Episode 316: I’ll Tell Ya Later


Join Joe Shoes and Michael Gomez as they present their weekly buffet of pop culture goodness! This week, your double-main men are discussing: FWF Live 4 is this weekend (1:34), Hurricane Ian update (4:09), the Mets (5:55), Impact (8:50), Mattel’s crowd-funded Eternia playset (20:06), MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (34:22), HBO’s “The Righteous Gemstones” (50:54), Gomez gets a cat (57:06), Netflix’s “Dahmer” (58:40), Six Weeks of Horror: HOCUS POCUS & HOCUS POCUS 2 (1:01:57), Big Finish: Top 3 Fall Out Boy songs (1:28:17).

Watch Along for Next Week: BASKET CASE on Tubi 

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