Transformers: War for Cybertron “Chapter 1: Siege, Ep. 5”

Welcome back to another cartoon episode recap where we’ll be looking at the penultimate episode of Chapter 1 of Netflix’s Transformers: War for Cybertron series! If you’ve been following along each day with these blogs, you know I’ve been high on this series, but really want to know how you’re feeling about it so get into the comments or hit me up on Twitter to let me know your thoughts on this series.

When we left off, the Autobots received a surprise visitor at the Ark: Jetfire, the now exiled Deception general who found himself questioning Megatron’s advanced plans to commit a full genocide against the Autobots and even killed fellow Seeker, Skywarp, to temporarily keep the location of the Autobots’ base a secret. He’s now shown up on the Autobots’ doorstep, badly injured, but wanting to join their cause.

Something big is brewing as Bumblebee – now equipped with the Alpha Trion Protocols – thinks he knows the location of the All Spark which is being sought after by both sides and could be a game-changer for the squad getting to it first.

No sense in waiting longer, let’s transform and roll out.

The Plot:

With Megatron still desperate to know what happened after he killed Ultra Magnus, Soundwave runs scans and discovers an Autobot code he attributes to Alpha Trion, but cannot trace further due to the complexity of it. This obviously doesn’t satisfy the Decepticon leader, but Shockwave interjects, speaking of a virus he has saved in his project vault that would eradicate all Autobot code. Soundwave cautions Megatron against making this decision too hastily, as it could have adverse effects among Decepticons as well, but Megatron has tunnel vision and can only see a new way to finally defeat Optimus Prime.

Jetfire is shown being held captive in a less-than-imposing Autobot holding cell. The Autobots are hesitant to believe a word he says, but Prime seems willing to listen. After Jetfire describes the manner in which Ultra Magnus was murdered and how he now realizes that he and Megatron no longer fight for the same beliefs as he felt his participation was in the name of Cybertron while Megatron now fights only to defeat Optimus.

Wheeljack is working with Bumblebee to decipher the location of the All Spark and they do…it’s just in the Sea of Rust which sounds very bad. It’s said that no Autobot has ever returned from the Sea of Rust, but Bumblebee adds that while it’s true that no Autobot has, Decepticons have and the Seekers have actually mapped out the whole region. Jetfire may have some use to the Autobots after all.

Optimus sets up a team to go after the All Spark, but the Autobots are still going to need some raw Energon to launch the Ark and fulfill their plan. Bumblebee happens to know a guy, but he’s worse than Decepticon and there won’t be any bartering. They’re going to have to steal it from Soundblaster. Soundblaster, if I remember correctly, was a clone of Soundwave, the Decepticon, but had defects and was labeled as a failed experiment before being cast off. It appears as if he’s some kind of black market Energon dealer in this series.

While the Autobots are preparing to undertake their next missions, the Decepticons are launching into theirs as well by uploading Shockwave’s virus into the body of Ultra Magnus and using his mainframe to transmit it across Cybertron.

With Autobot outposts being infected at a rapid rate by Shockwave’s virus, the independent missions to complete Operation: Exodus take on even greater meaning. Prime’s team, consisting of Hound, Prowl, Moonracer and Jetfire head for the Sea of Rust while Bumblebee takes Cog and Arcee to Soundblaster’s dome.

The Decepticons’ virus takes hold over all Autobot computers including that on the Ark which kills their power and renders their cloaking device useless. Their secret base is now exposed and Megatron assembles all available Decepticons to launch an attack.

Bumblebee’s crew is led to Soundblaster’s receiving area by a Dome Guard who they try to double-cross, but Soundblaster, much like Soundwave, has his own intel in the form of Buzzsaw: his own cassette transforming bird to match Soundwave’s Laserbeak, who has been reporting of Bumblebee’s increased activities around the Autobots. Bee, Arcee and Cog are in some deep shit now.

With communications down, Prime’s team does make it to the Sea of Rust thanks to some expert navigating by Jetfire, but once they arrive to the All Spark chamber, they’re met by a gaggle of zombie transformers who begin emerging from the surrounding rubble to attack. Moonracer’s arm is immediately ripped off from the elbow and our heroes are surrounded as…the credits roll.

The Thoughts:

Another fine episode advancing the plot sufficiently, but again leaving me think that there could be so much more. All of the included elements are perfectly fine, but each of them realistically felt that they could have been expanded upon in their own individual episodes. With Optimus’ plan of getting the All Spark and leaving the Cybertron on the Ark, it feels like so much is being left on the table with this story as it pertains to the happenings on just Cybertron.

The whole situation with Jetfire being questioned by the Autobots to being the one guiding them to the Sea of Rust feels like it happens in about three minutes. Not that this is something you needed to drag out overly long, but it goes from “we don’t trust you” to “cool, join the mission” way too quickly for my liking.

Also, Bumblebee’s knowledge of the Alpha Trion Protocols now seems to be second-nature whereas he couldn’t even understand what was happening to him in yesterday’s episode. There’s nothing with him learning as he goes or struggling to figure out what it is or trying to say, he now just knows it and is able to rattle off all this information like he’s had it all along.

It’s fine, the show is still entertaining and it moves very quickly which doesn’t give you a chance to get bored of what’s happening on-screen, but it does feel like a missed opportunity in some situations to really dive into things further. With the next episode being the final one of this chapter, I’m hoping to be left feeling happy for what they’ve given me rather than hungry for what they didn’t.

Main Man Standings:

While still enjoyable, this episode just felt like the writers were in a race against the clock to cram as much as they could into as short a time frame as possible. The overwhelming feeling I have coming out is the desire for more, but I did still enjoy the viewing. For that reason, I’m giving it a TRIPLE MAIN MAN, three stars and hoping we leave more fulfilled with the final episode.

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