Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & the Princesses of Power S04E01 “The Coronation”

Welcome back to another episode recap! I’m super excited to be diving into this new season of She-Ra on Netflix! Season 3 was like a tease with only six episodes, but this time around they’ve given us a robust 13 to feast on and, if we’ve learned anything from the previous three seasons, this will be terrific. I’m serious. I love this show and they’ve been killing it since debuting on Netflix.

When we left off, the Rebellion had thought they had stymied Hordak’s plans to open a portal to bring Horde Prime and even more Horde troops to Etheria, but this victory had a high cost as Queen Angella of Bright Moon was lost after sacrificing herself to ensure that Adora could still protect Etheria as She-Ra. Unbeknownst to the the Rebellion, is that the portal was open long enough for Horde Prime to receive a transmission showing the location of Etheria and setting course. Shit, as they say, is about to get real.

I recapped all six episodes of Season 3 so if you need to catch up quick, you can always go back in the archives to do so. I actually recommend that you do because I would love the extra website clicks that would produce. Kthanxbai. Let’s start Season 4!

Season 4, Episode 1: The Coronation

We open with Glimmer who has a snazzy new haircut being called in the war room by her aunt, Castaspella. She needs to make an important decision immediately and she’s met by the other members of the best friends squad, Adora and Bow, who let her know that they have her back. Glimmer ponders her options for just a moment before making her choice and pointing it out: at her coronation as the new queen of Bright Moon, they will be serving ice cream cake.

This is actually an incredibly important decision and I applaud Glimmer for being so decisive early in her reign.

Glimmer’s having a hard time dealing with her coronation seeing as how it’s only happening because, ya know, her mom is dead and all and Castaspella isn’t much help as she is quite overbearing as a party planner. Adora and Bow try their best to keep Glimmer’s mind on the happy stuff, but ya know, her mom is dead and all.

Meanwhile, at the Fright Zone, Hordak and Catra are wallowing in the ashes of their grand portal plan and Catra is trying to sell Hordak on this being a good thing. Hordak isn’t having it, of course and there’s a significant amount of tension in the air between the two. Catra is also still trying to throw the blame for the princesses being able to access the Fright Zone in Season 3’s finale on Entrapta which just further infuriates Hordak.

The Glimmer coronation ceremony is not as fun as you would think a coronation ceremony would normally be. I guess that makes sense seeing as how someone needs to die to necessitate a new coronation. If I’m being fully transparent, this was a lesson I learned early in my childhood when Megatron was left for dead in Transformers: The Movie which paved the way for my absolute favorite transformer, Starscream, to ascend to the Decepticon throne. Starscream’s reign was short-lived, however, as Megatron returned, reborn and rechristened as the much deadlier Galvatron and he incinerated my hero right before my very eyes to retake the mantle.

So, if you ever wonder how I ended up like this, well, you try dealing with Starscream’s demise at the tender age of 5 years-old.

I suppose it’s good fortune for Glimmer that her mother will not be returning to destroy her via laser beam so you take your silver linings wherever you can get them. She does have to go on the Quest of Queens, however, which includes traveling through hidden tunnels, paralyzing a giant snake/worm hybrid monster and forging a full connection with the Moonstone which is where both she and her mother draw their power.

She does so with some assistance from She-Ra and Bow and is greeted by a hologram of Queen Angella who says she’s now among all the previous queens of Bright Moon and how proud she is of Glimmer. It’s a nice, touching moment before Angella disappears into the light and Glimmer completes her quest to officially get upgraded from Princess to Queen.

Catra has had enough of this second banana ish and rips out the piece of First Ones’ tech from Hordak’s exoskeleton that powers his entire body. She’s drunk with power and wants to make a play to destroy the rebellion for good and take control of all of Etheria before Horde Prime shows up so he can find them as rulers rather than failures upon his arrival. Hordak really doesn’t have a choice but to go along with Catra’s plan even though he pretty much can’t stand her. We’re setting up a lot to happen in future episodes here.

Final Thoughts

This wasn’t the most action-packed episode, but it didn’t need to be either. To be completely honest, it was a perfectly light, lay-the-foundation chapter to begin setting the table for what’s to come this season.

Glimmer’s big day was really her learning how to come to terms with the loss of her mother, but also a reminder of how big a pain in the ass all the princesses can be to deal with when they’re not on the same page. Just in the setup for the ceremony, we have multiple instances of Frosta, Mermista, Perfuma and even Aunt Castaspella pretty much going into business for themselves with party planning rather than working together to produce the best result. Sure, it’s simple and not really a big deal, but it plants the seed for something that I’m positive will become a glaring issue later in the season especially if the leadership of the new queen is ever called into question.

Catra is ready to turn this up to 11. I have to give the writers a lot of credit on this because they’ve volleyed Catra between being sympathetic at times to being the nastiest, most conniving heel in all of Eternia. The decision by the writing staff from the jump to make the Adora/Catra relationship the focus rather than the She-Ra/Hordak feud of the original series has been an absolute master stroke and both characters have so much depth to them that you can’t help but get completely caught up in it.

I know I talk up this show every chance I get, but it’s for good reason: it’s damn good. When it was first announced, I was skeptical, for sure, but Dreamworks had just given us that incredible Voltron series (also on Netflix) so I trusted them and kept an open mind. Noelle Stevenson and her team have rewarded that blind trust over and over. This is only the first episode and even with just laying the groundwork here I’m so excited to see this story unfold. Let’s do this again tomorrow.

Until next time.


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