Daily Cartoon: BAKI Ep. 1: “Synchronicity”

Welcome back to another cartoon recap and review. Today’s cartoon was suggested by a buddy of mine, Drunk Irish Jay who came across this show while at the gym and thought I’d be interested in it.

It’s called Baki and is another Netflix show that was based off Japanese manga (I had to look up “manga”: basically it’s a Japanese comic book) which revolves around the title character of Baki and his quest to be the best underground Martial Arts fighter in all the land.

Just off that description, it sounds like some kind of hybrid of Bloodsport and Street Fighter so if that’s what it actually ends up being, then Jay was probably right and I’m here for that.

Usually, the things I write about here have some kind of connection to my childhood or something I’ve been interested in for a while, but with this series it is the ultimate clean slate. I have literally no idea what we’re getting into, but I’ll check it out and see where we go from here. Sound good? Yes? Cool. Let’s roll. Continue reading