Daily Cartoon: BAKI Ep. 7 “A Formidable Team”

Welcome back to another episode recap as we delve further into Netflix’s Baki. Real talk, this shit has been bananas from the jump and now that Baki himself is finally involved in a fight, I’m thinking today’s installment is going to go to 11.

It’s about time Baki got himself into some shit. Before this, he’s been mostly an urban legend with some short flashes, but we’ve yet to see him really do some wild shit like cut a dude’s hand off or fill a man’s mouth with bullets. Ya know, the traditional honor code of fighting stuff.

Also take into account that when we left off, Baki was in school so this is yet another time where good innocent citizens of Tokyo are thrown into harm’s way for the sake of having a Bloodsport tournament. Moral of the story: never go to Tokyo.

Now that I’ve gotten my now-daily PSA about Tokyo out of the way, let’s hit play and watch a cartoon.

Season 1, Part 1, Episode 7: A Formidable Team

Doyle has ambushed Baki at school and is now excited about all the potential weapons he has at his disposal in a classroom, but Baki jumps out of a window – not to ensure that his fellow students aren’t in danger – to ensure that his fellow student don’t find out “who he really is.” Bro, these fights are happening all over town, we have the internet, like chill and accept that someone’s going to find a video and show their friends. It’s like when I showed up to that blowbang with Jenny Jizz.

And I’m not joking either. Let me know when you get a call from one of your longest friends saying, “Well…you’ve officially ruined PornHub for me.”

If that can happen, then I’m pretty sure some high school kids will be more than capable of finding out that Baki fights to the death for sport. Sorry, not sorry, pal.

So Baki runs away from a fight and Doyle doesn’t pursue him. I like that strategy. Give Baki something to think about. Put it in his head. As Baki is pondering what he’s gotten himself into he says hello to a gardner, but it’s no ordinary gardner. It’s Ryuukou Yanagi. Baki is still upset that dudes are coming after him within range of school, but just as they get going, Yanagi is surprised by Goki Shibukawa, the little old man that Yanagi threw boiling water on in an earlier episode. He’s here for payback and throws a teapot at Yanagi that is instinctively caught, but does not cause any pain…the water is cold. Shibukawa uses that confusion to his advantage and smacks the shit out of Yanagi before telling him he went after the wrong opponent.

We then get a promo video for Mitsuomi Hasegawa, a dentist who has studied the bite force of professional athletes. He gives us a powerpoint presentation on the strongest bite he’s ever seen being a prisoner who studied the martial art The Way of the Void. I’m hoping he’s talking about Yanagi because as soon as Hasegawa DDS is done talking, we jump back into the Yanagi v. Shibukawa fight as Baki looks on.

If Hasegawa isn’t talking about Yanagi then I have no fucking idea what the purpose of this man showing me X-Rays of teeth was.

Yanagi shows off some tiger paw weapon. Picture like brass knucks, but with a three hooked blades. So when you wear it, it looks, duh…like a tiger paw. Shibukawa laughs at this motherfucker, though and is all, “Bro, it’s fuckin’ 2 on 1, you ain’t shit.” Baki is surprised to hear that he’s still involved in this, but then signs up because the only rule is that there are no rules.

Shibukawa tells Baki to watch out because Yanagi has that poison touch and fights with the Way of the Void. OK, good, that dental bite test shit WAS about this cat. I can rest easy now. Is there a fight still going on? Because I’m really worried about the dentist.

Yanagi the Poisoner gives Baki the hand clap that transfers a gas to his opponent. Baki goes down like in a heap, but it’s only a knockout, Yanagi has chosen not to kill Baki quite yet. As Shibukawa looks on in astonishment, Yanagi pulls out a white board and gives us a science lesson about the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere and how he’s able to harness it in order to incapacitate his foes.

Sirens are blaring, the cops are on the way and Yanagi takes off before they can arrive giving Baki one last kick to wake him up before he does. Baki sits up, stunned, lost. Shibukawa looks down at him and says, “wondering what happened? In short, you lost.”

Final Thoughts:

What I’m liking about these episodes is that, even though they’re only focusing on one fight or pairing, they don’t drag, they don’t feel slow or drawn out. The pacing is still really good despite the overall character usage being kept to a minimum.

Today’s episode saw Hector Doyle for literally the first two to three minutes, but after that, it was just  Baki, Shibukawa and Yanagi. It would have been pretty easy to get bored of seeing those same guys for the entire episode, but I thought the people behind this show did a fine job of keeping things moving along even with the questionable dentist highlight package that – I don’t know, man…was that supposed to make me think that Yanagi was just going to start biting dudes like a werewolf or just that he must be such a superior athlete because he has the strongest bite?

Regardless of teeth, I like that Baki got beat here. It’s the pro wrestling theory. If he just steamrolls through people, there never feels like stakes since we think he’s unbeatable. And though he’s been portrayed as such to this point, in his first real encounter of the series, he’s left unconscious and only alive by the good grace of Yanagi the Poisoner.

Baki will now realize that he can’t just take things for granted and force a move to Russia to train in the wilderness before getting his revenge.

Another good episode in the sense that this expands Baki as much as we’ve seen to this point. He’s always been shown as if this fighting thing just comes easy to him so he never seemed to have to put in the work or effort, but losing in this way may have triggered something in him going forward that changes his outlook.

We’re back tomorrow with another installment as we get closer to the end of Part 1 which is 13 episodes. Seeing as how I don’t jump ahead with spoilers or anything, I’m assuming this whole tournament doesn’t finish in another few episodes so I guess we’ll be rolling straight through to Part 2 as well.

Before we do that, though, we have tomorrow’s Episode 8.

Until next time.


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