Daily Cartoon: The Powerpuff Girls S01E05 “Boogie Frights/Abra-Cadaver”

Welcome back to another week of Halloween cartoon episode recaps! I think last week got the ball rolling with some pretty solid stuff and it’s kept me exciting to keep it going. Today we’re grabbing an early episode of The Powerpuff Girls! In the late 90s, The PPGs got over huge and inspired all sorts of licensing that kind of culminated in a full-length movie that…was not so great. But it did feature a 55 minute game of tag that didn’t end until Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup had completely destroyed their entire town.

Good times.

I wasn’t a diehard PPG fan by any means, but I was definitely entertained when I’d catch it and even saw the movie in theaters. A small group of friends have still not forgiven me for that. I’m telling you: that game of tag was longggggggggg.

Regardless, The Powerpuff Girls was big business and 21 years after debuting on Cartoon Network, they’re still going strong with a reboot series as well as other merch like toys and comics.

As for today, however, we’re just concerned with Episode 5 of their first season. It’s Halloween time in Townsville so let’s see what kind of antics the girls get into.

S01E05: Boogie Frights/Abra-Cadaver

Original Air Date: December 16, 1998

First thought: December 16th seems a little late for a Halloween episode, but what do I know? I’m just a guy with a blog.

This is another A & B story show so since they both sound Halloween-ish…I’ll take them both, I’m hardcore.

Boogie Frights

The Powerpuff Girls are getting ready for bed, but Buttercup won’t have it. She says all the good stuff happens after dark and there could even be monsters under the bed like the Boogie-Man.


He’s comin’ to getcha!

Professor Utonium comes running in the room when he hears the other girls scream to put their minds at ease, but also to tell Buttercup to stop scaring her sisters and acting like a twat.

As the lights go down, however, the party is just picking up in the underworld. And at one underground disco club, the BoogieMan is ready to make this a real party. He’s got a club full of other monsters ready to get down and “blame it on the Boogie!” Boogie makes a call to have the power cut at the Townsville Power Plant and all of a sudden, these creatures of the night start making their way to the surface from under children’s beds and it’s all set to some groovy disco track. It. Is. Phenomenal.

When Boogie gets to his destination, he hits a switch on his pimp cane that sends a disco ball disguised as a meteor to block out the sun that way these monsters never have to retreat underground ever again. It’ll be party time all the time. Blame it on the Boogie!

The Powerpuff Girls are unable to sleep because of all the noise coming from outside and fly out to survey the situation. They immediately come upon this nightmare nightclub and engage in fisticuffs to be able to go back to bed.

We then get a cool, little tribute to Star Wars when the girls fly into space to take out the disco ball similar to Luke blowing up the Death Star. It’s quick, fun and has great music tracking it the whole way. Now everyone can go back to bed and get their required rest.


This opens with the girls hanging out with the Mayor outside of Townsville’s old magic theater. The mayor regales the girls with stories of coming to this theater to see magic shows in his youth. Once the mayor completes his story, which ends with a magician being killed on stage, he summons the wrecking ball to take down the building.

What the mayor doesn’t know is that Al Lusion, the old magician, is now a zombie and was just caught under a giant folding bed of spikes for decades waiting for his opportunity to exact revenge on the people of Townsville.

Now that he’s free, he’s become Abracadaver, the magical zombie and he begins terrorizing the locals by using his magic to turn them into flowers or saw them in half. He even turns a building into a house of cards and then KNOCKS it over like a real heel!

The Mayor calls the PPG and begs for help because his favorite hat has been ruined…and also, the town is under attack by an evil, demented zombie. The PPG were in the middle of watching a horror movie and don’t really want to fuck with a zombie right now, but they show up anyway because that’s what they do.

Blossom politely asks Abracadaver to stop destroying the town, but he immediately has flashbacks of being Al Lusion and Blossom looks like the girl who ruined his career and caused his death. He tries to use his magic on the girls, but Blossom basically reverses an Irish Whip and throws Abracadaver back into his bed of spikes where he will spend eternity. Townsville has been saved. How did they do it? Duh…it’s magic!

Then we get the end credits theme which I absolutely love:

Final Thoughts

This really isn’t a Halloween episode despite what all my internet research told me before turning it on, but it does involve the Boogie Man and a zombie sooooo…I’ll allow it.

I don’t know how people look back on The Powerpuff Girls nowadays, but this was really a lot of fun. Two short stories, quick pacing, great backing music and easily digestible characters make really easy to see why this show was so successful upon introduction.

Although not a traditional Halloween show, this was super fun. I was immediately reminded of why I dug PPG back in the day and didn’t even feel bad about it. Seriously, go back and check it out. The original series is streaming on Hulu and it’ll be good for your soul.

If you haven’t already, go back and check out the other Halloween recaps I’ve been knocking off: Bobby’s WorldGarfield’s Halloween AdventureRugratsAlvinnn!!! & The Chipmunks and Doug. They’re all good. I promise.

Until next time.


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