Daily Cartoon: BAKI Ep. 19 “Admission of Defeat”

Another day, another episode recap on your favorite blog! We’re closing our fourth week of Baki and I’m anxiously awaiting the conclusion. This show has become a tornado of mish-mash and I don’t even think the writers knew what was happening from episode to episode.

Remember Biscuit Oliver? He got a big push for a few episodes and then got completely taken off TV. Baki? It’s his fucking show and he’s like the least important person in the whole damn thing! I just don’t understand anything. Maybe I’m not supposed to.

Is this what anime is like? I’ve said that I’ve never really been into anime so maybe it’s great to the people who actually like it. I was really digging the first half of this series, but it’s just taken a turn and made it hard for me to stay invested it.

We’re dealing with the fallout of Doyle having blown up Shinshinkai so maybe that will get fun. You know Doppo Orochi ain’t gonna take this lightly so maybe that fight will be awesome. Let’s find out.

Season 1, Part 2, Episode 19: Admission of Defeat

Doppo and Doyle are still face to face in the street after Doyle blew up the Shinshinkai Dojo. Doppo is talking shit to Doyle about how Retsu and Biscuit Oliver both kicked Doyle’s ass, but now they’re both dead.


Hold up.



Oliver was out for a walk when he got hit by a meteor and Retsu was swallowed into the center of the earth when a crack opened during an earthquake. I just…I can’t.

Doyle, to his credit is just as fucking shocked as I am. I mean…what are we fucking doing here, guys? Is this really happening? Like, is this Baki canon? A fucking meteor?!

You can’t make this shit up. Maybe you can’t, but apparently, someone can and did because…a fucking meteor?!

The two walk to a park to be away from the public at night and Doppo continues talking his shit, but doesn’t want to give Doyle the satisfaction of starting a fight. Finally Doyle has had enough of Doppo’s shit and attacks, but the karate master plasters him with a thunderous strike knocking Doyle out cold. When he awakens, he’s on the floor of what remains of Shinshinkai Dojo.

Sitting across from Doyle is a much different Katsumi Orochi. Decorated by burns from the explosion in yesterday’s episode, Katsumi is calm as he asks Doyle if he now admits defeat. Doyle is speechless and Katsumi laces his with a side kick that knocks Doyle unconscious again. Doyle eventually awakens and Katsumi pummels him with more strikes until he’s out cold again. He says this will continue until Doyle admits defeat.

Hey! We have a Baki sighting! Kozue wants to meet up and she’s DTF! She doesn’t want to come off too easy though and leaves Baki a note saying, “Find me.” Uhg…women.

But Baki is a man and when there’s sex on the table, you go fucking get it, boy. Baki just starts running through the streets of Tokyo in search of Kozue while she just wanders around all the places they’d go together. It’s really like when Leslie Knope sent Ben Wyatt on a scavenger hunt to find her at the memorial of Li’l Sebastian so they could have a moment, but she could prove she was right at the end. Women.

Baki and Kozue eventually meet up and now Kozue is playing this whole thing like she’s only going to give it up to help Baki becomes the world’s strongest man just like his dad said. But in reality she’s acting like this just so Baki will say, “Babygirl, that’s not what I care about. It’s just about being with YOU.”

Trust me, I’ve done the same shit. I don’t blame Baki one bit.

Back at Shinshinkai, Katsumi is being worked on by the staff doctor when Doyle again awakens. Katsumi tells a student to bring them both some breakfast and the two much on some grindings (shout out Pauly Shore!) until Doyle hops to his feet ready to strike. Katsumi basically laughs this off and threatens Doyle again to admit defeat which he again refuses so Katsumi drives a massive downward punch into Doyle’s face. Dammit, just kill the guy already and be done with it. When Doyle awakens the next time, he’s met only with a student who tells Doyle that Katsumi has left, but left a message for Doyle: that Doyle has won this battle. Katsumi finds himself unable to fully pull the trigger that would enable him to end Doyle for good.

Holy shit. Tokugawa is back! You probably don’t remember him because I can’t even recall the last episode he was in, but he’s the owner of the underground arena and fight promoter. The last time we saw him was I believe in the immediate aftermath of the explosion at his home caused by Kaioh Dorian.

Tokugawa is meeting at a dojo with another martial arts master who resembles Uncle Junior from The Sopranos. This old man has some power where he can lift a bowling ball by thinking hard. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. I really don’t care enough to give a fuck. Ohhhh, I get it now. He’s the one who trained Ryuukou Yanagi. He’s the guy who has the poison hand power and left Baki laying about ten years ago when we last saw him.

And that’s how the episode ends. Cool.

Final Thoughts

I honestly don’t have thoughts. I’m just happy we’re another episode closer to this being over with.

Until next time.


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