Episode 345: Gomez Week


Join Joe Shoes and Michael Gomez as they present their weekly buffet of pop culture goodness! This week your double main men discuss: Joe treats himself (1:08), review of the week (5:38), Using AI (10:00), cover songs (11:47), Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” season finale (14:17), Nathan Fillion, “The Rookie” & Joe (19:29), Triple H’s big announcement (21:22), BEAU IS AFRAID (26:44), EVIL DEAD RISE (28:30), Ash Ketchum & Pokemon games (32:12), Netflix’s MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS ONCE ALWAYS (34:15), action figure brand crossplay (43:40), American Gladiators (45:05), Hulu’s QUASI (46:16), DOUBLE DRAGON (54:25) & Big Finish Top 3 Album Covers (1:07:18)

Watch along for next week: DOOM (Peacock)

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