Ep. 69: “Nice”

Greetings friends and compatriots! You’re double-nice men are back with another nice episode of your favorite nicecast! Now that we’ve hit the milestone of 69 nice episodes, we make it clear that it only gets nicer from here on out! This week we’re talking NXT TakeOver: WarGames, WWE Survivor Series, some NFL including the TV use of the “Madden Cam” and, of course, what your boys thought of the latest installment of the DCEU: JUSTICE LEAGUE! Mr. Nice or Mr. Not-Nice?

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Daily Cartoon! Teen Titans Go!: S.3,E.10: “40%, 40%, 20%”

Welcome to the Monday edition of the Daily Cartoon! For those of you just joining us, we dropped a new episode of The Car JoeMez Podcast over the weekend! Check it out on iTunesSoundcloud or wherever you get your podcasts. Also remember to subscribe, comment and review because Gomez and I appreciate the fuck out of that.

Speaking of Gomez, today’s episode was specially requested by him. He asked if he was allowed to make such a request, I said sure and voila! We have another entry in my saga to watch cartoons.

I have heard of this cartoon and I’ve seen Gomez’s daughter has stuffed toys of the green troll looking guy, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen an episode. Hell, outside of Robin, I don’t even know who the rest of the characters in the header photo even are. I should actually look into that before I watch this otherwise I’ll be writing about them like “Robin, Black Robocop, Green Troll Looking Dude, Girl who Looks like A My Little Pony But Is A Girl and Mysterion”.

Thanks to a handy-dandy cheatsheet from Cartoon Network I was able to crack the case of who is who rather quickly. So, if you’re unfamiliar with this show let me break it down for you:

Robin – Robin

Black Robocop – Cyborg

Green Troll Looking Dude – Beast Boy

My Little Pony Girl – Starfire

Mysterion – Raven

Now that we’ve all been introduced, it’s time to sit back and enjoy my lunch while watching this specific episode. I get nervous when Gomez wants me to watch stuff. It usually only ends well like 40% of the time. And the fact that he picked a specific episode and not just “a random episode” of this show really tickles my nutsack. I’m either going to love this beyond reproach or hate this so much that I will never talk to Gomez ever again and write his daughter out of my will. There will be no in-between.

Time for cartoons!

Teen Titans Go!: S.3, E.10: “40%, 40%, 20%”

Originally Aired: October 21, 2015


We open at the Teen Titans headquarters. I guess that’s what you’d call it. Cyborg hits his favorite song and begins dancing around and lip-syncing while the others sit on the couch completely annoyed by him. Apparently, this is something he’s been doing for a while and they hate this fucking song. This part literally goes on for 80 seconds of Cyborg just grooving the fuck out to “The Night Begins To Shine” while the others yell at him to stop. Part of me kind wanted to see this go even longer just to see how far the writers would let it go.

So, 80 seconds into this show and I’m already a fan.

Cyborg explains to the others how much this song pumps him up because it was a collaboration between three artists, two of which wrote 40% of it and the last which did the remaining 20% hence the title of the episode, “40%, 40%, 20%”. See? I pick up on the subtle shit too.

He describes in great detail how the song gets inside him and makes him feel like he can do anything. It can transform him. Raven gets momentarily excited by that and asks if she can be Optimus Prime. Cyborg shoots her down because he’s Optimus Prime, but says she can be Bumblebee. Womp womp. Raven’s not pleased by that. To be fair, I don’t blame her. I always thought Bumblebee was wack as fuck before those Michael Bay movies came out and celebrated him like he was something special.

What were we talking about? Oh, Teen Titans. Yeah.

What I assume to be the next morning, but may actually be days later comes and Robin, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire are sitting around feeling blah. Just nothing going on and they’re bored. Bored that is until Cyborg comes pouncing in the room blasting “The Night Begins To Shine”. What starts off as annoyance turns to rhythm as the other Titans begin feeling the song overtaking them.

This leads to a fantasy segment in the vein of Heavy Metal or even that episode of American Dad where Stan discovers My Morning Jacket. The Titans are transformed into exaggerated versions of themselves and are rolling on a motorcycle while mechanical, fanciful birds and horses come along with them.

Robin eventually interrupts the song and fantasy because him and the rest of the team are concerned that Cyborg can’t perform his normal functions without having the song playing for him. They get a sudden crime alert. Turns out The Brain is causing a ruckus, but they leave Cyborg behind, telling him he’s suspended until he can learn to get his groove back without needing the song.

We get a montage of Cyborg trying to open a pickle jar on his own, but to no avail. While he’s wallowing in self-pity, another alert comes through that The Brain has captured the other Teen Titans. Cyborg feels he’s no good to the team, but just when he’s at his lowest, a bird in the tree outside his window begins cawing “The Night Begins To Shine”. Cyborg takes this as a sign that music is meant to be an escape, but also a way to help him save the rest of the Titans. I dunno. He says he gets it now. I don’t really get it, but whatever works for him. He’s the one that has to save his friends, not me. I don’t need to get it.

We hit the music and Cyborg takes off to go rescue his friends. The world around transforms back into the acid-trip fantasy sequence and Cyborg is suddenly a man (teen) who cannot be stopped.

He completely mows through all the minions before showing up in front of the final boss, The Brain, ready to finish this when he’s clubbed over the head from behind by an associate of The Brain who I’m not aware off, but looks like part-gorilla, part-bear with the color scheme of My Pet Monster.

The cassette tape comes flying out of his chest boombox where it’s caught by the brain and smashed to pieces. Without his song, the fate of the Teen Titans is in peril. But, at just that moment, the captured Titans begin to sing “The Night Begins To Shine” from their cages which allows Cyborg to, in essence, Hulk-Up Hulk Hogan style. He makes quick work of My Pet GorillaBear which leaves him one on one with the Brain just as the chorus of the song would hit. The music becomes so powerful that it transforms him into a silver Optimus Prime and he basically runs over The Brain to save the day.

The other four Titans are freed and they all return home in an acid trip montage that is worthy of heroes.

Final Thoughts:

Ho. Lee. Shit. This is a fucking ten minute cartoon that just fucking split my head wide open. Whatever it was that I was expecting, it wasn’t this. This episode was incredible.

I don’t know how else to explain what I saw. I just want to listen to that song over and over and lose myself in a fantasy where I’m able to ride a mechanical winged horse and defeat my enemies by transforming in Optimus Prime and running them down in cold blood.

I don’t know if I should ever watch another episode of this show. Don’t get me wrong: I loved this. It was the best ten minutes I’ve spent doing anything in quite sometime, but there is absolutely no way any other episodes could possibly be this good, right? Like I don’t want to be disappointed by all future episodes just because I keep comparing it to this one. I don’t know, dude. Wow. Just wow.

So Gomez slipped this in here knowing full well it would shock me to the core of my medulla oblongata. Good on him. He knew I’d worry, but when he slips in good shit like this it makes it all the better because of all the horrible shit he’s had me watch over this years.

This is not horrible shit. This is joyous goodness. Here’s the song. Let it consume you.

❤ Joe