Eat Right Meal Plan – Cheeseburger Bowl Review

When the world went into quarantine in March, I started becoming extra lazy when it came to my diet. It wasn’t just the videos and challenges I was posting on YouTube, but the way I was eating the rest of the time that the camera wasn’t on.

I started ordering in, eating way too bad way too often and it showed. I put on a good amount of weight and really just didn’t feel good about myself.

I signed up for Eat Right. A subscription meal plan that I heard advertised on the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast to try to help get my eating habits under control. In the month or so since signing up, I’ve really enjoyed their food and have lost around 15 lbs. Check out this video where I talk about my motivation for signing up as well as try out a new meal and offer up my thoughts.

If interested in more information about Eat Right, click the link and use referral code RS5408 for 50% off your first week’s order!