Daily Cartoon: Tiny Toon Adventures S03E15 “The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain”

It’s time for another Halloween episode recap! Yay! Huzzah! Way to go! I can dress myself!

I’m really excited to watching today blog installment. Tiny Toon Adventures was the bee’s knees for a while when I was a kid. It was a fresh take on the Looney Tunes association and felt fresh and new while existing in the same universe as the classic characters. It had a ton of merch, a super popular direct-to-VHS movie and was the subject of one of my favorite Nintendo games of all time!


It was very Super Mario 3ish, but was just oodles of fun!

This series isn’t something I’ve gone back to look at that much, but all of the fond memories make it something to be excited for. I just don’t want to be disappointed. Nahhh…that would be unpossible.


Fire up those Hulu machines and check it out with me. It’s Tiny Toon Adventures and it’s happening….now!

Season 3, Episode 15: The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain

Original Air Date: November 12, 1992

We open in a very spooky castle where Elmyra is introducing us to what we’re about to see. She’s got a black dress and wig as an obvious homage to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark who was a huge horror and pop culture icon in the 80s and is still out there doing conventions and having Funko Pop figures made of her.

She squeezes the everliving shit out of Buster Bunny until he’ able to hit the switch on the video machine to start our scary movie.

Now beginning our movie, we get Babs Bunny wearing a Little Red Riding Hood cloak walking into dark cabin where she meets up with Fifi La Fume and Shirley the Loon. They all take turns trying to scare each other before coming to a truce and agreeing that they came here to have a nice, relaxing time. They play Ouija to find out their secret boyfriends and Shirley gets tight when the board says her’s would be Plucky Duck.

All of a sudden, the lights go out and a menacing laugh is heard from outside. The girls attempt to run out the back, but are met by a giant moose monster who throws some green shaving cream at them and runs off. Babs is convinced that this is the work of Buster trying to ambush their slumber party.

Elmyra welcomes us back from what would have been the commercial break and we go back to the movie where Buster, Plucky and Hampton are roasting marshmallows and patting each other on the back for their supercool prank on the girls. Plucky steals Buster’s marshmallow so Buster decides to get back at him by scaring him with a story of “One-Eyed Jack.” One-Eyed Jack, as the story goes, was a horribly deformed rabbit who was run over by a insane taxidermist who took home the carcass of ole One-Eyed Jack to turn him into his greatest trophy.

The end product was an even more horribly deformed cross of a rabbit, dog, reindeer monster who, of course, wasn’t quite dead and then became hellbent on revenge and terrorizing those who had wronged him. As someone who has been wronged, I can completely sympathize. But I’m not horribly disfigured. This blog may only be written words, but have you seen me? I’m fucking cute. Now known as the Jackalope, Buster says the he haunts these very woods to this day.

This puts a scare into Plucky and Hampton as Buster gets a good laugh as he tells them it’s the world’s oldest camp story and that all the kids know it’s completely bogus. Oh man, you just know what’s fucking coming now. Buster’s got that shit-eating grin on his face, still enjoying the misery of his friends as a haunting grunt can be heard from the nearby bushes. Buster shits his pants and takes off running as this time, it’s the girls putting a scare into the boys. Babs is totally satisfied with herself for dealing the boys a hot plate of comeuppance, but Fifi and Shirley started shaking in their space boots because standing right behind them is…the real One-Eyed Jack!

The girls run back to their cabin and begin barricading themselves inside moving every piece of furniture they can find against the door…including One-Eyed Jack himself! Fifi grows brave and decides to handle this on her own by hitting the Jackalope with a spray of her skunk scent, but Jack has powerful lungs and just blows it back at her which knocks her the fuck out. That’s fucking karma. Live by odor, die by the odor.

Babs and Shirley run right through a wall and find themselves unsure of where to go. Luckily, there’s a big, spooky castle that can be seen in range, so yeah, obviously, run to that because nothing bad ever happens in big, spooky castles. Once the two find the lightswitch, they find themselves surrounded by horribly scary creatures. They’ve just stumbled into the demented taxidermist’s place where it turns out Buster, Plucky and Hampton have been hiding as well.

Babs reveals that it was the girls who spooked them in the woods and the boys play it off as if they knew that the entire time. Plucky opens the door to leave where the Jackalope is waiting. He grabs Plucky and Babs immediately slams the door without giving a single fuck about if Plucky lives or dies.  We’re now down to four and Buster says that they have to stick together if they have any shot of getting out of this.

They make their way through the castle which is adorned with so many stuffed creatures that it’s just really creepy. They head to the kitchen so Shirley can get some water, but as she reaches for the faucet, she’s snatched and dragged into it without anyone even noticing. Hampton is hungry and they move to the fridge and this idiot is abducted too. It’s only now that Buster and Babs recognize their friends have been taken and probably be eaten never to be seen again.

The two run for it, but Babs runs right into a trap leaving Buster alone. He runs from the castle, swings on a vine to cross a big cliff, hops on a mine cart and then steals a kayak where he paddles out to the middle of a lake thinking he’s the only one who made it out safely…until the Jackalope’s hand reaches out from underwater and scoops him as well.

Buster is dragged into a holding cell where he joins all his other friends. Alive, but in captivity. One-Eyed Jack then unzips what is now shown to be a costume to reveal…Elmyra! She does love animals after all and now she has a whole prison cell full of them! What a swerve! The Tiny Toons are so freaked out that they all break from their cells and shackles and bust through the wall, escaping to freedom.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t love the ending where everyone just breaks free and runs off, but everything before that was certainly fun. I just really like the Tiny Toons and I really don’t get why – in the age of everything getting a hundred reboots – that we haven’t seen them back in some form by now. Season 3 ended in 1992 and I can’t think of anything these characters have been used in since.

Maybe they had another VHS movie or something, but you would think this should be a slam dunk. Kids would eat this up with a spoon today! It’s fun, it’s irreverent and there’s a deep pool of characters to be able to dip into for story ideas. I don’t know, man, it just seems like such an easy call. Maybe there’s some legal drama that I have no idea about pertaining to ownership or whatever, but c’mon, get that figured out and give me a new Tiny Toon Adventures. You telling me you don’t want to see what kind of chicanery Gogo Dodo gets into? Well, then I call you a liar.

As a singular episode, this was perfectly fine. A nice mix of characters having fun fucking with each other and indulging in the spookiness of their surroundings. Yeah, the ending was kind of lame, but that does erase the first 21 and a half minutes. Solid, not spectacular, but glad I got to revisit this series.

Until next time.


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