Daily Cartoon: Adventure Time S03E13 “From Bad to Worse”

Welcome to the beginning of our final week of Halloween episodes! I don’t know about all of you, but if you’ve been following along, I’m getting pretty tired of Halloween and really can’t wait to get to start something new.

On the other hand, jumping around with all these different shows has been fun in its own way and I’ve got to see some things I’d never have probably checked out if I didn’t need material to fill a month of website content. Such is the story of today’s show: Adventure Time.

You probably think I’m already nuts for saying that, but it’s true. With all the cartoons and shows in general that I watch, I have never seen even 30 seconds of Adventure Time. No particular reason why or how, I just never have. Yes, I’m fully aware that it has a huge following and is super popular to all the kids. I’ve seen a gazillion people cosplaying Finn at Comic Cons and one time at a porn convention (I’m completely serious…and the people there loved it so the crossover between this show and porn must be insane), but me, the guy that always feels like he has his fingers relatively near the pulse of what’s happening in pop culture has never taken the time to watch this.

Well, chief, that changes today! We’ll be firing up those Hulu machines and getting hyped because right now is adventure time (not to be confused, but strangely blends in with Adventure Time)!

Season 3, Episode 13: From Bad to Worse

Original Air Date: October 24, 2011

A zombie outbreak has struck the kingdom and it’s all the fault of Princess Bubblegum. She had been doing science with a sample of zombie flesh from the last outbreak (wait…how often does this happen?) and, when she turned her back, it was ingested by Cinnamon Bun who was hungry. Of course, it was highly contagious and Cinnamon Bun has infected the entire Candy Kingdom. Luckily, the Princess still has her notes for how to make the antidote from the last time this happened (?!?!?!?!) and all should be made better.

Not so luckily, however, a couple of zombies break through a window in the castle and pull Princess Bubblegum out as they lay some big bites into her to turn her into one of them now. As she’s dragged away, she does drop her notes and tells Finn to use them to produce the antidote since he’s the only hope now and to let Science do the work. Jake collects the Princess’s dropped pages and, of course, they make no fucking sense to him.

Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and Lady Rainicorn all head to the lab to begin work which is just really mixing a bunch of shit in test tubes like I did in chem lab sophomore year until I set some guy Todd on fire with a bunsen burner by complete mistake and couldn’t put him out because all the dye in his sweater just kept the flame shooting all around him. I passed chemistry, but only barely.

Eventually, they mix enough stuff together to where they think they’ve done it and and Finn proclaims he’s going to save the day. I have no idea what these assholes think they’ve done because they each have a beaker of different colored potion so they can’t all be right.

Finn tries his first and dumps the full amount on a zombie hanging from the now boarded up window the Princess was taken through earlier. It’s not exactly a cure and just causes the zombie to sprout wings. This zombie, in turn, starts biting other zombies which passes along the wing-sprouting to all of them now. Goddammit, Finn.

Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) is next up and her formula just causes the zombies to grow full, luscious red lips. She doesn’t even think before becoming desperate to get those lips herself and runs right into the middle of a zombie crowd to lick up the remaining formula on the ground. Of course, she’s immediately bitten and turns into a zombie, but hey, them lips are looking dynamite.

The last potion left is made by Jake and Lady Rainicorn and that also has adverse effects as it gives the zombies super strength. Everything is all sorts of fucked now as Jake gets bit, then bites Lady leaving Finn to fend for himself as he tries to produce the correct antidote. He grabs the Princess’s pet lab rat – named Science – and locks himself in a wash station when he realizes what the Princess said earlier: “Let Science do the work.” The rat is named Science! Science reads over the notes quickly and passes the ingredients to Finn. Once completed, they fill an eye-dropper with the potion and squeeze a bit out from above the wash station which lands on Jake and cures him!

Butttttttt…he’s also surrounded by a mob of zombies who haven’t been cured so he’s immediately bitten and back to being a zombie. Finn’s time is up and he does the only thing he can think of: douse himself with the full contents of the antidote and feed himself to the zombies in the hope that feasting on him will cure the plague.

Candy Kingdom has been saved and Science the rat is given a medal for the heroic potion making that rescued all the citizens. Everybody rejoices and we’ve had a hell of an adventure time.

Final Thoughts

This was good! I had no idea what I was getting into, but I liked that this was another 15 minute show similar to Aqua Teen Hunger Force that we looked at last week so the pace was a bit frantic and things just kept zipping right along.

At this point in the series, they’ve already done over 50 episodes so the writers are comfortable in the characters and everybody has a clear role to play. Just jumping in blindly for a single episode was still easy enough for me to understand who is who and what’s happening which is a great quality to have.

I know this show has (had? I don’t know quite how popular it still is) a huge following and I can see why. It’s quick and fun and with enough diverse characters in this one episode to know that there just has to be a massive universe that I haven’t even uncovered yet. I can get with this. This is another My Little Pony for me where I’m pretty sure I’m going to check out a lot more of this show now that I’ve taste-tested it.

Until next time.


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