Daily Cartoon: BAKI Ep. 21 “Punishment”

Welcome to our final week of Baki recaps! We’ve made it to the homestretch so let’s get right to business and close this out.

Since getting to Part 2, this show has gone completely off the rails, but now that Baki has punched his V-Card he’s ready to become the fighter we’ve all heard he could be. People get motivation from all sorts of things and sex is one thing that is tried and true in society so good for Baki.

When we left off, Baki was taking on the dual forces of Yanagi and Sikorsky and they quickly realized that he was now too strong for either of them to take on single-handedly so they were going to have to form their version of Voltron if they had any chance at defeating the young fighter. It’ll still be a tough nut to crack because sex has leveled up Baki to serious levels, but these bad guys always have some tricks up their sleeves when they are in fact wearing sleeves.

Season 1, Part 2, Episode 21: Punishment

We open where we left off on Friday. Baki out in the field with Sikorsky and Yanagi while Kozue is asking to help, but Baki’s like, “nah, girl, I got this.” Baki grabs Sikorsky and chucks him into Yanagi leaving them both grounded. He orders them to get up and gives us one of the best lines yet in this series: “You like getting bitch-slapped?!”

Baki then proceeds to slaps the taste out of both their mouths and it becomes evident to Yanagi that getting biblical with Kozue is what has given Baki his newfound strength. Hanayama shows up on the scene and he doesn’t like that Kozue seems to be the source of Baki’s powers. Hanayama comments at how much stronger Baki is now from when he last saw him just a couple days ago and Baki states that it’s no longer about getting stronger, but about being able to protect the one he loves.

Katsumi Orochi is now at the docks with Hector Doyle offering him a chance to get out of town. One of Katsumi’s students works here and they’re going to put doyle on a barge to the Middle East. Before he goes, though, Doyle asks Katsumi to teach him one move of karate to remember him by. He shows him how to do some sort of punch before getting the signal to have Doyle board the ship. Well, at least we won’t have to be disappointed that Doyle isn’t dead in tomorrow’s episode.

Oh wait.

Doyle’s got company on this boat! It’s Yanagi and he says Doyle makes him sick for now playing grab-ass with Katsumi. The two engage in a round of fisticuffs and end when Yanagi decides to behead Doyle with a samurai sword for the crime of flirtation with the enemy. Beheading seems a bit much, but it does drive the point home more so than say, like a time out for a point-deduction in the tournament that no longer exists.

Doyle is able to block the sword swipe with his arm, only taking minimal damage because of the steel embedded in his body that allow him to engage the daggers from his joints, but the sword does damage the circuitry and Doyle is no longer able to use his hidden weapons. As Yanagi rears back to again slice at him, Doyle drops himself from the ship into the harbor below. He shall now be considered lost at sea until something happens in the next episode where he returns riding a fucking dolphin or some shit that he has trained in catch wrestling to help him vanquish his enemies.

OK, that’s not fact by any means, but why the fuck not?

We then meet Alexander Gallen, a Russian hero who’s now in a nursing home because of some beating he caught from Sikorsky. It’s not so much the physical harm that still affects him, but more the mental anguish that tortures him daily.

I have no clue why we’re still getting new characters.

Out in downtown Tokyo, the locals are home with their doors locked because the police have still not been able to put away any of these monsters terrorizing their town. Two such monsters: Sikorsky and Jack Hanma happen to cross paths and take a little sparring session into a public bathroom where they set off the sprinklers. They go outside now that they’re all wet and both slide into a phone booth with some guy just trying to check in with his girlfriend like this is a goddamn Bill & Ted movie as we cut to credits.

Final Thoughts

OK, so Baki is super strong like when Scott Pilgrim levels up by learning self-respect and now the bad guys are fucking shook of the teenage wunderkind. Cool. I can rock with that.

But everything else that happened? Woof.

I can see Doyle taking his chance to get out of town. Call it a day, move on to the Middle East where he can be some kind of mercenary for hire and put his talents to good use in a different fashion, but Yanagi, for whatever reason, ain’t having that. What the fuck does Yanagi care? Just let the man leave. What do you have to gain by Doyle still being here? Or lose? Who cares?!

Another episode where I just have no earthly clue as to what the fuck the writers are doing or why they’re doing it. This show has really taken the Wile E. Coyote drop off the cliff.

And I still can’t believe that Biscuit Oliver was written out of the show by getting hit with a meteor that someway, somehow did not affect a single other person or thing in all of Tokyo. I swear it’s like they just had Poochie go back to his planet.


At this point, the only reason I’m still watching this show is because we’re so close to the finish line. If there was another three seasons of this we’d have already checked out. There’s way too much good content out there to consume to be stuck hate watching anything nowadays.

We’ve got just five episodes to go so strap in for a full week of questionably entertaining action.

Until next time.


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