Daily Cartoon: BAKI Ep. 15 “Tremendous Muscle Power”

Welcome to your Friday cartoon recap! Coming off a subpar showing yesterday let’s hope Baki gives us something with a bit more direction today.

Just to recap: Tokyo Police has finally has enough of their city streets becoming an arena for some of the most vile criminals in the world to try to kill each other. You would think that this would have been an issue from the beginning, but no, it took a while for them to get to that point.

They’ve enlisted the help of Biscuit Oliver who is an American prisoner apparently based on Street Fighter’s Balrog. Oliver handles the biggest criminals the government can find in exchange for a luxury lifestyle in his prison.

Oliver’s brought to Tokyo to round up the remaining death row escapees and it looks like he’s already got one of the three when he appeared to kill Sikorsky at the end of yesterday’s episode. But knowing what we know about this show, Sikorsky is not dead and will never die because nobody in this show can die no matter what.

The Mr. Oliver train rolls on as we try closing the week strong. I’d like to see this show get back on some kind of track as the entire premise of it has consistently devolved as the show’s gone on.

Season 1, Part 2, Episode 15: Tremendous Muscle Power

We pick up by re-showing the massive punch Oliver delivered to Sikorsky in yesterday’s episode which sent him through a window and crashing onto the street below. Sikorsky is not dead which flabbergasts not only me, but Inspector Sonoda as well as Oliver holds Sikorsky by the back of the neck as if showing off a fresh kill.

Two more convicts to go: Doyle and Yanagi.

Oliver is doing some research at the police department’s computer lab on the two remaining targets and lights up a cigar because…because who’s going to tell him not to? A female cop knocks and comes in, bringing Oliver a cup of coffee. That’s actually a pretty nice thing to do seeing as how the man is trying to rid your city of death row criminals, I’m sure he appreciates a nice cuppa Joe.

Oliver takes a sip and looks over the open file on Hector Doyle. The policewoman says he looks scary and Oliver responds that he thinks Doyle is probably hiding out closeby. The policewoman follows by saying, “Like right behind you” and tears off her wig revealing a made up Hector Doyle whose thick-ass legs were apparently not a giveaway in that skirt.

Doyle quickly slashes Oliver’s face, but then they take a moment to reset to be able to have a proper fight. Unfortunately for Oliver, Doyle had coated the blade he just used to slash Oliver with a powerful hallucinogen that took longer than expected to kick in due to Oliver’s incredible muscle mass. Oliver is now prone and ripe for the taking as Doyle starts laying in some heavy shots that bust open Oliver. Oliver pops up, saying Doyle’s kick snapped him out of the effects of the drug, but Doyle hits him with another roundhouse kick sending him back down.

Doyle’s mighty proud of himself until his ankle is grabbed. Oliver’s playing possum and Doyle is most certainly fucked now. Oliver starts flinging Doyle around like a ragdoll and is certain he just wrapped up his second convict, but as he goes to pull him up, his hands are cut by all the razor blades Doyle had sewn into his collar. Doyle comes out with a flurry of strikes and then drives a hunting knife right into Oliver’s gut.

Ya know, I don’t have a fucking clue what’s going on. There’s fighting, there’s blood, there’s an insane amount of loud noises and none of the cops in this police station come to check on anything outside of a light “everything OK in there?”

Finally, Sonoda comes in with Goki Shibukawa, sees puddles of blood, women’s shoes and Oliver bleeding from the slash on his cheek and he’s just like, “my man! What in the fucking fuck?!”

Oliver takes it in and plays it off as if he was just flirting with a policewoman and she wasn’t having it. Sonoda can’t even process what’s happening around him, especially when Oliver throws down a challenge to Shibukawa whose pedigree Oliver is well aware of. Shibukawa displays a bit of his strength, forcing Oliver down relatively easily, but no further fisticuffs take place.

As Oliver is being led through the station, they come to face the police Judo training studio and Oliver asks to give it a whirl even though he’s never tried Judo before. Oliver is certain that he’s going to be the bee’s knees at Judo and even states he’ll earn five ranks just today. Those training in the studio laugh this off as does Inspector Sonoda who’s like, “that’s just not how it works, cuz.”

Oliver begins sparring with a black belt and drops him with ease as the rest of the trainees watch in astonishment. No one else wants to step up, but finally someone does and he’s known as the titan of the Metropolitan Police Department. Dude is huge, but Oliver just grabs him by the gi and starts spinning him around as he taunts Sonoda that he wants a black belt once he’s done running through all these fools.

Final Thoughts:

What the fuck is this show even? Have they completely forgotten what the original premise was? Because this is now two episodes into Part 2 and they’ve both been fucking awful.

Tokugawa had the death row inmates freed so they could come to Tokyo to compete in the biggest fighting tournament ever. OK, I get it.

They decide that it won’t take place in an arena as anyone can prepare when they have a cue, but will instead take place anywhere at anytime with no warning to see who the real best fighter is when confronted spontaneously with no preparation. Yes, yes, interesting twist, go on.

Then that whole thing ceases to exist and we’re just terrorizing the streets, seeking revenge on a guy for beating Kato within an inch of his life (which…is supposed to be within the rules, I thought) and now have another criminal trying to clean up the streets all while showing off how strong he is.

Meanwhile, Baki, the star of this show who’s supposed to be the baddest motherfucker in the land, couldn’t give even the remotest of fucks about any of this and just wants to hang out with his girl Kozue and get it in. And to be honest, I don’t blame him one fucking bit. None of this makes any goddamn sense anymore and all I wanna do is shut it down and go have sex.

Fucking ridiculous. I’m glad this is Friday so I get a couple days to cleanse myself of this shit because this show has really and completely lost its sense of direction.

Until next time.


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