Daily Cartoon: BAKI Ep. 9 “Shaken Shinshinkai”

Welcome back to another episode recap. It’s episode nine of Netflix’s Baki and we’re coming off one of the wildest fucking things I’ve ever seen where Kaioh Dorian hocked up a hand grenade in the middle of a fight and pulled the pin causing a massive explosion at the home of fight promoter Tokugawa.

All the good guys are MIA. They’ve all disappeared in the aftermath as did Dorian who retreated to a secret underground hideout he keeps. It wasn’t a good enough secret, though, because as Dorian settles himself in, he’s met by Kiyosumi Kato (apparently it’s “Kato” in the show and “Katou” in comics as I kept calling him yesterday), the “master” – as he’s called – of Katsumi Orochi who runs the Shinshinkai Dojo. Dorian warns Kato that he’s out of his league and when we left off, Dorian was dipping his hands in grease and rolling them in glass shards because he fights for keeps. Kato ain’t about this life, but he’s got no choice.

Now remember: this is happening in the immediate aftermath of a FUCKING GRENADE going off in someone’s house that both these guys were inside of. If I survived that, sticking broken glass to my fists would be the last think on my mind. Legit, I’m going to go home, order something from Uber Eats and lay on the couch. I’m not even going to shower. My couch is just going to have to suck it up and smell like explosion until I Febreze it.

But that’s where we are. Broken glass hands starts now.

Season 1, Part 1, Episode 9: Shaken Shinshinkai

We’re in Dorian’s secret sewer lair and Kato is refusing to grease and glass his fists because he does things his own way. Dorian beats him around a little, but Kato refuses to back down and Dorian breaks a empty bottle over his head. Kato goes down and Dorian shoves the jagged remaining half of the bottle into Kato’s face.

Kato is a dumb ass bastard. Dorian starts singing about love and just continues to beat the living shit out of this asshole. Kato begins to get his first offense of the battle, actually thinks he can win as he also begins narrating his thoughts. Dorian does what is like the Hulk’s sonic clap which hypnotizes Kato and he invents a mental picture of a version of Dorian he can beat. But, obviously, he cannot.

Dorian breaks the hypnosis and Kato is stunned to his core to realize what he now sees. His whole fantasy of having Dorian begging for mercy up in smoke and he’s faced with the fact that the real Dorian is going to push his shit in like woah. Kato tries another attack, but Dorian sidesteps it and shoots his incredibly strong wire at Kato, lacing it around his throat. Dorian gives it a rather intense tug and Kato drops to the ground, already dead as the blood pours from his wide open neck.

At the Shinshinkai Dojo, Kaioh Retsu is training alone, trying to master the art of throwing his sweat at people it seems when he decides using a heavy bag may be better. But he doesn’t hit it, he places his hand on it and feels something weird. He slits it open and the body of Kato falls out. The members of Shinshinkai are distraught.

The next 18 minutes of the episode are Katsumi Orochi reading off a list of all the injuries sustained by Kato.


Hold  up.


Did I just hear that correctly?

Did this motherfucker just say that he’s not dead and is in critical condition?

Like I saw the ambulance take him out of the dojo, but I just assumed that was for effect. Money was plenty fucking dead.

But no. In this show, you get fucking killed, but apparently nobody fucking dies.

Let me tell you: I seen it. The man is fucking dead.

Now all members of Shinshinkai will be on the lookout for Dorian. How sweet.

Dorian is shown out for a nice dinner and I guess his waiter is Shinshinkai because he lets Dorian know that his number has basically been punched. Every step he takes will not be closely followed and watched. He hops in a cab which, of course, is driven by another Shinshinkai and is being followed by a shit ton of cops and cabs and anyone else, also Shinshinkai.

Dorian is brought to an amusement park which – you guessed it – is owned by Shinshinkai and filled with what appears to be hundreds of Shinshinkai. Dorian thanks them all for bringing him exactly where he wanted to go because he’s sure to find some top dog Shinshinkai members around this park.

Dorian looks to the cab driver and offers him a fight under his own Shinshinkai rules since the driver was talking madddd shit on the way over. He accepts and Dorian makes quick work of him, using that as an example to all the other members in attendance to not even fucking bother. They’re smart…they don’t.

Dorian turns and walks into the building as the credits hit.

Final Thoughts

This was…interesting.

Not bad, but they’re not spending quite a bit of time on Kaioh Dorian and it feels kind of strange since there really hasn’t been any follow up from Baki getting bested by Yunagi two episodes ago.

Yes, he got a bit of a tongue-lashing from Tokugawa in the house, but even that was cut short once Dorian showed up and decided to spit up a fucking grenade. It’s just strange since the show is literally called Baki and Baki is one of the most infrequently featured characters in it. At this point, even of the good guys, I feel as if I know more about Hanayama and Doppo than I do Baki.

Dorian is being made out to be the top heel thus far now that Spec has turned into a hundred year old man. Which is fine except for I really have no sense of how you’re supposed to win this tournament now.

I just assumed from the beginning and the rules (there are no rules, duh) that you kill your opponent and the last man living wins. Well, every time they kill someone, he’s not dead so that can’t be it. And it can’t be just winning a fight because then Baki would already be out.

I mean, what the fuck are we doing here? Why are the poor people of Tokyo putting up with this shit if nobody even knows how you win? This is weird. At the very least they should show a tournament bracket between scenes so we can at least follow who’s left and/or moving on to kill/not kill someone else.

I really don’t think I’m asking for a lot here. We’ve only got four episode left in Part 1 so they should at least tell me who’s winning.

Until next time.


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