Daily Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03E11: “April Fool”

What’s up everyone and welcome back to another retro TMNT episode recap! Big stuff going down in Turtle Town…OK, that’s a lie, but, on the bright side, only 164 episodes to go after today! We can do it!

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For now, however, we’re diving back into retro cartoons. They can’t all be bad, right? At some point there’s got to be some episodes that are absolute bangers. I guess we’re about to find out in real-time. Let’s go.

S03E11 (Ep. 29): April Fool

Original Air Date: October 9, 1989

The Plot:

Emperor Aleister of Malicuria pays a diplomatic visit to New York City where he shows off a gem called Lydium 90 that’s more valuable than gold or diamonds. April is covering the story for Channel 6 and Irma volunteers to help her get all fancied up to look appropriate for the diplomat’s ball.

Cut to the Turtles and Splinter who are having dinner when they get a visit from the newly-beautified April who looks…let’s just say that she’s very well-drawn here. We’re also introduced to Princess Mallory, daughter of Emperor Aleister who bears a striking resemblance to April so it’s only a matter of time before that confusion comes into play.

Right away, embassy security thinks April is the Princess and rushes her inside to change into her costume since this is a masquerade ball. Meanwhile, the real Princess Mallory wants nothing to do with this diplomat shit and wants to check out NYC. Of course, while this is going on, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady show up to the party in a Mutant Module (one of those drilling vehicles that brings them from the center of the Earth to the surface before they get back in to go home and leave massive sinkholes all over the city that apparently nobody pays any mind to) and immediately fit right in because their normal method of dress fits right in at a costume party.

April’s escorted to Princess Mallory’s room and decides to put on Mallory’s princess gown and tiara because that’s something normal adults do. Of course, as she’s putting the finishing touches on her look, she’s abducted by our villains who are obviously mistaking her for the actual Princess that Shredder wanted to use as ransom for the Lydium 90. The Turtles were keeping watch on April because she was looking smoking hot so they’re on the case with the quickness.

We get another case of mistaken identity when April’s dropped TurtleCom leads the Emperor to think it was the Turtles who’ve kidnapped the Princess and left the ransom note. Princess Mallory is walking around a very empty NYC and sees on a playing TV in the window of an electronic shop (I like to imagine it’s PC Richards) when she hears that she’s been kidnapped and immediately hails a taxi to return to the embassy.

April finally wakes up after having fainted and Shredder is fucking tight that he kidnapped the wrong dame. He’s still going to try to pass her off as the genuine article, though, and heads to the roof of the embassy where he’s negotiated a waiting helicopter to make his escape once he’s been given the Lydium 90 from the Emperor.

The Turtles are being cornered by embassy guards since they’re now suspects in a kidnapping and encounter the actual Princess Mallory. They sort through this misunderstanding of identities and are in hot pursuit of Shredder just as he’s taking off from the roof in the helicopter. They’re holding on to the rails, but he’s flying and they’re losing their grips, but luckily, Donatello stashed the Turtle Blimp on a nearby rooftop that nobody else in the city was able to see even though there are a billion active street lamps on every block so the Turtles drop down and hop in the Blimp to continue their…HOT PURSUIT!

Shredder and the goons have April and the Lydium 90 and are awaiting their Uber from Krang in the form of another Mutant Module, but Krang fucks up the pickup point and sent the Module to the INSIDE of a museum rather than the designated pickup area. Technology is the worst. April again wakes up from having fainted for the second time today and is able to escape the heels to make it back into the waiting arms of our heroic Turtles. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady have enough of a moment to get in the Module and escape with tunnel flooding with hot lava to keep anyone from following and also to fucking kill and destroy everything because it is goddamn lava!

Emperor Aleister, Princess Mallory and their royal guard are on the scene and the Emperor laments that his Lydium 90 is gone for good. Donatello comments that it’s basically worthless because it will become unstable as it’s transported into the Earth’s core. This apparently relieves everyone, but the Lydium 90 WAS VALUABLE AS FUCK ON THE SURFACE AND NOW IT’S GONE AND YES, THIS SHOULD STILL BE A BIG DEAL!

Of course, the Lydium 90 explodes once delivered to Krang, the Turtles and April learn a valuable lesson and everyone goes home happy like on a properly booked indie wrestling show.

The Reaction:

Take a knee, friends, let’s chat. Was this episode great? Oh, heavens no. Not by any means. Was it much better than the previous two this week? Actually, yes! Hey, real talk, we’ve watched enough of these to know we’re not getting timeless writing and quips that will stand the test of time, so you kind of have to take your victories wherever you can find them. As ridiculous as this entire story was, it ended up being pretty fun and, honestly, at this point that’s all I’m looking for. Give me something that I’m not completely hating as I’m watching it and I’m good.

Main Man Standing:

Double and a half main man! Two and half stars! Big step up from where we were, but all the while not overreacting because that alone doesn’t make it great.

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