Daily Cartoon: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power S04E05: “Protocol”

Welcome back to another episode recap! I know at this point most of you reading this have already binged the entire season, so I appreciate that you keep coming back to check out these blogs on a daily basis. It warms the cockles of my heart.

Yesterday, we saw Glimmer step out of Adora’s shadow as she embraced her new connection to the Moon Stone to single-handedly destroy a secret Horde weapon storage facility. It also forced her to make a tough decision to use She-Ra as bait in a side battle so the Horde wouldn’t be as fortified. I would have to think that this will cause some static as we go on within the Best Friends Squad since I would certainly have an issue if Gomez did that to me.

This was a big win for the Rebellion, however, as Glimmer did destroy the Horde’s massive Pulse Bot weapon so while yes, she did put her friends (Netossa and Spinnerella were also with She-Ra) in danger, you could argue that the ends justify the means.

We keep rolling along and now we’ll see the fallout and what’s next as Queen Glimmer settles into her role.

Season 4, Episode 5: Protocol

A spore storm is impacting the Whispering Woods. Adora is trapped in the Crystal Castle during training with Light Hope, but the spores are causing the programming controlling Light Hope to malfunction. At the same time, a Horde transport containing Lonnie, Kyle and Rogelio (Adora and Catra’s old training teammates) has broken down because of the storm.

During the malfunction, Adora grows continually frustrated with Light Hope’s inability to reboot and teach her anything that she considers useful. At one point, Light Hope flashes a hologram memory showing a closeness to Mara. Adora hopes that this will enable Light Hope to begin sharing the answers to all the questions she has about literally everything She-Ra.

Once Light Hope is fully rebooted and Adora has left, the memory of Mara flashes back and Light Hope speaks aloud to nobody that this memory should have been purged and permanently deletes it.

Final Thoughts

Yep, that was the whole episode. Just five entities dealing with the spore storm. I really have no idea what this will effect going forward, but the writing team wouldn’t have done this for no reason. All will make sense down the line.

As for me, this may be the quickest episode recap I’ve ever written. Please don’t feel ripped off and I won’t feel bad about keeping things short. The universe will right itself tomorrow, I’m sure.

Until next time.


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