Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3,E.4: “The Maltese Hamster”

Welcome to another possibly not-so-exciting edition of TMNT. We are coming off possibly the worst episode of the show thus far and are stuck in cartoon-formulaic-episode hell. Shredder and Krang spend their time trying to steal the new weapon of the day that will allow them to escape the center of the Earth, but meanwhile they have these train-looking cars that drill up to the surface in minutes and then back down to the center of Earth when it’s time to go home, so getting back to the surface really doesn’t seem like a huge issue to me.

And they will drill fucking anywhere. They’ve come up in basements, alleys…wherever it is that is convenient. But when they drill back down, all of a sudden, the new hole they make floods with hot lava and then seals the hole so the Turtles are unable to follow. But of course.

So much of this show has become maddening. Everyday I keep hoping for something fun or new and come away disappointed. I’m trying to enjoy this show, but they’re not making it easy on me.

S.3, E.4: “The Maltese Hamster”. Original Air Date: 10/24/1989


Donatello is narrating the opening of the episode as a kind of old-school private detective. The Turtles are all dressed up in their trench coats to stay incognito while they check out a wave of bank robberies that are being carried out by your everyday mobsters, but with some heavy-duty weapons that had to have been supplied by Shredder.

While walking and talking with April, they pass an old antique shop with a statue of a hamster in the window that April falls in love with and must have. She buys the statue and Michelangelo tries haggling for an antique pizza maker, but the shop owner won’t budge on the price. He’s a quarter short. April has her statue delivered to her house while she goes back to work and the Turtles still walk around theorizing the robberies.

Michelangelo finds a quarter and runs back to the antique shop to get his pizza maker and finds two mobsters shooting up the place. They’re looking for the hamster statue April just bought and aren’t happy to hear that the shopkeeper no longer has it. Michelangelo tries putting a stop to the situation, but “The Butcher” (like the head of crime family) uses a special ray gun that ropes Mikey and holds him captive. They deduce that the rest of the Turtles must be nearby and head to the streets to trap the rest of them.

The remaining three get sick of waiting for Mikey and head back to the shop to get him only to find out he’s been kidnapped. They split up to look for him and Raphael finds the limo he’s being held in, but meets the same fate and is captured as well. Leo and Donatello meet back up and realize Raphael is now gone too so they run to the sewers to get help from Splinter.

The two remaining Turtles and Splinter head back to the antique district after figuring out that the mobsters must be looking for something that they should probably hope to find first. As they come out of the sewers, they find the wiseguys pillaging another antique shop. Splinter quickly realizes that they are no match for the weapons these guys have and tries to run, but him and Leonardo are captured. He implores Donatello to run and he does, but the thugs shoot at a building and cause Donatello to be trapped and covered in rubble.

He does dig himself out and decides the only place he can go is Channel 6 to find April. He lays out the story to April and thinks that the only place they could be is The Meat Rack which is The Butcher’s hideout masquerading as a bar. The mobsters are shown FaceTiming with Shredder. Shredder has apparently contracted these guys to track down the hamster statue for him and supplied him with a fuck ton of powerful weapons to do so.

April and Donatello are able to sneak into the backroom at the Meat Rack and confirm Shredder’s involvement, but get noticed. They’re able to get away and get to April’s place for a hot second when there’s a knock at the door. Her hamster statue is being delivered and Donatello quickly comes up with a plan.

Donatello finds out that there’s a recipe for a superfuel written on the inside of hamster and Shredder wants it to power his Technodrome to return it to the surface. He arranges a meet and trade with the mobsters for midnight at the docks.

Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady meet up there and Donatello hands over the statue in return for setting the rest of the Turtles free. Shredder, though, pulls the oop-de-oop and wants them destroyed, but Donatello planned for that. April was in sniper position and uses a ray gun to melt the statue in Shredder’s hands. Shredder flips and blames the mob because the Turtles don’t have weapons like that. While the two groups of bad guys argue, Donatello frees his friends. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady escape, but the Turtles take solace in being able to capture the mobsters and hand them over to the police.

Final Thoughts:

At least this was a little different! Sure, Shredder was still behind it all, but he was used very little in this episode and it was a welcome reprieve. The Donatello narration can get a bit annoying, but I was still happy to have it just to get out of the monotony that this show has become. I don’t think this is going to go down as a great episode by any means, but at least it left me with a better taste in my mouth than the last few.

Thanks for reading and continually coming back to follow these. See you tomorrow.

❤ Joe


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3,E.3: “Attack of the 50 Foot Irma”

Another day, another episode of TMNT. Pretty decent show yesterday. Nothing much to say to lead-in today.

Let’s watch a cartoon.

S.3, E.3: “Attack of the 50-Foot Irma”. Original Air Date: 10/23/1989


It’s Irma’s birthday and the Turtles are hosting a party for her. They hit up April to discuss the menu, but she’s filming a story at the planetarium because a meteor crashed last night and the Professor wants to show it off on the news. As the interview with April begins, a gas is leaked into the room and knocks out everybody allowing Shredder to capture the meteorite while the cameras are still rolling.

Krang crystalizes the meteorite because whatever it’s made from has the power to enlarge things. They test it on Shredder and it works just as Krang designed, but it was only a dry-run. Now Krang wants to head to the surface to really get it going.

Shredder shows up on the surface with the enlarger ray, but when it comes up from underground, it just so happens to have April hanging off the top of it which causes interference so Krang can start the ray. When it’s finally in position, Krang misses Shredder with the shot, but catches Irma who was just walking out of the ice cream shop.

It doesn’t happen immediately, but eventually the effects of the enlarger ray kick in and Irma starts to grow like whoa. She ends up busting a huge hole in the wall at the studio and then starts terrorizing the city just because she’s a complete klutz.She’s 50′ tall and has completely forgotten how to act or walk around New York. Common sense, bro.

Krang sends Shredder back to the surface to find another piece of that meteorite so he can use his ray for the purpose he had in mind and, because Irma has people scared for their lives, it should be an easy get since all the attention is on Irma.

The Turtles go on the hunt for the other piece of the meteorite hoping that they can use it to reverse the effects on Irma, but Shredder shows up with Bebop and Rocksteady and we get a squash match with Shredder and his mutants getting in zero offense. Bad news, Irma wakes up from a nap and is hungry. She heads to the city to find food, but the military shows up to destroy the huge menace that is Irma. But before anything can happen, the Turtles mix the antidote in with a shit ton of ice cream and Irma swallows it and returns to her normal form.

Everybody rejoices by having Irma’s birthday party as scheduled complete with like 20 different pizzas that Michelangelo made that all look identical.

Final Thoughts:

Completely worthless episode. Same old shit. New weapon. Unintended effects. Reverse polarity of said weapon to restore order. Shredder gets away with almost zero fight. I dunno. I guess as a kid you didn’t mind this kind of stuff, but with watching some cartoons that came about later over the past few years, I’m really disappointed with how this one has gone since the strong beginning.

I guess this is just a product of the era, maybe. It didn’t matter what the show did as long as it sold a fuck ton of toys which it most certainly did. Even as someone who wasn’t the biggest TMNT fan back then, I still wanted the toys desperately. They were great.

So short review today, just because there really wasn’t a lot going on. Tomorrow we get back on the horse.

❤ Joe

Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3,E.2: “Turtles on Trial”

Welcome to another episode of TMNT. Yesterday, I was left underwhelmed by the Season 3 premiere and hope to have something change starting today. Seriously, the repetitiveness is getting tiring.

Maybe I got spoiled by the first couple of episodes. I don’t know. But the show is really stuck in the basic episode cartoon formula. I love He-Man, but essentially that’s all He-Man was too. Only difference is that He-Man was my jam so I can still enjoy those episodes. This one is proving to start being a bit difficult. Regardless, here we are, so let’s see what they have in store for us today.

S.3,E.2: “Turtles on Trial”. Original Air Date: 10/20/1989


The Turtles are watching some pro wrestling and their favorite is “The Terrible Turtle”. Mikey comes in and changes the channel to a show called On Trial which is hosted by a guy name Clayton Kellerman who I guess is supposed to be some kind of loudmouth-Morton Downey, Jr.-type. Kellerman HATES the Turtles and is vilifying the fuck out of them. April comes in with a box of human masks that she had her wardrobe team make so the Turtles can go to the surface looking like people.

In the Technodrome, it’s burning up because the cooling units are broken. Krang is lambasting Shredder for failing against the Turtles and not getting the parts to fix the air conditioning. Shredder challenges Krang to go to the surface and do it himself if he thinks he can do so much better. Krang thinks that sounds like a splendid idea.

The Turtles are trying out their new masks and go out for pizza with April. Things are going well until there’s a jewelry store robbery across the street. The Turtles peel off their masks and stop the burglar, but are then chased back into the sewers by an angry mob who doesn’t want their kind out in public with the good human people. Honestly? I blame the Turtles for this shit. Why in hell would you take off the masks when the whole point of them was to not attract attention. Seriously. That’s bush league. They deserve an angry mob chasing them after that. No sympathy here. Nope. Not from this guy. Nuh-uh.

Our green friends and April head back to the lair through the sewers lamenting that this is Clayton Kellerman’s fault. (Maybe a little, but don’t take off your masks then, assholes.) They ask April if she can get them on to his show so they can tell their side of the story. She thinks her boss will absolutely approve it because it’ll be big ratings.

Bebop and Rocksteady are watching some TV when a commercial comes on promoting the Turtles’ appearance on Kellerman’s show. Krang is ecstatic to see this and sets about selecting his weapons to destroy the TMNT live on TV. Krang assembles his crew and Shredder complains he’s not part of it. Finally Krang relents and tells Shredder he can be the distraction man and they head back to the surface in their Drill-Train.

Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady come up through the museum and the Turtles are forced to skip their scheduled TV appearance to go take care of the bad guys. It’s just the distraction Krang wanted as him and his rock soldiers are able to infiltrate a military weapons armory and hijack some kind of walking robotic T-Rex looking thing.

Unfortunately for the Turtles, the news is there covering the break-in at the museum  and is able to see them through the windows which is bad optics. “Optics” is the catch-phrase of the moment in all walks of life if you haven’t been noticing lately. It’s the new buzzword. But, it actually works here. The public sees the Turtles and it just further proves Clayton Kellerman’s point. Shredder is able to take April captive and is about to finally rid himself of the Turtles when Krang FaceTimes in and demands Shredder release the Turtles because he wants to be able to end the himself on live television in front of the world. The TMNT decide that they may as well do the show since they still have time and Shredder seems to be out of the picture.

April sets up a location in the sewers so they can be beamed in via satellite. Kellerman goes on the attack and the Turtles are no match in this verbal repartee. While they’re filming, Krang in his T-Rex robot attacks the TV studio demanding the Turtles come out to fight. They’re taken aback by the robot and Krang is getting some real good heat in the early stages of the match. During the battle, Kellerman is knocked out of the window. He’s saved by Mikey and seems to have a momentary change of heart about the Green Machine.

Krang’s robot short-circuits and the Turtles are able to take full advantage by tying a rope around its legs like an AT-AT until it keels over. Shredder grabs Krang and the bad guys drill back to the center of the Earth in their Drill-Train gimmick.

The day is saved, but there will be another battle another day. The Turtles group up and Kellerman thanks Michelangelo for saving his life, but lets them know that he will still continue to disparage them on-air because he has a reputation to uphold.

Final Thoughts:

A better flowing episode than yesterday. It may have something to do with Krang getting more screen time as he has a comedic side to him when he clowns on Shredder. I genuinely do enjoy Krang.

Still follows the same formula that I’ve been complaining about, but at least this was kind of fun today. We don’t have any direction going into tomorrow except that Krang and Shredder want to get the Technodrome out of the Earth’s core, but they have no real plan to do so. It’s all about the quick fix. That’s kind of disappointing, though, if they can still keep episodes light and fun, I suppose it’s not the worst thing.

I do, however, wish they could script endings better, though. Every episode’s conclusion seems to come off completely flat with no sense of finally overcoming the odds or anything. It’s the epitome of a flat finish where the crowd would let out a resounding whimper instead of an excited roar. Very weird because it’s not just here or there, it’s every episode. Lame finish, pizza celebration, credits. Woof.

I’m not too hopeful that that’s something that will improve as they’ve really shown no interest in writing an exciting final scene outside of the one episode where Baxter transformed into a fly. Coincidentally, that was easily the best episode of the lot up to this point and now we’re 20 episodes in. Oh well. Maybe I’m over thinking things and need to just accept it for what it is. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

❤ Joe

Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3,E.1: “Beneath These Streets”

Welcome to the Season Premiere! By this point, we were fully engrossed in TMNT-mania as evidenced by this show going from a weekly Saturday morning extravaganza to a now daily, syndication-style showing. Season 3 has a total of 47 episodes so it looks like I have my work cut out for me for this one.

As usual, I will be keeping up with these as best as possible. I try to make it daily, but if not, I’m not losing sleep over it. This is supposed to be fun. As you noticed, I took the weekend off so I could watch the new season of Fuller House and then my mom came to visit so that meant I got some free food. Good times.

I’m hoping for a lot more out of Season 3 as Season 2 kind of left me disappointed. Whether it’s the novelty already wearing off or whatever, Season 2 became very repetitive very quickly. And, when they did finally have a great episode (“Enter The Fly”), they did absolutely nothing to follow up on anything that happened and just went to the regular formula of Shredder’s new weapon for the day. Le sigh. Here’s hoping they pump a bit more juice into this season!

S.3, E.1: “Beneath These Streets”. Original Air Date: 10/19/1989


The Turtles are relaxing in the lair and Splinter is not at all happy about it. He thinks they should be training, but they feel like they deserve a bit of a break. Splinter says they’re losing their fighting edge and proves this by yelling, “HAAAAAAAAI SACAJAWEA!” before tossing all four of them around like lazy sloths. The Turtles are all, “…but Splinter! We sent the Technodrome to the molten center of the Earth!” And Splinter is like, “Show me proof, bro.”

Speaking of which, we cut to the Technodrome, where apparently the bad guys aren’t soaking in molten lava anymore. The Technodrome is low on power, though, and needs a bunch of repairs before they can get back to the surface. Krang sends Shredder to the surface in a drill car to pick up some parts.

Splinter sends the Turtles out on a patrol to keep an eye on the other criminals who aren’t Shredder or Krang, but still terrorize NYC, but they see a Kung Fu movie marathon is playing at a theater as they pass by and decide to get some “us” time. Splinter’s getting worried that his kids aren’t home yet and hits them on the TurtleCom, but to no avail since they shut them off before heading into the movies. Which, by the way, is 100% the right thing to do. Splinter then calls April, but she hasn’t seen them either and she has to go because she’s covering a story at a science lab.

The professor at said science lab is unveiling some new kind of special energy device which just so happens to be exactly what Shredder needs to bring back to Krang to repair the Technodrome. What are the odds?! Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady steal the device and run off into the night. April tries contacting the Turtles, but, once again, their TurtleComs are off in the movie theater. Which, once again, is 100% the right thing to do.

April and Splinter go looking for the Turtles when it comes across April’s police scanner that Bebop and Rocksteady are causing a ruckus downtown. Splinter says that this confirms his worst fears: Shredder is still alive and is back on Earth. I suppose April didn’t confirm this to him earlier since she was at the science place that Shredder and his mutants barged into and stole the device that she was there to do a story about. Yeah, now thinking about it, why would she tell him? That’s not that important.

Regardless of facts, April and Splinter track down the villains and Splinter goes on the attack. He easily handles the mutants, but Shredder shoots him in the chest with his new energy laser device that he stole. Splinter is fading, but his one, last gasping breath he (apologizes for bleeding on your shirt…if you get that, you get it. If not…oh well) throws his walking stick toward Shredder with no umph on it. Shredder basically brushes it off, but it hit the laser at a weird angle and knocks a piece loose. Shredder grabs the mutants and they had back to the core of the Earth in their drill-mobile while Splinter is left to die on the floor of some basement. Riveting stuff.

April brings Splinter back to the lair and puts him under a blanket because I guess she’s a fucking nurse. The Turtles return home to find their sensei in a coma and immediately plan to find Shredder so they can get the laser back because by reversing the polarity they’ll be able to shoot Splinter again, but this time it’ll heal him. The medical knowledge in this group astounds me.

Shredder realizes he has to go back to get the part of the laser that fell off, but April picked it up and now the Turtles know Shredder will have to come back to get it. Shredder formulates a plan to try to draw the Turtles out since he figures they have the piece.

Raphael is patrolling the city in the Blimp and finds Bebop and Rocksteady causing havoc in the park. The Turtles crash their party just as Shredder planned. But yo…why the fuck doesn’t anybody in the city notice or care when the Turtles are driving around in a fucking blimp that clearly says “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES” on it?

The Turtles take care of the mutants just as Shredder planned and they head home. Shredder plans on following them so he can knock them out with a gas grenade and steal the module piece they need, but they catch him snooping. He throws his grenade, but Donatello smacks it with his bo staff for a home to right-center sewer. The Turtles actually made super-quick work of the bad guys and make them look completely inept. It’s a joke.

Shredder reads in the paper that a new laser was built so he decides just to steal that one, but the Turtles are hip to his jive and catch him in the act. We get another battle where the Turtles once again make Shredder and his goons look like fools and recover the laser. They zap Splinter and bring him back to life. But he doesn’t get out from under that blanket because…medicine.

Shredder retreats to the Technodrome where Krang calls him a bumbling fool and Shredder puts a piece of metal over him because he may hate Krang more than he hates the Turtles.

Final Thoughts:

Wayyyyyyyy too much fighting. Made this episode feel a lot longer because the flow just wasn’t all that great. Fight. Recover laser. Shredder reads there’s a new laser. Fight. Recover laser. It was a bit much. I also hate that whenever something goes wrong on this show, all you have to do is reverse the polarity of Shredder’s weapon of the day and then re-zap the affected party with it to cure them. Lazy writing.

Other than that, the story of Shredder and Krang trying to get back to the Earth’s surface could be good, I suppose. I don’t know. I just feel like this show is completely stuck in their ways already.

I guess we’ll find out more tomorrow. Maybe that will excite me a bit more.

❤ Joe

Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.13: “Return of the Technodrome”

Welcome to the TMNT Season 2 Finale! This is Episode 18 overall and things have been going swimmingly for the most part. We’ve had good times, we’ve had bad times, but all of them have been our times.

The Turtles continue to thwart Shredder’s efforts to take over NYC and then possibly the world by being the continuous thorn in his side that he’s completely unable to rid himself of. He’s had a couple of hope spots in the process, but has yet to really have the Turtles on the ropes. Maybe today that changes. Let’s not waste anymore time and get into it.

S.2,E.13: “Return of the Technodrome”. Original Air Date: 12/26/1988

The Story:

We check in quickly on all our regulars. April’s looking for a story. The Turtles are sending Splinter off on his yearly pilgrimage of fasting and meditation. Shredder is FaceTiming Krang.

Shredder’s begging for one more chance to get the Turtles and Krang decides that he needs to do it himself. He plans to bring the Technodrome back to Earth, but to do so, he’ll need an enormous amount of power to open a portal big enough for the Technodrome. He sends Shredder a device he wants attached at the hydro power plant at Niagara Falls. It should redirect the power needed to allow Krang enough juice to open his portal. Shredder is hyped to think he’ll have his Foot Soldier army at his command again. Shredder takes Bebop and Rocksteady to Niagara Falls and they seem to get there and take over the power plant in about 6 minutes.

The takeover causes a huge power outage and even NYC is feeling the effects. The Turtles obviously assume Shredder is behind it and grab the blimp to head to Niagara after picking up pieces of conversation between Shredder and Krang on a communicator. Even Splinter picks up some bad feelings during his meditation and makes his own way to Niagara Falls as if it’s as simple as hopping on the R train.

The Turtles begin picking off Shredder’s goons little by little until they’re able to infiltrate the power station and shut it down. Krang diverts the Technodrome’s auxiliary power to help force the portal open and is able to return to Earth. For some reason, he never thought to do that ever before. Shredder, now armed with a huge army orders them to attack, but Krang forces them to stop as he wants to destroy the Turtles himself. He arms his laser cannon, but the Technodrome has zero power left after burning it all to open the portal.

The Turtles take the opportunity and run. They’re able to call the Blimp back with their remote control and escape to regroup and figure out a way to take down Shredder and Krang.

The Technodrome recharges and starts drilling into the ground in an attempt to cause an earthquake of cataclysmic proportions. Krang takes over the TV airwaves and instructs anybody watching to bow to him because the jig is up. Splinter acknowledges that the final battle has now begun.

The Turtles hunt down the Technodrome and bust in looking for the circuit room to deactivate the earthquake causing mechanism. Splinter and Shredder both use the power of the force and break off to meet one on one. So it is written and so it shall come to pass.

Bebop, Rocksteady and a group of Foot and Rock soldiers find the Turtles in the computer room, but get overtaken with ease. Donatello is able to reverse the earthquake drill and the good guys escape and the Technodrome seeps into the molten core of the Earth.

It seems the bad guys have been vanquished for good this time so the Turtles, Splinter and April return to the sewers to have pizza.

Final Thoughts:

So Krang coming back to Earth and bringing the Technodrome with him is a big deal, but this episode feels completely rushed. Almost something they could have stretched out for a few. It felt really short although it did run the normal 22 minutes.

This was basically a good old-fashioned squash match as Shredder and Krang were stopped and stopped easily at every turn. Sure, the Technodrome is back from Dimension X, but they never had the Turtles reeling even for a bit. Once the Turtles were on to their devious plan, they were able to keep shutting it down.

Kind of disappointing for a season finale as now the Technodrome and everybody stuck inside (Krang, Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady and the army of Foot and Rock soldiers) have sunken into the molten lava at the center of the Earth. I don’t really know what kind of exterior coats the T’drome, but I’ll just have to assume they’re all dead. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their peaceful master, Splinter once again show zero regard for human life. Villain lives matter too.

So that will wrap it up for Season 2. I have absolutely no fucking clue where the hell Season 3 can possibly start-up now that all the bad guys have been killed off. I mean, I assume they get out of the lava somehow, but it sure didn’t look like they had a plan on how to do so as they were going that way. Part of me wishes I could have heard their screams as they were enveloped by the boiling lava.

Tomorrow, we begin a new chapter. Completely new since I have zero idea where or how this can possibly start, but Season 3 is when the show went to a syndication viewing schedule which means that in lieu of the weekly episodes on Saturday morning, it would now be airing daily in the big after-school hours for kids as they returned home. It’ll be interesting to see how the writing adjusts to accommodate such a schedule. I guess we’ll find out.

❤ Joe


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.12: “The Catwoman From Channel Six”

Welcome one and all to another fancy episode of TMNT! With only one episode left in Season 2 after today, I’m hoping we can build toward some sort of cliffhanger to give me a story to sink my teeth into. All told, yesterday wasn’t bad, but I’d like a bit more continuity. That’s just me, though.

Programming notes! Thanks to everybody who has been reading these blogs and listening to the podcast! Our numbers are blowing away our old records of late and, obviously, we have you to thank. It’s very much appreciated!

I’ll try not to bore too much as I’m trying to be as consistent as possible with these episode reviews. You keep coming back so I guess that means you like them.

S.2,E.12: “The Catwoman From Channel Six”. Original Air Date: 12/24/1988


Shredder has built a new state-of-the-art matter transporter. It’s a machine that can send people and things from one place to another. Shredder makes an example of Bebop and Rocksteady by sending them to the city dump. One second, they were just standing around eating Chinese Food and the next, they’re knee-high in garbage. Which sucks. God, I want NY Chinese food.

Anyway, a crane takes a big scoop of garbage off the top, which just happens to include our two unfriendly mutants, and throws it into the sewers where they just happen upon the Turtles’ lair. All parties involved jump into battle with Bebop and Rocksteady getting an early advantage. At one point, Bebop swings his club wildly and destroys the Turtles’ television. The swear to avenge the TV and business picks up until Shredder recalls his minions through his matter transporter and they vanish from the sewers leaving the Turtles to wonder how that happened.

Shredder is astonished that these idiots found the Turtles’ lair meanwhile he’s had absolutely zero trouble finding it ever before, but he still acts like it’s impressive. Too bad for him, the mutants can’t remember where it was exactly and Shredder growls angrily. The Turtles, to their credit, recognize what’s really important and lie to April about monsters in the sewer so they can get her to bring them a spare TV so they can finish watching their movie. April is shocked Bebop and Rocksteady were able to find the lair because it’s “the best kept secret in the city” which makes me wonder if she has any clue what an actual secret is. Splinter is wise AF so he concludes that they must have used “some kind of matter transporter” because, obviously, it’s the first thing I would think of too.

April sees the carton of Chinese food that Rocksteady dropped before the fight and goes to the restaurant to see what kind of info she can get. She asks Mr. Woo if he remembers serving a warthog and a rhino and, shockingly, he does. He says they were wearing Halloween masks and came from a warehouse not far. He knows an awful lot for someone who just owns a Chinese restaurant.

April heads toward the warehouse. Nobody’s home, but she discovers what must be the matter transporter. She starts taking pictures, but as she’s standing on the platform, a stray cat comes along and steps on some of the controls activating the machine. The cat jumps to the platform and both it and April are given the once over by the machine. They aren’t transported anywhere, but April is immediately woozy.

She heads home surrounded by a gaggle of cats and is met by Irma who reminds her that the landlord doesn’t allow cats. I wonder if the landlord allows buildings to be completely fucking vanquished to rubble during a fight between mutants and a dude in a tin helmet. Whatever. April collapses on the couch, completely exhausted while Irma puts out some milk for all these fucking cats they have to deal with now. While talking, April starts meowing and purring her words which is creepy as fuck. When Irma leaves, April dives to the floor and starts slurping milk out of the bowl with the rest of the cats. Also, creepy as fuck.

The Turtles decide to follow-up on April and head to the Chinese restaurant. They get into a bit of a kerfuffle, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. Back at Channel 6, April is beginning to take on more of an appearance of a cat. Irma, to her credit, just continues to treat her like a normal person because Cat Lives Matter and such. April’s features are all evolving and it’s fucking banana town.

April’s convinced she has to go back to the warehouse to try to reverse the effects. Irma refuses to let her go, but April is a fucking cat now and all agile and nimble so she just fucking hops out a window. Irma is bamboozled as to what to do next, but sees April’s TurtleCom left on the desk. Not knowing what it is, she checks it out and calls the Turtles to help April. This is her first encounter after speculating for a while that April was hiding the fact that she knew them and Irma handles it like a true pro. Doesn’t mark out. Doesn’t get scared. Simply tells them that April’s in trouble and they arrange a meeting. You go, Irma.

April returns to the warehouse, but this time Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady are home. Shredder immediately recognizes her and quickly deduces that she’s been trans-mutated with a cat before dropping an iron cage on her. Trans-mutated lives matter too. Shredder puts a collar on April which will make her subservient to him and commands her to hunt Splinter. For some reason, she first goes to the zoo and releases a fucking Bengal tiger.

The Turtles and Irma head to April’s apartment to find the pics she took earlier and are able to figure out the cat trans-mutation thing. They’re smart. Meanwhile April and her tiger are gallivanting around town on the hunt for Splinter as per Shredder’s orders. Splinter’s home meditating trying to free his mind of his fear of cats, conveniently, when April and her tiger corner him. He’s able to get the Turtles on the TurtleCom and the Turtles rush to his aid. Splinter tries talking to April to combat the effects of the collar, but to no avail. Leonardo charges at her with his sword drawn and somehow manages to be precise enough to clip just the collar and free April of the mind control. Michelangelo is able to chase  the tiger into a cage and – for the moment – the day is saved.

Shredder is fit to be tied that he’s lost the ability to control April. Rocksteady sees a mouse and tries swinging at it, but ends up destroying the matter transporter which ends up exploding. The effects of the trans-mutation eventually wear off on April and she’s back to being herself in no time. Everybody has pizza to celebrate.

Final Thoughts:

That seemed like a pretty long recap as I typing it. I felt like a lot happened in this episode and, sure, it’s kinda ridiculous, but it was fun. Wasn’t the kind of story I was hoping for to lead into the next episode, but pretty entertaining for a one-and-done.

Obviously, this has no bearing on what will happen tomorrow so I’m still hoping for a little bit more depth with these since I think I was spoiled from the beginning of the series.

Aside from that, this episode was perfectly fine and I’m sure inspired a ton of really creepy “April-As-A-Cat” fan fiction. I’m actually going to Google that once I’m done posting this. It’s gotta be stupendous. And you fucking know damn well it exists.

OK, so tomorrow is the big season finale! Get some sleep tonight because tomorrow just has to be insanity!

❤ Joe

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Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.11 “Teenagers From Dimension X”

Welcome everybody to another day with another episode of TMNT! Coming off what was absolute dreck yesterday, I’m hoping we get something redeeming today so we can salvage the end of this season. Season 2 is only 13 episodes which is more than Season 1’s five, but Season 3 jumps to 47 episodes where it follows the type of everyday, “after-school” syndication scheduling like He-Man, Thundercats and others before it.

As a kid, I loved the idea of seeing a new episode everyday, obviously. When you’re into something, you’re consuming it faster than it can be produced for you. TMNT was a monster hit so it’s no surprise they changed the formula going into Season 3.

But before that, we have to finish off Season 2. From the title, I assume we’ll be seeing the Neutrinos again which isn’t terrible. I didn’t mind them. But hopefully we have more fun today than we did yesterday. I really hated yesterday’s show. So, with that said…


S.2,E.11: “Teenagers From Dimension X”. Original Air Date: 12/10/1988


The Turtles are home watching a movie about some kind of Turtle-Godzilla creature stomping out a town and they’re loving life. Michelangelo says, “they sure don’t make love stories like they used to,” which triggers an inquiry about the love story between Mikey and Kala, the Neutrino chick who I guess he had a crush on for that one episode. Turns out he keeps Kala’s school photo or something in his…shell, I suppose since I don’t think he carries a wallet.

We cut to Dimension X where the Neutrinos are driving around and decide to fly into an open passageway in the Technodrome for shits and giggles. They tap into Krang and Shredder’s super-secret FaceTime line  and are privy to Krang sending Shredder a new weapon called a Mental-Neutralizer that Shred-Head plans to use to turn the Turtles into zombie slaves. Solid. The Neutrinos decide they have to get to Earth and warn the Turtles and are able to use the frequency of their star-cruiser to open a portal from the Technodrome.

The Neutrinos have no idea where to find the Turtles but fly by the Channel 6 news building thinking that if they get on the news, the Turtles will see them and come get them. April sees this and hits up the Turtles who jump into the Blimp to meet up. The Neutrinos begin telling them about Shredder’s plan, but are shot out of the sky before they can relay the deets. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady grab our interdimensional teenage friends and are able to lose the Turtles who were trying to chase them down.

Donatello unveils his new invention, a motorized skateboard called the Cheapskate that will allow them to move about the sewers with ease and also a locator device that can track the Neutrinos’ dimensional signal. Shredder sends Bebop and Rocksteady to look for the star-cruiser, but the city has already had it towed. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men…

The Turtles track the Neutrinos to an amusement park where Shredder’s holding them and, after a quick back and forth, the bad guys are foiled and all the good people hatch a plan to recover the space car. Unfortunately for the Neutrinos, the crystal that powers their car and allows them to open the portal to return home has been damaged and can’t be replaced since it only exists in Dimension X. Luckily for all involved, Leonardo knows where to find a particle accelerator so they can restore the crystal and get the kids home.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the importance of knowing where a dependable particle accelerator can always be located. Consider this a PSA. For all your crystal needs, be like Leonardo and always be aware of your nearest particle accelerator in case of an emergency.

Back to regularly scheduled programming…

Shredder and crew are able to get the location of the particle accelerator based on a spike in energy levels and they barge into the joint hitting the Turtles and Neutrinos with their stun guns. They load the Turtles into the Neutrinos’ star-cruiser and take off while leaving the kids because there’s not enough room. Donatello’s TurtleCom was dropped as he was stunned and chirped April like an old Nextel so she assumes they need help. She gets to the building, but is too late to stop Shredder, but does pick up the Neutrinos for some backup.

Shredder takes the Turtles back to the amusement park from earlier where he puts them into his Mental-Neutralizer so he can drain their brains and then send them to DX (Suck it!) to impress Krang. Shredder doesn’t know how to activate the portal from the Star-Cruiser, however, and ends up freezing himself which allows the Turtles to escape.

They chase off Bebop and Rocksteady who grab Shredder and, once again, escape to fight another day. Michelangelo gives Kala a pizza as a going away gift because – let’s be fair – what woman doesn’t want food and the Neutrinos head back home to Dimension X.

Final Thoughts:

Solid improvement over yesterday. I actually enjoy the Neutrinos and having them in for an episode here and there doesn’t hurt. Also, should the Turtles ever have to cross to Dimension X, it gives them some built-in friends to come aid them in a foreign place so it’s good to have the reminder that they do exist. I don’t necessarily understand the purpose of Mikey having a crush on Kala since they don’t even have Yahoo chat rooms for voice sex and basic telephones don’t cross dimensions yet, but whatevs. I guess it doesn’t hurt anything.

This show, in the aftermath of the Eye of Sarnath arc, has gone become basic formulaic standalone stories. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is kind of disappointing as I had gotten hooked when I began watching this thinking it was episodic storytelling. Again, this isn’t bad, but we’re just in a place now where each episode has become Shredder’s weapon of the day getting stopped by the Turtles in a kind of anti-climactic way and then everybody has pizza. But they do it in fun ways.

I’m still waiting for follow-up on Baxter Stockman. Maybe I’m completely wrong and he doesn’t ever come back. As we’ve already learned, watching this show is like seeing it again for the first time for me so I may be completely wrong in thinking Baxter was a more important character over the course of time than he really was.

And that will wrap things up for today. We have two episodes left in Season 2 and I genuinely wonder if we’ll get any kind of cliffhanger. With the way things have been going, I’m not exactly pinning my hopes on it. Whatever. As long as they keep things light and fun, I’ll keep watching. When/If this becomes a chore, I’ll be moving on to a new show. For now, we’re good. See you tomorrow and thanks for reading!

❤ Joe

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Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.10: “New York’s Shiniest”

Welcome to another exciting episode of TMNT. We’re coming down the homestretch of Season 2 and what a season it’s been! We’ve still got a few episodes remaining and I’ve got questions I want answered so let’s see what we get today.

S.2,E.10: “New York’s Shiniest”. Original Air Date: 12/3/1988


Shredder’s got a new plan! The NYPD is understaffed and investing in robot cops. They’ve obviously never seen THE TERMINATOR. Shredder will infiltrate the NYPD, reprogram the robot cops to obey him and SURPRISE…he will use them to destroy the Turtles. I don’t think Krang really believes this will work, but he seems tired and doesn’t want to fight with Shredder so he tells him to go for it.

Meanwhile Irma and April are having some girl time and…wait…what’s this? Is April…my god, she’s actually wearing a dress! New_York's_Shiniest_2.png

I know, not the best picture, but at least we know she owns something else after all.

So these two yutes go to April’s apartment where she’s being robbed. The burglars take everything and she calls the Turtles for help. They roll through and try to track down the van she described. When they find it, they also find the robbers trying to sell all April’s stuff on the street. A very slight rumble breaks out where they basically scare off the robbers and reclaim April’s belongings before returning them to her.

Irma convinces April to capitalize on her anger from being robbed to do a big story for Channel 6. Personally, I don’t know what kind of scoop “mediocre reporter leaves door unlocked, loses couch” is, but people watch anything. She calls her connect at the police station who gives her the iggy about the robot cops coming soon. April runs down to secret location her police informant tells her about and she meets Rex-1, robotic officer. He helps her escape from the real cops who want to arrest her for trespassing and then follows her to give her the remote control to him because he claims to exist to solely protect her. We can make jokes about the police only protecting white people all day, but let’s call a spade a spade: girl got a fat ass. I’d protect her too.

So April takes Rex-1 homes and has the Turtles kidnap Vernon Fenwick so she can give a live report on the Rex-1 robots the NYPD are planning to use. The whole town is watching and April’s got the scoop. Her stock’s gonna be on the rise for sure. Shredder, meanwhile, is going to hack the system and create a clone army of Rex-1s to destroy the Turtles.

Somehow, Shredder has a robot factory again and is able to create another goddamn army of robots in the time it took for the Turtle to drop off Vern at home. Where he gets the funding for all this shit, I’ll never know. Let alone the raw materials. The steel, the circuitry. This is all very complex and Shredder is able to produce an army in less than an hour.

The evil robots confront the Turtles on their way home from dropping off Vern, but they refuse to surrender and go jumping in the river instead. Shredder – who is watching on closed-circuit TV – is hyped AF that the Turtles exist no longer. But he’s a tard because they’re fucking Turtles and they survive in water. Like, really. C’mon now, Shredder. Head in the game, bro. That’s a rookie mistake.

Splinter, April and Rex-1 head to the streets but are stopped by the Shredder-Bots. They drop a gargoyle on Rex to take him out and are about to set their sights on April and Splinter when the Turtles make the save and take out the handful of evil bots.

They take Rex-1 back to the sewers where Donatello begins some robot surgery. He’s able to resurrect Rex, but has to use Michelangelo’s VHS movie collection as parts. Splinter devises a plan to lure Shredder’s robots to the carnival where the Rex is able to get the evil-bots to explode by trying to keep up with him while he exercises to Donatello’s aerobic workout tape.

Shredder’s obviously annoyed because he was sure this was the home run of plots. The Turtles go celebrate, probably the same way they always do…with a pizza and bad jokes. Irma pops in on April to show off her new gentleman caller, Rex-1 who states his objective as “To serve and protect…and take Irma to the movies.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Final Thoughts:

Weak AF. I can see Rex-1 becoming kind of cool if he becomes a recurring character, but I definitely don’t think that happens. This episode sucked. And, as bad as the endings have been with the convenience of getting everything in a neat bow-tie, this one was especially bad with the evil robots exercising too much and then exploding while Shredder shook his fist.

This is only episode 15 of 190-something overall so please don’t start getting corny as fuck on me already. I’ll never make it anywhere close to finishing if that happens. Hopefully, this is just an exception and not the rule and we can get back to something decent tomorrow.

❤ Joe

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Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.9: “Splinter No More”

Welcome to the beginning of the work week and, with that, a new episode of TMNT. I don’t have any announcements or anything today, so let’s just get right into today’s episode.

S.2,E.9: “Splinter No More”. Original Air Date: 11/26/1988


Michelangelo grabs some pizza for the boys and sushi for Splinter, but Splinter’s feeling kinda blue and doesn’t want to eat. Apparently, he’s been down for a while and the Turtles think it’s because he misses being human.

Donatello shows off a test tube that has what he says is the remainder of the mutagen that transformed them and thinks that, if he were able to get the right ph balance, he’d be able to turn Splinter back into Hamato Yoshi. Speaking of, even though he’s a rat, why can’t his name still be Hamato Yoshi? I dunno. I just feel that if Splinter and I had gone to high school together and years later he sent me a friend request, if it said “Splinter” instead of “Hamato Elizabeth” or whatever the fuck his middle name is now since that seems to be the thing, I’d probably deny that friend request. Actually, not true. I don’t deny them, I just let them sit there so people think I just don’t check that column.

Donatello mixes up this new mutagen into a Lysol can and sprays the fuck out of Splinter and, sure as shit, he is back to being Hamato Yoshi. The Turtles encourage him to go out and check out the city and he’s more than happy to. Once he leaves, however, the Turtles are worried he’ll never return.

April is doing a story at the Museum of…I don’t know, the Museum of Old Shit and catches Bebop and Rocksteady sneaking around. She FaceTimes the Turtles and gives them the 411. Shredder is there looking at books to help him open a dimensional portal anywhere he wants so he doesn’t have to depend on Krang anymore. How the fuck is this kind of information just sitting in a goddamn book and nobody but Shredder is looking to use it?

Meanwhile, Splinter’s walking around the park like a real old man because he doesn’t have any money to take a taxi. Now this brings up my next question. If Splinter doesn’t have any money, then it’s fair to assume the Turtles don’t have money. So how in the fuck are they constantly ordering pizza for dinner? Who’s paying for that shit? You know damn well there’s not a pizza place in NYC that would ever give anything for free. Fuck, if you were homeless and were on death’s door, they wouldn’t even let you take the crust crumbs off someone’s discarded paper dish. I guarantee the Turtles don’t have a fucking vault their dead parents left them filled with Galleons and Knuts. The Turtles don’t even have pockets. Where would they keep money even if they had it? And this is before ATMs and debit cards. Shit like this gets me all fired up.

So Splinter’s in the park alone and is about to get mugged by three assailants who can’t help but pick on an unarmed old man, but the muggers cower as they see the effects of the Lysol Mutagen wearing off and Splinter is beginning to transform back into a rat. Yeah, I’d fucking run off too. Especially when you see how poor he’s dressed. Probably wouldn’t have even been my target in the first place.

Shredder is back at the hideout and FaceTiming Krang to brag about his fancy book finds and saying he’s found the secret, abandoned subway station temple that makes this possible. Krang is like, “Go ahead, asshole, but don’t fuck up, ’cause there are dimension even worse than DX (Suck it!)”.

Shredder takes Bebop and Rocksteady underground to search for the temple. The Turtles have an idea what he’s after, but have to meet up with April to get a tape of her report on abandoned subway stations from last week. Splinter, meanwhile, is almost full rat and trying to escape to the sewers without being seen and doing a terrible job at it. Poor old boy has to duck into an alley to escape an angry mob.


Look at that face. Insert tear-drop emoji here.

Shredder calls Krang again to get him to send him some mutant brain-scrambler gizmo, but Krang is tight because Shredder is interrupting his shower. Which means we get this epic image on their FaceTime screen:



Shredder must have his device activated because the Turtles start having headaches and then attack each other. Finally April convinces them to chillax by asking them what Splinter would think. The whole situation does buy Shredder time to locate the Temple, though.He begins his incantation, but the Turtles but it up only momentarily due to Bebop and Rocksteady hitting them with stun guns from hidden positions. With them out of the way, Shredder begins his real spell, but is interrupted by Splinter who smelled incense once slipping back into the sewers.

An interdimensional portal is opened, but it’s not even close to the one Shredder was hoping for and it brings a cyclops, octopus beast with it. Shredder and crew escape and then the Turtles are able to get out just before the Temple collapses on itself due to the monster’s destructive force.

So they day has been saved. Splinter may no longer get to be a person, but he was able to save his homies in the clutch. All was well.

Final Thoughts:

I really want to know why only Shredder can find these maps and shit in these books that seem to be readily available at your local library. I may go to mine over the weekend and see if I can find anything similar.

Pretty standard TMNT fare, otherwise with the added wrinkle of teasing Splinter with the Hamato Yoshi turn. He seems to be OK with it at the end, but I’m sure if he was in that park a bit longer and saw some chicks tanning all oiled up and shit, it wouldn’t be that easy.

Not a bad episode, but nothing that will jump out. Still waiting to see the follow-up on Baxter the Fly.

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Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.8: “Invasion of the Punk Frogs”

Welcome to the Sunday edition of TMNT! We’re coming off what’s been my favorite episode thus far in the series and I’m fired up to get going today.

Quick programming note: check out the new episode of the podcast where we discuss SpaceJam, Legends of The Hidden Temple and The Simpsons 600 marathon on FXX. It may be my favorite episode we’ve done thus far. Find it on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Google Play. Also, subscribe and review and all that fun stuff! All those things help us get the word out, so if you can do such a thing, it’d greatly appreciated by Gomez and I.

When we last left off, Baxter Stockman had been turned into a mutant fly and may have been vaporized by a machine of his making. Shredder also was able to convince Krang to send him Bebop and Rocksteady from Dimension X so he finally has a bit of a crew assembled. Let’s see if this helps him against the Turtles.

S.2, E.8: “Invasion of the Punk Frogs”. Original Air Date: 11/19/1988


Shredder’s new plan is to get Krang to send him a canister of the Mutagen so he can make more mutant to use to fight against the Turtles. Krang thinks this is a great idea, but there’s currently an ion storm in Dimension X that may interfere with the portal. Shredder says they have to try it.

Well, the ion storm does indeed fuck with the delivery and the canister ends up in a swamp in Florida. Shredder is tight AF and gets dressed in his best Don Johnson-like threads to head to Florida to recover the Mutagen.

Shredder gets to Florida with the quickness and finds the canister, but is dismayed when it’s completely empty. He does, however, find a group of four frogs who’ve been transformed by the Mutagen and convinces them that he’s a swell guy and brings them back to NY so he can use them against the Turtles.

Bebop and Rocksteady are causing a little havoc around NYC to keep the Turtles busy, but they get called home by Shredder since he basically went to Florida and back in what feels like 10 minutes. When they get to the lair, he introduces them to their new co-workers: Attila the Frog, Genghis Frog, Rasputin the Mad Frog and, finally, Napoleon Bonafrog. This is exactly what it’ll be like when I have kids. Baby Skeletor, Baby Mike Piazza, Baby Honky Tonk Man, etc. Solid names.

Bebop is worried that the frogs will get their ass kicked because the Turtles are trained ninjas, but Shredder puts his fears to rest when he says he’s already trained them. So now he’s gone to Florida and back AND trained the frogs in martial arts in no time whatsoever. OK. He has the frogs rob a bank to test them and the news reports that it was the Turtles that did it so now the city is on high alert to rid themselves of the Turtles.

Shredder FaceTimes Krang because he needs more Mutagen, but Krang says the last batch was the last of it. He gives Shredder the recipe, though, and Shredder sends the frogs to steal all the ingredients. The Turtles get the iggy that the Frogs are breaking into the lab and head that way to stop them. They face-off, but the Frogs are able to use a distraction and get out of Dodge before any real battle can take place. They’re really teasing the heat to build the drama here.

It’s worth noting that the Frogs are having ethical battles within themselves over all this stealing. They know it’s wrong, but Shredder’s been so nice to them, they just accept that he knows best and go along with it.

There’s one more chemical needed for the Mutagen and the Turtles have April track it down for them. The Turtles catch up to the delivery truck and – sure as shit – the Frogs are there to stop it and get the chemical. Just as they’re about to rumble, the NYC Anti-Turtle Task Force comes rolling through in a fucking tank and uses an ice cannon to freeze the frogs before turning it on Turtles. Raphael is able to knock the ice cannon off track which gives the Turtles the chance to hightail it out of there, but not before taking the frozen Frogs with them.

On Splinter’s direction, the Turtles are told to show trust to the Frogs and they melt them free of their icy confines. After a brief moment of tension, Splinter is able to act as peacemaker and the Frogs realize that Shredder has been lying to them the entire time. The two groups of mutants then hatch a plan to foil Shredder for good.

The Frogs returns to Shredder and tell him that, although they weren’t able to get the chemical, the overheard the Turtles saying that they’d hide it inside a prison where Shredder wouldn’t be able to find it. Shredder loves good intel so he immediately sets out to retrieve it.

Shredders busts into what he thinks is the storage room in the prison only to find out he’s been double-crossed! But, at that very moment, the NYC Anti-Turtle Task Force shows up and throws the sting into chaos. Shredder uses a crystal ball to disguise Bebop, Rocksteady and himself as Task Force cops and they escape leaving the Turtles to deal with the real cops.

The eight mutants head back to the sewers where the Turtles give the Frogs a map on how to get home to the swamps of Florida. They’re very thankful because they miss swamp life. Michelangelo offers them a pizza to tide them over on their trip, but the Frogs HATE pizza. The Turtles can’t believe that anybody would hate pizza and the Frogs turn to head home.

Final Thoughts:

Fun episode here. The Frogs were a weird touch, but I kind of remember Genghis Frog being a thing. Does he come back at some point? I feel like he does. I don’t know. Maybe I’m making that up.

The Frogs had these weird southern accents that – as someone who lives in Florida – I dunno, they weren’t very good. Although, I also don’t hang around the swamp areas so maybe they’re accurate in those parts.

I was always under the assumption that Shredder had created the Mutagen and here, he needs the recipe from Krang to be able to cook up some more. It makes me wonder why Krang was so dependent on Shredder to build his body. I guess he just needed a pair of hands to put it together, but Shredder had always been portrayed as a regular old Mr. Science in addition to a martial arts master so this kind of threw me of. Didn’t take me out of the episode or anything, but there we are.

So, it seems that – at least for now – we’re off the multi-episode story arcs for a bit. Since the Eye of Sarnath was destroyed, Shredder’s plans haven’t carried over much. In this episode, Baxter Stockman didn’t even make an appearance after his huge role in the prior episode. Kinda crazy.

Either way, still a fine episode and looking to see where we go next.

❤ Joe

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