Daily Cartoon: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S02E04 “Luna Eclipsed”

What’s up, everybody? Welcome to another Halloween cartoon recap and I hope you’re strapped in and ready for wildness because I am expanding my horizons today.

I know that this has been a big deal for quite a while now, but I have never seen an episode of My Little Pony. I know there were toys and stuff in the 80s when I was just a young buck with a dime in my pocket and a dream in my heart, but I’d think it’s way more popular in recent years than it was back then.

Yeah, this is the My Little Pony I remember and those toys are basic as fuck. I hope today’s are much better for the sake of those playing with them.

Regardless, I’ve never been a Brony. Not like there’s anything wrong with that: I like plenty of my own weird shit, but I’ve just never branched into this realm. So today, I’ll peep it and see what all the hullabaloo is all about. You can find this on Netflix if you want to watch along and – let’s be serious – why wouldn’t you? Let’s do this, Brutus!

Season 2, Episode 4: Luna Eclipsed

Original Air Date: October 22, 2011

We don’t call it Halloween here, in My Little Pony-world it’s called Nightmare Night. I like this. Twilight Sparkle is dressed as some ancient pony wizard or something, but all the other ponies are making fun saying she looks like a grandpa or a clown. I can get on board with this because I also enjoy poking fun at others. So far, so good.

OK hold up, this theme song is a goddamn toe-tapper! Lemme get that for you.

Yo! This is the extended version, but you’re a liar if you say you’re not hyped for this now.

Twilight Sparkle and her BFF Spike are headed to the Nightmare Night Festival and the whole way she’s complaining about other ponies not appreciating her costume and that maybe she should start a Pony History group. Oh, I get it…Twilight Sparkle is one of those. You know, the kind of pony you don’t invite to parties.

Pinkie Pie along with a few young ponies whose names I will not be Googling right this second runs up to Twilight Sparkle to show off her big haul of candy from trick-or-treating. Pinkie Pie’s a little too old for trick-or-treating, but free candy is free candy and I don’t disagree. At that moment, Rainbow Dash floats over them in a cloud like Lakitu from Super Mario Bros. and hits Pinkie Pie with a lightning bolt to chase off her and her little friends.


Lakitu is a dick.

The Nightmare Night festival is off and running and all the little ponies are sent with another older pony whose name I couldn’t catch to go hear the spooky tale of Nightmare Moon. The gist of it is that Nightmare Moon gobbles up little ponies if they don’t offer her some of their candy as tribute. During the telling of the fable, however, what appears to be the real Nightmare Moon flies in from overhead and ponies start scurrying off in all directions to save themselves.

As Nightmare Moon floats to the ground, Twilight Sparkle recognizes her as Princess Luna. The ponies all bow to Princess Luna who delivers a rousing speech about feasting which the ponies think means she’ll be feasting on them, but really she’s just trying to be nice and join in the festivities. Twilight Sparkle decides to go speak to the Princess since she knows Luna is good after seeing the Elements of Harmony change her back in Season 1, I think. I’m really trying here. There’s a lot going on and I’m new to Ponyville.

Twilight Sparkle is all, “Princess, is not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. Tone, babygirl. That’s what it’s about.” Princess Luna doesn’t quite get it because she uses a royal inflection. Twilight Sparkle decides Princess Luna should talk to Fluttershy because she has a sweet, little voice and could give Luna some pointers.

It doesn’t go as planned as a bunch of ponies show up to see Fluttershy, but only see what appears to be Princess Luna stealing her voice so she’s unable to scream as she devours her and they once again run off in fear of the Princess. Luna’s getting sad and just wants to fit as she was locked away for 1,000 years before the Elements of Harmony changed her so Twilight Sparkle has another idea: they should talk to Applejack because she’s one of the most well-liked ponies around and certainly she’d be able to help Princess Luna!

Applejack teaches Princess Luna the joy of fun by throwing toy spiders on a web and catapulting pumpkins at a target. It seems like the tide is turning, but then Luna witnesses a young pony falling into the bobbing-for-apples bucket and she rushes to save him, but the rest of the crew only sees her holding him in her teeth and think she’s back to wanting to eat them all again. Poor Princess Luna…she’s the opposite of Parker Lewis. She just can’t win.


A reference I don’t expect anyone to get.

Twilight Sparkle makes it her mission to get Princess Luna to fit in and bamboozles Pinkie Pie into an alley to make peace with Luna. Pinkie says she knows Luna can’t gobble her up, but it’s Nightmare Night and sometimes it’s just fun to be scared. This gives Twilight Sparkle a great idea to have Princess Luna start scaring all the little ponies since it’s Nightmare Night, dammit and scared is what they want to be!

Princess Luna returns surrounded by lightning and wind under the guise of Nightmare Moon and demands her candy tribute, that she approves of the offer and will be content with just eating it instead of the ponies. As the ponies scatter, Luna turns to Twilight Sparkle and questions this decision until Pip, one of the younglings, inches back toward the Princess and asks her to return next year since this was the most fun Nightmare Night they’ve ever had. Princess Luna is all about fun now so she immediately gets hyped and joins in all the remaining festivities until the end of Nightmare Night. Friendship is most certainly magic.

Final Thoughts

I’m definitely not the target audience on this. I get that. I’m not trying to blow smoke either. You’ve all read enough of these to know full well that I have no problem shitting on something if I think it warrants it.

But this episode was fucking dynamite! I knew absolutely nothing about this coming in except for knowing the name “Rainbow Dash” because my little cousin loved her years ago when I would babysit and have her watch Jem & The Holograms instead of this, but I was able to jump in, follow along, understand the characters and their place in Ponyville and, most importantly, related to the story and become invested in it.

I loved the coloring, the animation was solid, the voice acting fit perfectly; it makes perfect sense to me why this show got as popular as it did. Give people something aesthetically pleasing that has a solid story behind it and you have a damn hit.

On top of all that, Princess Luna is relatable AF. I often get accused of “resting bitch face” or having my tone misinterpreted when all I want to do is throw pumpkins at a target, but I’m really not a bad guy. So I clung to her easily and also Twilight Sparkle for being the one to see the goodness and try to grease the wheels with getting the rest of Ponyville to see it too.

I don’t think I could have liked this any more than I did. It was great and whatever I watch tomorrow is going to have a really hard time following this. All of the high marks!

Until next time.


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