Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E05: “Remember”

Welcome back to another episode watch on CarJoeMeZ as we conclude the work week with the penultimate episode of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power. Quick note: since this season is only six episodes, there’s no need to make anyone wait until Monday for the finale so that will be up tomorrow for a very special Saturday edition of the Daily Cartoon! I know you’re excited. I’m excited too.

But first, we have an episode to watch today which is coming off a dramatic turn of events at the conclusion of yesterday’s episode. Despite all the evidence pointing to doom should the Horde open the portal, Catra decided to ignore all of that and allowed her inner rage over everyone from Adora to Hordak to Shadow Weaver turning their backs on her to take over her decision-making and flipped the switch which left us with a Sopranos-style blackout and wondering just what fucking happened.

Look, I’ve covered each of the prior episodes this week so if you need a quick refresher, just hit the homepage and read up. There’s massive action and fallout that we need to get to immediately so no more wasting time! Netflix and chill time. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E04: “Moment of Truth”

It’s a Thursday cartoon watch and we’re rolling along with Netflix’s She-Ra & The Princesses of Power despite there being very few of the other Princesses actually contributing thus far in this season.

That’s not a bad thing, though, as the reveal of Adora’s unknown past and her ensuing search for answers has been dynamite through three episodes and since this writing team has earned my trust, I’d expect they finish off the final three episodes on a similarly high note.

In yesterday’s episode Adora and pals made their way aboard Mara crashed ship in the Crimson Waste and activated a holographic message about how she brought Etheria into Despondos via portal as a way to save everyone, but that seeing this message means she failed as she was supposed to have been the last She-Ra and the message couldn’t be activated without She-Ra’s sword. This is getting heavy, Doc.

Catra has become the leader of all the freaks and weirdos in the Waste, captured Adora and taken her sword, but that’s still not enough for Catra who – after finding out that Shadow Weaver once again chose Adora over her – has now sworn to open the portal to bring the Horde’s full might to Etheria on her own as a way to finally prove herself to all who’ve doubted her.

There’s a lot at play here and, honestly, it seems like a lot to tie up with just three episodes remaining. But, like I said, the team behind this show has earned my trust and haven’t let me down yet so I’m with it. Now that we’ve had our quick little catch-up, let’s head over to Netflix and hit play. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E03: “Once Upon A Time In The Waste”

Welcome back to another She-Ra episode recap! Coming off two solid episodes to open the season with big reveals in both of them we’ll see how our heroes begin to follow up and dig deeper into the mystery of Adora’s past.

When we left off, Adora, Bow and Glimmer traveled to the Crimson Waste in search of any clues that would help them further understand Mara (the last She-Ra) and what she did that caused all this ruckus with portals which led to Adora being kidnapped and brought to Etheria as a baby.

The group come across Huntara who swerves them, but eventually has a change of heart and decides to help them after finally realizing she can’t continue to spend her days hiding from reality in the Waste. As the episode ends, she brings Adora to Mara’s ship.

To this point, this season has been available on Netflix for a few weeks already and, while I haven’t read any full spoiler reviews, I do see the show getting some blowback for pushing politics and LGBT themes which – if I’m being completely honest – is nonsense. It’s 2019. At this point, if you don’t know at least one person who is LGBT then I am forced to believe you live hundreds of miles underground in a cave in Montana. Gays exist and therefore are reflected in popular culture. Why is that a big deal? More so, why is it something that people are still losing their minds over? Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E02: “Huntara”

Welcome back to another episode recap! After opening the season with a banger, we’re sure to be joining Adora as she now begins following whatever clues she has available to put together her past and find out just who she is.

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned how the fact that they’ve stayed away from this kind of reveal was actually something I liked about this series. It allowed this universe to just build around the characters involved and let their stories grow and, after two seasons, I was really OK with that and just looking forward to seeing more from Adora and her pals (and quasi-non-pal Entrapta). I think I pretty much tossed aside the possibility that they’d go this route with Adora so when it happened it became a genuine “Oh shit!” moment for me. In today’s world of blogs and review sites and spoilers, the fact that I really didn’t know this was coming was pretty terrific. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E01: “The Price of Power”

Welcome everybody to a brand new beginning! This week we’re going to be watching Season 3 of the Netflix series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! Having just completed the 200X Mike Young Productions He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, this seemed like a natural piggyback since Season 3 was just recently released.

Since we’re not starting from the very beginning, let’s do a quick little history: the series focuses on teenage Adora who has grown up while part of the Horde and has finally graduated to Force Captain. When she finally leaves the Fright Zone, she realizes that the Horde are the real bad guys and comes across a sword that enables her to transform into She-Ra, the defender of Etheria. Pretty simple, right? Right.

Whereas in the original Filmation She-Ra Adora was the kidnapped twin sister of Prince Adam (He-Man) and would eventually feature crossovers and Christmas celebrations between universes, through two seasons of this series, there hasn’t been any mention of that little plot point and really, it’s not even missed.


Though I was kind of iffy on some of the first images that were released publicly prior to the series’ debut, I promised myself to give it a fair shot since it was being done by Dreamworks and I absolutely loved the Voltron: Legendary Defender series they put out a couple of years prior that was way, way fucking better than anything Voltron ever before. I even did an episode recap of the premiere episode of that way back when so you know I’m not lying. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E13: “Awaken the Serpent”

Friends, we’ve made it. It’s not the results, it’s the journey and I’m happy to say that the last two months on this journey through the telling of the mythos of the happenings on Eternia has been incredibly fun.

From the beginning, I’ve been upfront about my love for all things MOTU and when I decided to go back through the wormhole of rewatching this series I was admittedly a bit nervous to see how it would hold up since I had remembered enjoying this reboot very much when it was new and hip and fresh and I’m pleased to report that it has confirmed my feelings as well as further stoking my love for the property.

It’s been a really fun ride and although I’m happy to have gotten to this point, I am already feeling a tinge of sadness that we’ve come to the end. We can delve more into my feelings at the end once we’ve finished the episode, but right now we’ve got a story to complete. There is no “until next time.” Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E12: “History”

Friends, we’ve got so much to get into and only about 44 minutes of actual He-Man time to go. With just two episodes remaining, we’re coming off a dramatic turn of events in yesterday’s episode where King Hiss was able to escape with the Medallion of Serpos that – I’m assuming – give him super snake powers. Which is wild because he was already pretty powerful as a regular snake with no medallion.

I mentioned this in my final thoughts yesterday, but I’m really worried about getting left with a cliffhanger as there just feels like so many unanswered questions remaining, but I’m hopeful for a satisfying conclusion. Doing this rewatch of the entire series has been a lot of fun and a nice, tidy finale would leave me with a very good and lasting memory.

If you feel like you missed out on anything prior, simply head back and read all the other recaps (which I obviously encourage you do regardless) and come right back here to watchalong. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E11: “Rattle of the Snake”

Welcome back! This is it, people. Our last three days with the 200X He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series! Thirty-six down, three to go and let’s hope these last 90 minutes knock it out of the park and leave us with nothing but fond memories.

When we left off, the Snake Men decimated all of Webstor’s spider-children who had been fed ambrosia, the potent food of the bee people that normally toxic to non-Andreenids, but – because of Webstor’s insect-biology, it mutated him into a more powerful version of himself.

As the Snakes combed through caves and mountains looking for fresh meat to bring to King Hiss, they came across the spiders, murdered and consumed them and, with that, the ambrosia that filled them. The final scene left us with a silhouette of Hiss feeling the surge of power caused by the ambrosia.

We can take guesses about what today’s title will lead to, but that would just be wasting time. Let’s hit play and do this, Brutus. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E10: “Web of Evil”

Welcome to your Friday episode rewatch! We’re coming off one of the better episodes in the series to date and with only four remaining, let’s hope we get a goodie to close out the week strong.

Let’s recap everything going on:

  • King Hiss and his Snake Men are alive and well
  • Skeletor just welched on his promise to serve Hordak by destroying his sanctuary so he’s unable to return to Eternia from Despondos
  • Evil-Lyn is still acting as if she’s down with Skeletor after having allied herself with the Snakes and is the only one – outside of He-Man – who is aware of what Skeletor has done to Hordak
  • Zodak is deep into his meditation and can’t help with anything
  • The Sorceress is fucking useless and for someone with a ton of power, she’s not very effective at using it
  • The Masters getting overwhelmed. They’re dealing with threats from the Snake Men as well as Skeletor and had the looming threat of Hordak over them and it’s an awful lot to take on seeing as how all these great allies King Randor has made with his council are never around to help when the battling happens

With that out of the way, we are ready to rock ‘n roll. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E09: “The Power of Grayskull”

We’re back with another He-Man episode rewatch! This is Episode 35 overall and what a ride it’s been!

When we left off yesterday, the Masters had foiled King Hiss’s big plans to turn everyone in Eternia into Snake Men, but the Snakes were able to get away and will, no doubt, return to fight again. Up until this point, the Masters had been unaware of the Snakes survival after the battle for Grayskull in which it appeared Hiss had been killed by Zodak and dropped into the abyss.

Also unaware of Hiss and the Snakes’ survival is Skeletor and that dynamic should begin to get fleshed out now that they’ve reappeared into public consciousness.

There’s a lot of angles in play here and you can fantasy book a lot of wild shit. Personally, I’d have He-Man and Skeletor team up to fight the Snakes and then have an Eternian pizza party to celebrate. But that’s just one man’s opinion. Let’s see what people who actually got paid to come up with this stuff did. Continue reading