiser, however, and ends up freezing himself which allows the Turtles to escape.

They chase off Bebop and Rocksteady who grab Shredder and, once again, escape to fight another day. Michelangelo gives Kala a pizza as a going away gift because – let’s be fair – what woman doesn’t want food and the Neutrinos head back home to Dimension X.

Final Thoughts:

Solid improvement over yesterday. I actually enjoy the Neutrinos and having them in for an episode here and there doesn’t hurt. Also, should the Turtles ever have to cross to Dimension X, it gives them some built-in friends to come aid them in a foreign place so it’s good to have the reminder that they do exist. I don’t necessarily understand the purpose of Mikey having a crush on Kala since they don’t even have Yahoo chat rooms for voice sex and basic telephones don’t cross dimensions yet, but whatevs. I guess it doesn’t hurt anything.

This show, in the aftermath of the Eye of Sarnath arc, has gone become basic formulaic standalone stories. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is kind of disappointing as I had gotten hooked when I began watching this thinking it was episodic storytelling. Again, this isn’t bad, but we’re just in a place now where each episode has become Shredder’s weapon of the day getting stopped by the Turtles in a kind of anti-climactic way and then everybody has pizza. But they do it in fun ways.

I’m still waiting for follow-up on Baxter Stockman. Maybe I’m completely wrong and he doesn’t ever come back. As we’ve already learned, watching this show is like seeing it again for the first time for me so I may be completely wrong in thinking Baxter was a more important character over the course of time than he really was.

And that will wrap things up for today. We have two episodes left in Season 2 and I genuinely wonder if we’ll get any kind of cliffhanger. With the way things have been going, I’m not exactly pinning my hopes on it. Whatever. As long as they keep things light and fun, I’ll keep watching. When/If this becomes a chore, I’ll be moving on to a new show. For now, we’re good. See you tomorrow and thanks for reading!

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