Daily Cartoon: DOUG S04E04 “Doug’s Halloween Adventure”

What’s up everyone and welcome to a Friday Halloween cartoon episode recap!  Today we’re checking out a special episode of Nickelodeon’s Doug which is a big favorite of our double main man, Gomez.

I was never much of a Doug fan. I didn’t have cable when it was first airing and by the time it ended up moving to ABC I was at the age where I was too cool for cartoons so, while I knew it existed, it was never something I’ve ever spent much time getting to know.

I know a lot of people have some fond memories toward this series, but I’ll be stepping in blind to see how Doug and his pals do Halloween. It’s not always the best formula for recapping, but it does allow for plenty of “WTF” moments. Let’s go.

S04E04: Doug’s Halloween Adventure

Original Air Date: October 30, 1993

Skeeter opens us up by telling some ghost spooky stories. It’s about a haunted house where people who enter disappear as soon as they cross the threshold and then finally one person bought it and turned the land surrounding the house into a theme park called Funkytown. It looks pretty awesome. I’d definitely bring a Coke can to get buy-one, get one free tickets.

Skeeter wants Doug to skip trick-or-treating to go to Funkytown instead and Doug is worried about looking brave since he’s dressing up as his hero, Race Canyon, who is basically a knockoff Indiana Jones. Bloodstone Manor is the centerpiece of the park and has a new ride which is having its grand opening tonight. I don’t blame Doug for being a little shook.

Doug sees a commercial for the ride on TV and immediately shits his pants and shows up at Skeeter’s place asking to go trick-or-treating. Skeeter is dressed as…I don’t fucking know…a fire hydrant or some shit and he’s not so happy about collecting candy since the line for Bloodstone Manor is going to be way long if they don’t get there. Doug won’t tell Skeeter he’s scared of going so he keep trying to stall.

It was just explained that Skeeter is a spaceship. I was close.

Roger, who is the big heel in the show, pops out of the bushes with his boys and starts calling Doug and Skeeter chicken for not wanting to TP houses. But Doug is brave in his Race Canyon gear so he doesn’t succumb to peer pressure. He’s still scared shitless of having to go on this ride and he forces Skeeter to miss the bus. I’ve seen friends break up over less.

Skeeter’s a pretty swell guy so he doesn’t want to out and out call Doug a pussy, but he’s obviously disappointed. All of a sudden, Patti Mayonnaise pulls up in her dad’s minivan and says he’s dropping her off at a costume party. She compliments Doug and Skeeter’s costumes and Doug is now filled with the bravery of a hundred Race Canyons because the chick he digs said his costume is cool.

Yeahhhh, I’ve felt dumber stuff for shit girls have said to me so go ahead and get it, Doug.

Doug’s new bravery allows him to ask Mr. Mayonnaise to drop off him and Skeeter at Bloodstone Manor and he’s happy to oblige, but not before telling a story about two workers who went into Bloodstone Manor, but the only thing that came out was their shoes! Doug is back to being terrified.

They get in line at 8:30, but are only closing in on the front of it by 9:45. With the ride closing in just 15 minutes, Roger pops in and thanks the guys for holding his spot in line even though they clearly weren’t. At that moment a park employee announces that the park is now closed to a collective groan from those in attendance. The entire line disperses quickly and orderly within seconds except for Doug, Skeeter and Roger who loiter for about 6 seconds which is long enough for them to be the only people there who see the door to the attraction swing back open.

Roger convinces the other two to run it and check it out since they still have 15 minutes left before official closing so they’re within their rights. An animated ghoul in a portrait gives some spooky orders and the kids start making their way through Bloodstone Manor. Skeeter and Doug end up enjoying the hell out of the attraction while Roger is now the one scared for his life. Oh, how the turntables…

The ride shuts off in the middle of it and Doug and Skeeter go looking for someone to turn it back on while Roger stays frightfully glued to the cart. Skeeter manages to re-start it and the cart they were in comes around, but only Roger’s shoes are in it. Normal people would be like, “Yo, Roger’s a dick. Fuck him, let him save himself,” but not Skeeter and Doug. They’re actually going to look for him because they’re fools.

While searching for Roger, the duo awaken the ghoul that haunts the Manor and he’s not happy about, no siree, not one bit. Doug summons his inner Race Canyon, though and refuses to leave until they find Roger. The ghoul is all like, “fine, but come watch this hot security footage” which shows Roger and his goons planning to egg the two once they come out. Because he’s a dick.

The Ghoul suggests Doug and Skeeter use some of his projection stuff to put a scare into Roger and friends which works like gangbusters and sends those guys off running home saving our good guys from the indemnity of being egged. What a day. Doug braved his fears, avoided the wrath of Roger and made a new friend in this fucking monster that haunts a theme park. That’s some solid Halloweening.

Final Thoughts

This was perfectly acceptable and solid Halloween fare. I didn’t completely love it, but I definitely did like and enjoy it. I’m not going to suddenly become the biggest Doug fan now or anything, but the characters are unique and developed and the storytelling was easy to follow and fun.

As I said earlier, I really didn’t know much of anything about this show coming in and even jumping in to a random Season 4 episode, I was able to do so without needing to question who everybody is and what they’re like. There’s a lot to be said for that.

For the episode itself, it did a great job at building up the reputation of the Haunted House and the ride itself so when Doug and Skeeter finally get there, you almost feel relieved for them that it closed before letting them on. I would like to know more about the Doug and Roger relationship, though. If Roger bullies Doug at every turn – which is how it appears – why wouldn’t Doug just punch him in the face or tell his mom or anything other than just take it and then try to help Roger when he thinks he’s in trouble?

If I was Doug right there, I would have flat left Roger in the Haunted House and let the evil spirits pick at his bones.

But that’s just me.

Pretty solid show. Enjoyable and recommended. Four seasons of Doug can be found on Hulu if you want to check it out for yourself.

Until next time.


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