Episode 344: That’s a Boy With Feelings


Join Joe Shoes and Michael Gomez as they present their weekly buffet of pop culture goodness! This week your double main men discuss: Breaking News! McDonald’s announces changes to their burger recipe (1:23), McDonald’s happy meal toys (9:46), “Muppets Mayhem” coming to Disney+ (11:13), Joe’s weekend in Oshkosh for ACW Wisconsin’s Water City Wrestlingcon (13:18), Previous Wisconsin memories (23:41), the NHL Playoffs and the Pittsburgh Penguins playoff streak coming to an end (28:42), Major League Baseball expansion (35:08), “The Mandalorian” through Episode 7 (38:43), Big week for Gomez (47:00), Metallica’s new album “72 Seasons” and their legacy (47:29), Fall Out Boy’s new album “So Much For Stardust” (53:14), Gomez sees RENFIELD (55:32), Video Game Movie Month continues with HOUSE OF THE DEAD (58:39) & Big Finish: Top 3 Video Games (1:19:19)

Watch along for next week: DOUBLE DRAGON (Amazon, Peacock, Tubi), “The Mandalorian” Season Finale

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