Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E23: “The Sweet Smell of Victory”

Welcome to a fresh week of episode rewatches and recaps! We’ve got four episodes to go in Season 1 and – against all odds – we’ll be polishing this off this week. You think you’re excited? Feel these nipples! (This is a BASEketball reference.)

We left off with a filler episode on  after all the wild shit went down the day before. Head back to the homepage and go back if you need to catch up, but it’s all there. I don’t have a damn clue about what today’s episode will consist off, but I’d like to get back to at least a bit of the Snake Men. Despite having the void resealed, Kobra Khan and Rattlor were able to escape and are still presumably lurking around Snake Mountain looking for another opportunity to open the void and free King Hiss.

Skeletor seems to be underestimating the threat the Snakes present to him and, although the Masters and Zodak seemed very aware of the danger, still have to focus on Skeletor since he’s what’s here and now.

It’s quite a predicament for the good guys, the bad guys and even us since we’re trying to figure out how they’re going to move this story along in the final week of the season. With that said, let’s see what they got. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E22: “The Island”

Welcome back to your Friday cartoon rewatch! We’re coming off what’s probably the most exciting episode of this series yet so now I can’t wait to see how they follow up.  If they follow up this soon, that is. I speculated yesterday that they may give this episode a week to breath in the story since even I was marking out so hard as it was happening.

That’s not a bad thing. I know the Snake Men play very heavily into Season 2 so it’s not like this episode will just be completely forgotten about and I’m cool with that. The people running this show have earned my trust. I keep coming back and watching the next episode. We gucci.

It’s not like I was losing interest in this series, but yesterday’s episode absolutely kicked my excitement up a notch because of how different and fresh the arrival of King Hiss and the danger the Snake Men presented felt. Even Skeletor was scared shitless of what would happen should the Snakes be freed. It’s an interesting dynamic that I definitely don’t remember being explored in the original and the way it was presented and sold made it feel like the stakes were at their highest.

But Snakes or no Snakes, we have a week to close out here. Episode title gives me no idea where this is heading so let’s just hit play and enjoy. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E21: “Snake Pit”

Welcome back to another cartoon rewatch! We’re coming off a couple of mediocre episodes, but I have faith that things will improve. Why wouldn’t they? What’s the worst that can happen?



Well, I don’t foresee any kind of New Adventures trash mucking up what we having going on here so I think we’ll be OK. So why waste any time? Let’s watch some cartoons and keep pushing our way through this season. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E20: “Buzz-Off’s Pride”

Welcome to your Hump Day cartoon rewatch! Coming off one of the most not-great episodes so far this season, I’m hoping for a bit of a bounceback today. With only seven episodes to go in this season (counting today’s) I’d like to see the writers finish strong and give us a little something to mull over before Season 2.

I already have a bad feeling about today’s episode just based on the title: “Buzz-Off’s Pride”. This reeks of Buzz just getting butthurt about something stupid and then brooding around until he learns the valuable lesson  that Rocky Balboa so eloquently taught us years ago.

Now sure, this show was out a few years before that Rocky movie, but Rocky wasn’t the first person to say these things. Buzz-Off’s bumblebee dad should have imparted some wisdom on him at some point over the years.

But that sounds like a fully-formed review. And we haven’t even hit play yet. So I should probably watch the episode before shitting all over it. OK, game time, let’s do this. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E19: “Orko’s Garden”

Welcome back to yet another cartoon rewatch! We’re up to Episode 19 already! My goodness these rewatches grow up so quick.

So when we last left, Skeletor was still trying to find mystical weapons that will put his power over the top (like Lincoln Hawk) before he takes another crack at Castle Grayskull. Which is fine and all, but it has me wondering…

…just how many of these ancient stones and artifacts exist that are so powerful that the Elders feel the need to have banished and hidden them in the furthers reaches of Eternia to ensure that nobody was able to use the power for evil?

Furthermore, is it the Elders’ own talents that power these icons? Because, what fucking power is gonna be left if He-Man keeps destroying these fucking things or throwing them into goddamn space at the end of each episode?!

Seriously, where did all these things fucking come from?! How many sorcerers (good or evil) were there in ancient Eternia who just dedicated their lives to developing some kind of runestone that acted as a kind of nuclear missile for the day?! This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E18: “Trust”

Happy Monday and welcome to another episode rewatch! Hopefully you all enjoyed a weekend if you had one and are ready to get back on the He-Man bus today.

We’re coming off a really solid week in terms of episode quality and I’m hopeful that will continue as we finish off the remainder of Season 1 here. Knowing that the story in Season 2 is drastically different, I’m incredibly interested to see how the writers tie up these loose ends. Maybe they don’t. I really don’t know. It’s been such a long time since I’ve watched this series that a lot of it feels like I’m seeing it for the first time.

For me, that’s a good thing. It allows me to give genuine reactions as I’m writing these blogs out. That seems to be what you guys react to most as well based on the feedback I get. Either way, we’ve got nine episodes to go counting today’s so let’s not fuck around on a Monday. Time to do work.

Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E17: “Roboto’s Gambit”

Hey hey welcome to your Friday cartoon rewatch over here on CarJoeMez! So much good stuff happening as we work through the back 9 of this season and I’m really invested in what’s been going on. If you’re still reading these blogs on Day 17, I’d assume you’re feeling similar so that’s a good thing.

It’s been 17 years since this show debuted which still blows my mind because I very clearly remember being excited that this was coming out and visiting the Toys R Us in Times Square regularly to look for new figures. I was even recording each episode on to VHS as it aired! That may be the most wild thing about this: that I was 20 years old, an adult in the eyes of the law and VHS was still a common enough thing. I’ve gotten old.

But – as excited as I was – there was a clear point when I said, “Ahh fuck this. I’m done with it.” I don’t remember for certain, but it may have been around this episode. As mentioned a few days ago, there was a weird three week gap between Episodes 13 and 14. Do I know why? I do not. But three weeks is totally long enough to break a routine for anyone who was actively watching this show. If you think that’s bad, wait until you see this… Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of The Universe S01E16: “The Monster Within”

Welcome to another cartoon rewatch! We’ve been buzzing right along through Season 1 of this series and it’s good to feel like we’re actually accomplishing something. Everybody should be this successful.

Thanks for all the email and feedback being sent in. I’m glad you’re enjoying these recaps as much as I enjoy doing them. I mean, it’d be pretty pointless to keep writing these if nobody gave a shit so thanks for taking the time to track them down.

Today’s episode is called “The Monster Within” which could go in a bunch of different directions. I assume it refers to one of our heroic warriors dealing with something deep so maybe it’s a Man-E-Faces episode since he can become the Monster with one of his grills. Actually, that’s probably a really good guess and now I’m thinking I just cracked the case before even hitting play.

No sense in putting it off any longer after that. Let’s get into this and watch a cartoon. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E15: “The Mystery of Anwat Gar”

Welcome to another episode rewatch! If you’re sticking with me everyday, we’re absolutely barreling through He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and things are going pretty good.

Usually when I try to do a full-scale rewatch of a show – especially an old cartoon series – I go crazy from boredom, poor storytelling and a host of terrible plot devices. Maybe because I stayed quasi-recent as opposed to going back to the 80s, we’ve gotten a much better quality show. Thinking back about how sudden my excitement for a show would fizzle out like when I was watching M.A.S.K. or how I’d get frustrated with a long string of poor episodes like I did with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I’m very grateful for what I’ve got with this series.

Like I’ve said before, it doesn’t have to be the best thing ever, it just needs to be good enough to keep me interested and watching. That’s a low bar and it has cleared that with ease. It’s not just something barely good enough, it’s something that is often very good and even when I find myself not liking an episode, that singular chapter is just mediocre as opposed to straight trash.

With that said, we’re coming off a pretty fun episode yesterday and diving into a fresh one today. That’s always a good thing. Let’s hope we’re rewarded again. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E14: “Underworld”

Welcome to another cartoon rewatch! We’ve made it to the All-Star Break portion of Season 1 and, going into the second half, I’d say we have a pretty solid series overall. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe didn’t last very long but – so far – has been a very nice updated version 20 years after the original Filmation series.

Now, does that mean this is the most amazing thing ever? Even as a very biased observer: no, it’s not. But it didn’t have to be. All I want from anything He-Man is to be good and enjoyable that way I can continue to get new shows or movies and new toys and figures. I want new generations of fans to enjoy these characters for decades like I have so things like Power-Con can still happen and be successful. Unfortunately, I’ve still never been to a Power-Con (the one time I was planning to go, my home was suddenly under threat of a bad hurricane so plans needed to be changed), but hope that one of these years I’ll finally be able to head out that way and get to hang out with all my fellow He-Fans.

So that was a brief little tangent, but it’s good to take the exit ramp every now and then just to see what’s around. And now that that’s out of the way, let’s watch another episode. Continue reading