Daily Cartoon: Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks S02E09B “Switch Witch”

Welcome to another Halloween cartoons recap! I’m feeling that holiday spirit flow through my veins and today we’ll check out another show that I’ve never seen before: Nickelodeon’s Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks which began in 2015.

I really liked the original Alvin and the Chipmunks from the 80s when I was a kid, but haven’t had the interest to check out any post 1990-ish Alvin-related stuff. But thanks to my need to find Halloween themed cartoons combined with the magic that is Hulu, I’ll be seeing my first bit of action from this series today.

Alvinnn!!! is another of these shows that does A and B stories and we’ll only be watching the B story. So let’s dive in and see how this reboot stacks up.

S02E09B: Switch Witch

Original Air Date: October 5, 2016

First things first: the intro. It’s an uptempo version of the original cartoon’s theme and that makes me a happy boy. You want to get me hooked? Well this is a good start.

Also, during the opening, it appears that Dave Seville bears a striking resemblance to Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. I have many thoughts on The Little Mermaid and most of them include hating it because of a girl so let’s stop before this becomes a deep dive of my psyche and all of you reading this start alerting local authorities that I may be in need of some help. I’m OK. Promise.

It’s Halloween night and the doorbell at the Seville home is ringing. Dave answers the door to find his three boys along with the Chipettes holding out their candy bags and yelling, “trick or treat!” Dave says you can’t trick or treat your own house because it’s in the Halloween bylaws and I’m suddenly wondering if someone has ever taken the time to write such a thing.

I’m going to hit pause and actually Google this. Hold up.

OK, I’m back. It seems that several towns have invoked their own rules for Halloween including curfews and age restrictions, but I can’t seem to find anything relating to trick-or-treating your own house. Maybe Dave meant “etiquette” instead of “bylaws”. The English language can be fun.

Back to the show, do the Chipettes still live with Miss Miller? Is she a thing in this series? She was batshit crazy in the original. I always enjoyed her appearances and figure Halloween is the perfect setting to unleash her full range.

The kids are all happy with their candy hauls even though it appears they just bamboozled an elderly woman who appears to have a touch of dementia into continuing to answer her door every couple of minutes, but hey, whatever it takes.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore start watching a scary movie, but Prince Eric Seville puts a quick stop to that and tells the boys to get bed. Theodore, however, isn’t keen on going to bed as he’s worried about his candy being stolen by the Switch Witch. What is the Switch Witch, you ask? Apparently, the Switch Witch strikes in the middle of the night swapping out all your candy with books and fruit.

Yo. If the Switch Witch is real, she needs to have her reign of terror ended immediately. Fuck the Switch Witch.

The boys go to bed and awaken excited to dive into their candy. When they do, however, they find that the Switch Witch has already struck. Books and fruit. Books and fucking fruit. I hate this witch. The Chipettes come zip-lining into the Chipmunks bedroom through the open window aghast that the same fate has befallen them.

Right now, I know we’re preoccupied with the Switch Witch, but I do have to question the allowance of letting girls zip-line into boys’ bedroom. It just seems…like an unwise parenting decision. But what do I know? I have never taken in wild animals and raised them as people.

The kids are trying to formulate a plan to deal with the Switch Witch when Dave comes walking in eating a candy bar. Alvin throws a fucking fit and Dave is all, “my man, chillax, I got this out of the bowl that had the leftover candy we didn’t give out.” The kids run to the bowl, but when they get there – SUHPRISE – it’s just books and fruit. Alvin knows Dave is behind this, but Dave says, “seriously, Alvin, I’m not dealing with your shit. I’m going to my room and you’re going to fuck yourself.”

The kids decide that they need to catch the Witch. It’s the only way they can possibly get their candy back. They start thinking of everything possible to lure a witch and set a trap because, a-duhhhhhh, how else are you going to catch a witch? They’ve got candles, tiki masks, candy and a black cat which immediately runs away, but they’re really doing this. While they’re doing this, though, we get an awesome song layered over the montage of setting up the trap and – no bullshit – this is what I’m here for.

The old lady with dementia who gave the kids all the candy earlier is back and she takes the sauerkraut and epsom salts from the trap for herself, but says that if the kids are looking for witches, they should check with Miss Miller.


OK, Miss Miller doesn’t appear to be the witch. She looks and sounds just like you remember, but she’s not being crazy, she’s jut watering her plants. Alvin immediately recognizes that this must have been Dementia Lady just trying to throw them off her scent. It just has to be.

They head back to Dementia Lady’s house and there it is, clear as day, she’s the fucking witch. She’s even dressed in classic witch robes and has mutated her face into a shade of green. The Switch Witch heads out from her house and into the woods to an abandoned cabin. The kids follow her in, terrified, but compelled by the power of their missing candy. The Witch sees them and points across the room where a massive bat falls and hangs from the ceiling. A bat that is…a person…wait…it’s fucking Dave!

This whole thing was a huge work just to scare the kids because Alvin had told Dave that Halloween is supposed to be scary. What a payoff! I guess the old lady doesn’t have dementia after all as she fucking sold the shit out of this and I completely bought it.

She pulls back a tablecloth and everybody begins feasting on candy and good times.

Final Thoughts

Yo, I fucking loved this. The animation style is updated for today’s audience, but this FELT like a classic Alvin & The Chipmunks episode and it comes across really well. Good tone, good humor, keeping the elements like having a song to add that Chipmunks vibe.

In addition to that, this episode was just good. I really liked it and even I was surprised at the reveal at the end. That makes for an enjoyable experience and now I’m probably going to end up watching more of this series. Hey, I gave it a chance, they sold me and now I’ll support. That’s how life works.

Good episode. Good Halloween stuff. More specials like this please.

Until next time.


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