Daily Cartoon: BAKI Ep. 3 “They’re Finally Here!!”

Another day, another episode recap, another look at Baki on Netflix. When we left off yesterday, the five big escapees had just begun to arrive in Tokyo to challenge Baki, but Baki has already had the pleasure of meeting Spec who beat the shit out of him and then went to prison because he needed somewhere to stay until the tournament started.

We got a glimpse of how strong Baki is in the last episode when we was attacked by a group of midcarders who he made short work out of, but haven’t fully seen why Baki is such a talked about and noted fighter.

Today’s title feels like a giveaway as you’d assume everybody was already on their way to Tokyo so maybe they meet up for dinner or something at one of those family style restaurants where everybody passes around the plates of chicken parm. I’d watch that.

Speaking of watching that, let’s get to today’s episode.

Season 1, Part 1, Episode 3: They’re Finally Here!!

We open exactly where we left off yesterday with Kaioh Dorian entering the Shinshinkai Dojo looking for Doppo Orochi who is the Grandmaster of Shinshinkai. His son, Katsumi Orochi doesn’t give a fuck who Dorian wants to see because he won’t have anyone disrespecting his dojo by wearing shoes. Dorian apologies and removes his shoes and begins striking at Katsumi who fights and thinks he’s gained the upper hand, but Dorian grabs a piece of a broken floorboard and hurls it like a javelin at Katsumi, impaling him through his neck. The blood gushes and his body drops while Orochi’s students look on at their sensei’s now lifeless body.

Dorian laughs and begins to leave but is stopped by Kaioh Retsu who I guess shares a professional respect with Katsumi despite being a long-time adversary and demands Dorian get back on the mat. Dorian again laughs it off, sets fire to the dojo using his flask and a lighter and disappears through the smoke.

We get a brief interlude of Baki in gym class where he can’t succeed at any of the measurable tasks because he’s too fucking strong and breaks literally everything.

At a fancy restaurant, Mitsunari Tokugawa is entertaining Kanji Igari, a famous pro wrestler and Tateoka, a young guy who just thinks he’s tough and wants to make money in the fight game. Wait. I was just kidding about that whole family style dinner before. Is…this actually happening?!

Tateoka, for all his talk, seems to be just bluster and we are reintroduced to Sikorsky, the escaped Russian prisoner who puts a few knives through Tateoka’s hands and busts him up pretty good right at the table. He’s still alive, but only barely. Igari tries getting a measure of revenge on Sikorsky, but that was a terrible idea and Sikorsky leaves Igari a bloody mess in the middle of the street.

Tokugawa takes Sikorsky to his arena to show it off. As Sikorsky looks around, footsteps are heard and they are soon joined by Kaioh Dorian, Hector Doyle, Spec and Ryuukou Yanagi. Tokugawa asks why they’ve all come and is excited by their answers, but soon feels threatened by the group surrounding him. He begins begging off, when someone else enters the arena: Baki.

Baki asks that they get this over quickly since he has school in the morning which is a responsible way of thinking. You need school. Another group also walks in from a side entrance, this one led by Doppo Orochi. Tokugawa is hyped. I guess these are the good guys.

Final Thoughts:

The striking thing about this show is the animation. I keep using the word “intense” and I don’t like repeating myself, but so many of these scenes make ME double over as if I’m the one getting kicked. The action and fighting thus far has really been something to see and we haven’t even begun the actually tournament yet. Everybody’s still just showing up. It’s wild.

Now that we’re a couple episodes in and I’ve typed out names a few times, it’s becoming easier for me to follow that part of the show. Just “OK, who is who and the father of whom, who feuded with this guy over ancient fighting styles when” type of thing. Like I’ve said before, this kind of show is not exactly in my wheelhouse so I’m kind of learning how to watch it and follow all the cutaways and promos as they introduce new characters.

After three episodes, I can say this much: I like this show. Enough to keep watching. Would it be must-see, gotta binge TV for me? No, not necessarily, but if I saw Netflix added new episodes sometime down the line, I’d be with it and definitely sit down and watch them. With that said, I’ll obviously be blogging the rest of at least Part 1 of this show and then see where we are from there. Tomorrow, I expect more fighting.

Until next time.


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