Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E07: “Of Machines And Men”

Welcome back to another He-Man recap! As we continue through our final full week of episodes, I feel like we have a lot of loose ends left with not a lot of time left to tie them up. Skeletor’s still doing his regular thing and yesterday, we found out the Snake Men aren’t dead as we thought when we left for the weekend on Friday.

There’s still a ton of these ancient artifacts and tablets laying around all of Eternia that only the bad guys know about until the planet is in jeopardy, then the Sorceress finally spills the beans to He-Man to have it destroyed. I find her more annoying with every passing day. Like, yo, just give He-Man a shopping list of all these fucking things left buried somewhere and let him get rid of them before the heels plot their next takeover based around it. I don’t think that’s a big ask. If I was He-Man, I’d have done that by like Episode 7, but nope, he’s too nice.

With that said, we launch into the first of our final seven episodes. Goons and snakes and Skelly, oh my! Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E06: “The Price of Deceit”

Welcome to another week of cartoon rewatches! This is our last full week with He-Man & The Masters of the Universe as – counting today’s – we only have eight episodes to go. Sad. I’m gonna be sad. But once that’s done, we’ll move right on over into something new and begin that. I haven’t decided what that will be, but picking a show is easy. It’s finding a show that actually makes you want to stick around that’s the hard part.

We’re coming off an incredibly dramatic conclusion to the Snake Men epic that ended last week with Zodak having vanquished King Hiss and Skeletor having reclaimed the throne of Snake Mountain.

Before we left on Friday, I commented that I was really upset at how hot-shotted the whole angle with the Snakes felt, but after sitting on it for the weekend, maybe it’s not the worst thing. There’s a very limited number of episodes to go here and it’s probably best to go out the way we always come in: with Skeletor trying to take over Eternia and He-Man trying to put a stop to him.

There are way worse ways to spend some time than watching these titans do battle, so let’s get on with it. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E05: “Rise of the Snake Men Part 2”

It’s Friday! The best day in the week! And we’re going to be closing things out strong AF today. We’re finally in the middle of that long-awaited storyline with the Snake Men and yesterday’s first parter did not disappoint. Outside of the questionable cartoon stuff that you just have to let go because this is a cartoon. Sometimes things just are what they are.

Which is fine and isn’t hampering my excitement for what’s happening right now with this. I wanted Snakes and, by god, I’m getting snakes. If yesterday was any indication, then Season 2 is going to be chock-full-o-goodness and I’m all about that.

Need a quick refresher before we get started? Simply go back to the homepage and read yesterday’s recap and you’re back in the game. Which brings us to today. Let’s get to it. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E04: “Rise of the Snake Men Part 1”

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Finally I’m getting what I’ve been waiting for since Episode 21! Go ahead and check out the recap for that episode and you’ll see right away how excited I got when they introduced this story line. When they added Kobra Khan and Rattlor as a tiny wrinkle in the Season 1 finale? Loved it.

I’m here for it. I’m all-in on the Snake Men and – unless the title of this episode is just a bold-faced lie – I’m getting rewarded for my patience today.

I don’t even want to waste any time recapping or anything. I want to get this going right now. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E03: “Out of the Past”

Hump Day edition of the rewatch is here! We keep moving along as we near completion of this series and, honestly, I’m going to be a sad little panda when we finally get to that point. We’ve shared some really good moments along the way in the past month-plus and with only a couple of weeks to go, it’ll be bittersweet to put this show in the rearview mirror.

Yesterday was a bust with the only thing worth mentioning being the formation of a new council of good guys from all ends of Eternia agreeing to pool resources in protection of the land in defense of Skeletor and the forces of evil. An easy episode to skip, but we’re completists over here and I’m going to recap it all.

Obviously, I think we can expect a bit more substance today and, even though the episode title of “Out of the Past” can literally mean anything, I’m hoping we get some good advancement on the past arcs that were teased coming out of Monday’s episode.

With that all said, let’s hit play and carry on! Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E02: “To Walk With Dragons”

Welcome back! We’ve come off a dramatic finish to Skeletor’s best-laid plans which ended with him being thwarted once again by the Masters and leading to possible dissension within his own ranks now that Evil-Lyn knows that Skeletor himself was behind her capture and imprisonment that took place over the last few episodes.

We got a lot of good content out of what was really a three episode arc and it almost feels as if we’re now getting a fresh start with all the new angles that have formed from it. King Randor pledges to assemble a new council to aid in advising strategies for all the villages, the Snake Men are making a play for Skeletor’s underlings in an attempt to free their fellow humanoid reptilians while Skeletor can’t see the forest for the trees and is acting as if it’s business as usual.

With this season being only 13 episodes, there isn’t a lot of time to slow play these things and part of me is wondering if the conclusion will yield a satisfying payoff. I really don’t know if this chapter was meant to be just those 13 episodes all along or if the writing team was prepared and/or planning to go to 26 as they had in Season 1. Regardless, today’s episode gives me a renewed start feeling as the “season premier” that we watched yesterday was really just a closing of the Season 1 finale.

Now that we’ve gotten all the pleasantries out of the way, let’s continue our trek through the Eternian mythos. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E01: “The Last Stand”

Happy Monday, He-Fans, and welcome to the beginning of Season 2! We’re coming off a two-parter that concluded Season 1, but left us right in the middle of a battle sequence outside Castle Grayskull so this episode should have probably been titled, “The Council of Evil Part 3”, but what do I know? I’m just a mark with a blog.

To quickly recap where we are seeing as how we just took a three-day weekend after completing the season, Skeletor has put together a new crew of evil warriors after setting up his regular goon squad to be apprehended by the Masters to lull the good guys into a false sense of security. The Masters lower their defenses, go on leave and are picked off one by one by Skeletor’s new team which consists of Count Marzo, the Giants, Evil Seed and Webstor.

With all the Masters now captured and imprisoned in the dungeons of Snake Mountain, the only one remaining is Prince Adam who is without his power sword which was lost during a botched rescue attempt at Snake Mountain.

The Snake Men if Rattlor and Kobra Khan have emerged from hiding in the bowels of Snake Mountain and have free Skeletor’s old team from the Eternian Palace prison. When we left off, they were just arriving at Castle Grayskull and Skeletor still believes them to be on his side.

So yeah, there’s a lot going on and you can cut the tension with a knife. We’ve had plenty of time to let this all sink in so why wait any longer? Season 2! Let’s go! Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E26: “The Council of Evil Part 2”

We made it. After a month of hitting play and pause and play again we got here. We’ve watched and rewatched and commented and discussed to get to this moment. This is the season finale. Folks, right here, right now…


It’s the Season 1 finale and we’re coming off an absolutely awesome set-up from yesterday. When we left off, Skeletor sacrificed his entire allotment of evil warriors in order to lull our heroes into a false sense of security while he formed an alliance with other baddies we’ve been introduced to throughout the season in order to divide and conquer.

All of the Masters have been captured in some form with the only exceptions being Teela (who is still at the palace guarding the prison holding all of Skelly’s henches) and He-Man who, when we left off, was heading for Snake Mountain for what will surely be an epic confrontation.

The newly formed Council of Evil (Count Marzo, the Giants, Evil Seed and Webstor led by Skeletor) are fully expecting He-Man’s arrival and have incorporated it into their grand scheme.

We’ve made it here so there’s no sense in waiting anymore. Hook it to my veins! Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E25: “The Council of Evil Part 1”

Are you excited? Because I’m excited. We’re left with two episodes in Season 1 and it’s a two-parter! There just has to be so much good stuff here. I’m really fired up to see how the writers closed this out.

If you’ve been following along while I recapped the entire season, I thank you and am happy you decided to take this journey with me. Doing anything like this takes a measure of commitment and I’m happy to have had people genuinely interested as i revisited this series since He-Man has been such a big part of my life since as far back as I can remember.

Since we’ve come this far, let’s not waste a lot of time with recaps. We know how we got here and – if you’re just jumping on – the first 24 episode recaps are very available on the homepage for you to go back and read/watch. So, without further ado, let’s jump on our wind raiders and go for a ride. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E24: “Separation”

Folks, we’re in the homestretch. Just three episodes to go in Season 1 and we’ve stayed on track. We go through this everyday so there’s no sense in doing a lot of recap, but if you just happen to be stumbling upon this blog for the first time, feel free to go back and catch up on all the wordsy goodness I’ve been providing for this series.

For those of you who have been reading these for the past few weeks, thank you for your clicks and comments as it’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed the discussion, but don’t get comfortable now! Once we finish this off on Thursday, we’re starting right back on Monday with Season 2! I’m excited for all of this so thanks for joining me as we re-experience a personal fave.

OK, so Episode 24. The title doesn’t give anything away. That’s cool, I don’t mind being surprised, but still waiting on those Snake Men to reappear. Who knows if that even comes about at the end of this season now? They sucked me in and now have me hanging. Oh well. Let’s get into this. Continue reading