Daily Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S05E17 “Monsters Among Us”

Welcome to another Halloween episode review as we finally (I think) conclude what has become an epic spooky-season Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles saga.

What I thought was just your run of the mill seasonal installment has turned into a four day time-traveling spectacular with the Turtles making stops in ancient Egypt, middle ages Transylvania, 1800s Germany and now…well we don’t know where they end up going today just yet, but I cannot wait to find out.

The demon villain, Savanti Romero, has assembled his crew of a mummy, werewolf, Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster in his attempt to further his objective of overtaking present day New York City with his gaggle of zombies and monsters. It’s an uphill battle, but the Turtles – aided by their time-traveling pal Renet – never say day, never give up and always give 110%!

So here we are: the thrilling conclusion to a Halloween gone sideways!

S05E17: Monsters Among Us

Original Air Date: October 11, 2017

The Turtles and Renet have traveled back to present day NYC and find it to be even more overrun with monsters than when they left. They still have Vampire Raphael chained up and have to find a way to cure him as well as save the city. It’s a pretty tall task.

Leonardo begs Renet to give them some kind of info since she comes from the future and should know how this plays out, but she’s unable to since Savanti is changing things by the second. Vampire Raph is doing his best to bring attention to his brothers by letting out what I’d describe as a vampire howl, but really shouldn’t be described as such since I have no earthly idea what a vampire howl sounds like. The Turtles suddenly find themselves as the center of attention for a gaggle of zombies and werewolves and they have to be at their most athletic to escape and get into the sewers where they’re in their element.

Savanti and Dracula discuss the need to ensure the Turtles are destroyed. To do so, they bring in two special monsters to assist: Casey Jones and April O’Neil. April and Casey lead a collection of jobber beasts and Frankenstein’s Monster into the Turtles’ sewer lair. At the same time, Raphael is able to break from his chains and steal Renet’s scepter. During the kerfuffle, April delivers a bite to Donatello and the Turtles are suddenly down another head.

Raph delivers Renet’s time scepter to his master: Dracula. Dracula takes it and turns his back on Savanti, planning to use it to go back in time and change all of history into the undead. But just one thing: Dracula does not hold the power needed to be able to wield the staff. He has no choice but to keep his alliance with Savanti.

The Turtles return to the surface but all of Savanti and Dracula’s forces are waiting for them, surrounding them, looking at them, judging them. Michelangelo tries talking sense into Frankenstein’s Monster telling him that they’re real pals and that Mikey knows his fave food is…frankfurters. This is enough to get the Monster to turn babyface and begin aiding the Turtles. During the battle, Leo uses a crossbow to knock the time scepter from Savanti’s hands. Mikey tries grabbing it, but it makes contact with the upgraded bo-staff Renet gave to Donatello in Transylvania that Mikey now holds. The contact between staffs opens a portal to some historical knights of the round table era.

Good guys and bad guys are falling over each other trying to retrieve the dropped scepter, but is Frankenstein’s monster who scoops it and squeezes it a bit too tight which opens yet another portal to samurai-era Japan. Another scramble leads to another portal and we’re back in ancient Egypt where this all started and Savanti is able to simply reach out and grab the scepter which immediately opens yet another portal to the prehistoric age as a brontosaurus is seen just chilling and dining on vegetation in the background.

Savanti attempts to repair the scepter from the damage Frank did to it, but Mikey reminds the good guys that they need to kill the master to free the slaves. Leo carves the butt end of Mikey’s staff into a stake and Mikey is able to javelin-toss it through Dracula’s heart; eliminating the vampire and freeing the many entranced monsters including Raph and Donatello.

Renet returns the heroes to present-day NYC while leaving Savanti behind to deal with the dinosaurs. As they land, they are greeted by other members of our story who have been returned to normal: April, Casey and the Travel from Transylvania who became the werewolf. Renet promises to return the Traveler to his own time and to bring Frankenstein’s monster to the future where he can be appreciated. She thanks the Turtles and gives Mikey a kiss on the cheek because he’s all about her. She says they’ll meet again as she disappears through a portal.

The Turtles are back to full strength and have their pals April and Casey with them. New York has been saved so now there’s only one thing left to do…


It is Halloween after all!

Final Thoughts

Well, we’ve finally done it. We made it to the end of the Ninja Turtles’ Halloween extravaganza that I had absolutely zero clue was this in-depth when I began.

As I’ve said, I had never watched this iteration of TMNT before, but I found myself really digging it and ending up recapping four episodes as opposed to just the one I was planning on was really a gift from the cartoon gods. It’s an excursion from the regular TMNT fare that I am used to: there’s no Shredder or Splinter or Foot Clan in any of these episodes, but the inclusion of these historical monsters wrapped around the guise of Halloween ended up being a lot of fun and made for a very entertaining watch.

I didn’t think I was going to like the animation style at first, but it became something I didn’t even pay much attention to pretty quickly as the quick script and solid voice acting kept me focused on all the positives as this saga played out. This is yet another show that I’m going to have to go back and watch from the beginning once I get a chance. I liked it that much.

I know there’s a newer TMNT series currently out now and – surprise – I haven’t yet seen any of that one either. I stay a few years behind. But what this series has done this week has renewed my enjoyment for TMNT as a whole and makes me want to go buy some new toys since there is literally always new Turtle products on shelves not even counting all the specialty adult-collector items that are being produced.

This wasn’t the week I planned, but it ended up playing out even better. We’re ending on a high note. Go check out this series. It’s pretty damn good and if you’ve been a fan of TMNT in any setting, I think you’ll enjoy this one as well. The full series is up on Hulu so they make it nice and easy for you to get into. Have a good weekend and we’ll pick back up on Monday with more Halloween!

Until next time.


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