Daily Cartoon: BAKI Ep. 20 “Saga”

Welcome back to another cartoon recap as we close out our fourth week of Baki on Netflix! As I’ve said, this has become a tough watch since moving into Part 2, but with just a week of episodes left to cover there’s no turning back now.

To recap, Doyle has blown up the Shinshinkai Dojo which killed nobody, but somehow, Biscuit Oliver was killed by a meteor and Retsu was killed when he fell into a crack in the ground during an earthquake that apparently claimed no other lives nor has left any damage anywhere else in Tokyo.

I’ve said it from the beginning, but this show is really the anti-tourism advertisement for Tokyo. High-powered monsters fighting in the streets and now the addition of meteors and contained earthquakes? FOH, bro. No thanks.

Counting today’s, we have seven episodes remaining and it’s amazing how my tone has shifted for this show. Where as I was once excited to get to the next episode and see what would happen next, I’m no dreading it and just pushing myself to get to the end since we’re close enough to see the finish line. Yikes.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and get a solid half-hour here to close out the week, but once again, not getting my hopes up.

Season 1, Part 2, Episode 20: Saga

We open with Tokugawa still sitting with the Uncle Junior guy who trained Ryuukou Yanagi about that hand-cup-ass maneuver. You know Hand Cup Ass, right? Fart into your hand and then waft it into your friend’s face so they’re hit with a poisonous breeze of small intestine methane. Try it.

Baki and Kozue are finally gonna get it in and it’s about fucking time. You’d think sex wouldn’t be such a big deal for Baki seeing as how he’s used to pummeling dudes for no reason and the idea of pleasure would be a nice change from the usual, but what do I know? Baki apparently has no idea how to have sex, but he compares the intensity to fighting which helps him rely on his instincts to do the damn thing.

As Baki and Kozue finish up and get ready to leave what looks like an abandoned little hut they were in, they are met by Ryuukou Yanagi. Baki thanks Yanagi for waiting to attack until they were done doing sex, but Yanagi says he was just waiting for the right time and not to give him too much credit. I’m no strategist, but if you’re in a fight where there are no rules, I think catching your opponent during the throes of passion give you a distinct advantage rather than just walking up to him while he’s locking his front door, but you know, that’s just me.

Baki gets a glow in his eyes and tells Yanagi they should go to the empty lot behind the building. Apparently, having sex levels you up and Baki absolutely merks Yanagi. Yanagi questions how Baki will be able to deal with pain and begins a tribal dance that will launch into his next maneuver that he’s sure will put Baki down for good. He starts mixing speed and the pliability of his limbs to begin cutting into Baki’s body: his shoulder, his shin, cutting right through the flesh, but Baki no-sells the attack. “The Whipstrike” as it’s called was taught to Baki by his dad, Yujiro and Yanagi now looks as if he’s seen a ghost that Baki would know such a style.

Nothing Yanagi tries has any effect on Baki and now Baki is throwing all of Yanagi’s best moves right back at him. As Yanagi gasps for breath on the ground, Baki applies the cross-arm breaker that he learned from Ronda Rousey and is ready to rip Yanagi’s arm clear off when he’s attacked by someone new: Sikorsky.

This is fucking unreal, bro. Sikorsky has died like eleven times and been arrested nine others through the first 20 episodes of this show and here he is just walking into the abandoned lot still trying to pick fights. I hate this show. Baki says he had forgot about Sikorsky so that makes two of us.

Yanagi and Sikorsky realize that now that Baki has gotten it in, he’s too strong for either one of them to handle alone. But if they combine their powers and form Megazord, they may have a chance. That, however, will have to wait until the next episode.

Final Thoughts

First off: congrats are in order to Baki and Kozue for losing their V-Cards in what appeared to be the best way possible. It seems as if it will be a moment they’ll both be able to look back upon fondly in the years that come. Not all of us can say that. Some of us did this in the freezer of a fast-food restaurant. I’m not naming names, but trust me. Some of us.

Once again we have another episode where I don’t see how we get closer to the end game. You would think that, at this point, we’d be down to the final few guys, but we keep adding characters and bringing others back that it seems as if this story is just meant to never end. Like, really: Sikorsky??? Why is he back? With six episodes to go, is this when they finally say, “Hey, we should actually have Baki do something other than walk around town holding hands with Kozue?”

Sure, if he’s going to defeat them both, that will go a long way to showing why he’s talked about as the top fighter, but I really don’t get why it’s taken this long. Did we really need to wait until 20 episodes in for him to have sex so now he can go Super Saiyan since he’s a man and not just a boy anymore?

We’ve reached the end of another week and have just one more to go. I love that we’ve come this far and have stayed on schedule the entire time. Enjoy your weekend and come back on Monday to begin winding down the saga Baki Hanma.

Until next time.


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