Episode 271: Ghost Gobblers


Join Joe Shoes and Michael Gomez as they serve up a special Thanksgiving buffet of pop culture goodness! This week, your double main men are discussing: Thanksgiving as a holiday and memories (1:30), Major WF Pod’s FWF Live 2 (4:41), new content on YouTube (11:28), Gomez’s Thanksgiving Eve movie stream (14:14), talk about the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and Bond’s box office (18:06), Marvel’s Hit Monkey & M.O.D.O.K. on Hulu (34:02), The New York Time Present: Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson (39:00), Rocky IV: Rocky v. Drago (Director’s Cut) (45:06), Ghostbusters: Afterlife (55:08), next week’s FIVE WEEKS OF SLEIGHING & SLAYING Holiday Spectacular (1:25:54) & Big Finish: Top 3 Thanksgiving dishes (1:29:13)

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IHOP Winter Wonderland Pancakes & Frozen Hot Chocolate Milkshake Review

It may not even be Thanksgiving yet, but the holiday foods are coming quickly so Joe Shoes jumped at the chance to get some holiday pancakes in his belly at IHOP!

Check out his encounter with the Winter Wonderland Pancakes and also IHOP’s holiday beverage, the Frozen Hot Chocolate Milkshake now on Youtube and remember to like and subscribe!

Episode 270: Says Shoot!


Join Joe Shoes and Michael Gomez as they serve up their weekly buffet of pop culture goodness! This week, your double main men are discussing: all the news from Disney+ day (4:00), Marvel Legends X-Men cartoon figures (22:52), Marvel’s The Eternals (28:16), Olaf Presents (32:58), Disney World (37:00), Gomez’s trip to Minnesota for AEW (42:48), Season 5 of Rick & Morty (1:18:38), Rocky IV: Rocky v. Drago Director’s Cut (1:27:57), Netflix’s Red Notice (1:29:29), Rock Paper Scissors debate (1:40:20), upcoming Ho-Ho-Horror Holiday movies and listener feedback (1:42:50) and Big Finish: Top 3 Chevy Chase movies (1:46:40)

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Episode 266: Don‘t Call It a Comeback


Join Joe Shoes and Michael Gomez as they lead you through the last week of the most important events in all of pop culture! This week, your double main men are discussing: Joe’s return to wrestling and meeting the wonderful Danhausen at Create A Pro Wrrestling (1:45), upcoming part two for Netflix’s Masters of the Universe Revelation and the accompanying toy line (8:20), the debate over Toy Story 4 (15:16), the trailer for The Batman and upcoming DC projects (20:36), the IMDB game with Michael Keaton (35:42), the new series of the Movies That Made Us for Spooky Snake Season (40:47), new release Halloween Kills (58:27), new Left 4 Dead game (1:04:15), the Rice-A-Roni shortage (1:08:05), the band Ice Nine Kills who plays horror movie themes (1:10:54), Halloween costumes and plans (1:12:37) and Joe’s traumatic insect incident (1:17:06).


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Joe Makes His 1st Visit To Jack In The Box!

As a fast food connoisseur, I had no choice but to stop at Jack In The Box when I finally saw one while in Arizona this week! Since it was my first ever JITB experience, I wanted to try out a few things so I indulged in a Buttery Jack burger, Spicy Chicken sandwich and both regular and curly fries! Check out the new video and remember to like, comment and subscribe!

The Mighty YokoShoena Climbs Meat Mountain at Arby’s!

We put here getting in fighting shape to take on the enormous Seafood UFO at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and it was time I took a true test. Arby’s has the incredible Meat Mountain Sandwich which is layer upon layer of meat and cheese and I could wait to challenge myself with this monster! Give it a watch and remember to like and subscribe!

Dairy Queen Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard Review with YokoShoena

It’s time to prep for the big Seafood UFO sandwich challenge at Jimmy’s Famous Seasood during the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Live 8 show and YokoShoena is starting it off by downing the blizzard of the month from Dairy Queen! Check it out now as I slam the Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard and talk about my upcoming challenge!

Stadium Food! TD Ballpark in Dunedin, FL

We can see live sports again! I got so excited to see a ballpark again that I grabbed my buddy, Pete Cool, to join me on a trip to Dunedin, FL to see a Blue Jays/Yankees game while the Jays are playing their home games at their spring training facility.

Watch this video as we eat our way through the game and check out the available menu at this temporary major league park! Remember to like and subscribe!