Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E05: “Remember”

Welcome back to another episode watch on CarJoeMeZ as we conclude the work week with the penultimate episode of She-Ra & The Princesses of Power. Quick note: since this season is only six episodes, there’s no need to make anyone wait until Monday for the finale so that will be up tomorrow for a very special Saturday edition of the Daily Cartoon! I know you’re excited. I’m excited too.

But first, we have an episode to watch today which is coming off a dramatic turn of events at the conclusion of yesterday’s episode. Despite all the evidence pointing to doom should the Horde open the portal, Catra decided to ignore all of that and allowed her inner rage over everyone from Adora to Hordak to Shadow Weaver turning their backs on her to take over her decision-making and flipped the switch which left us with a Sopranos-style blackout and wondering just what fucking happened.

Look, I’ve covered each of the prior episodes this week so if you need a quick refresher, just hit the homepage and read up. There’s massive action and fallout that we need to get to immediately so no more wasting time! Netflix and chill time.

S03E05: Remember

We open with what appears to be an alternate reality where Adora is still a Force Captain in the Horde having awoken from a “dream” where she’s begging Catra not to open the portal. OK, this is interesting. She can sense something’s off, but she feels fine and Catra is her BFF like the old days. Adora’s wondering why all the Horde soldiers are enthusiastically saluting her and Catra reminds her that she successfully fended off the Rebel insurgence in Thaymor which was supposed to be her first mission once promoted to Force Captain way back in Season 1.

Adora’s seeing flashes of old memories including seeing the name “MARA” pop up and it’s driving her mad as she panics about what she sees but can’t remember. Catra tries talking her back to normalcy, but Adora is obviously shaken at what she can’t understand. There’s a giant glitch in the space-time continuum, but only Adora can sense it and it’s causing her to freak out. Adora realizes there may be one other person who feels the same: Scorpia.

At Adora’s prodding, Scorpia starts having flashbacks of being in Hordak’s sanctum before Catra flipped the switch. The two then bounce around the Fright Zone like Vanellope Von Schweetz glitching through a race as Adora keeps following an old woman who appears to be Madame Razz continually muttering the name, “Mara.”

Eventually, the new reality begins breaking down and consumes Scorpia leaving Adora on her own. As she tries to escape, she does encounter the old woman who is indeed Madame Razz. Razz tells her there’s still time to fix things and to find her in the woods. As Adora runs, she again encounters Catra who has known this whole time that this isn’t real, but doesn’t want to let it go because she finally has everything she’s wanted. She’s back with Adora, she’s a valued Horde soldier and life is great. Adora hits Catra with a nearby cattle prod and takes her to the woods as she searches for Madame Razz.

As Catra awakes from the effects of the shock stick, the memories begin flooding back for both her and Adora. Adora appeals to Catra’s common sense, but Catra is too far gone and would rather the entire world be destroyed than seeing Adora win again. The ripple effect of the portal begins expanding to their location in the woods now and Catra is lost in it. Adora once again leaves her behind to continue running.

She finally comes upon Razz who keeps calling Adora “Mara” and tells her that she still has a chance to bring everything back as long as she can find the sword by going back to the beginning. Not just any beginning, but the beginning of her becoming She-Ra. Adora sets off on a hunt for Bow and Glimmer while the portal continues to eat away at all of Etheria.

Final Thoughts:

This is some shit. The pacing of this episode was frantic and the stakes felt high as Adora seemed to be in a race against time to save Etheria. I felt like this episode was more a five-minute short than a full episode as it just flew by because of that presentation.

I’m not sure whether this is truly an alternate timeline or merely a different wave of consciousness for Adora, but either way she’s awake and aware of what’s happening and that the odds are stacked against her now in her quest to save Etheria. It’s an interesting dynamic to put forth and the inclusion of Madame Razz who acts as a guide as well as providing a calming presence to Adora while reassuring her that Razz knows Adora can do this because she’s seen it before when Mara had to do the same seems to be almost a prerequisite to becoming She-Ra.

Obviously, Adora needs to recapture the sword to reverse the effects of the portal, but I’m interested to see where this leads with Adora learning about her past which was the backdrop to this season. There’s also the questions of whether or not Mara was actually a failure as She-Ra (throughout the series it’s been mentioned that she couldn’t handle holding the mantle and made some drastic mistakes, but here Razz states that Mara saved Etheria), what becomes of Hordak since this was supposed to be his crowning achievement by ingratiating himself to Horde Prime, what becomes of Catra since this was supposed to be HER crowning achievement by ingratiating herself to Hordak and a grab bag of other consequences that ripple across pretty much all of the involved characters.

One more episode just doesn’t feel like enough. Seriously, are they even going to broach what happened to Mulder’s sister?


Is Samantha Mulder behind the portal?

OK, maybe Mulder’s sister has nothing to do with anything, but man, it just feels like there’s so much to get to in this last episode. And that’s good because I legitimately can’t wait to see the finale so the crew who has put together this series has done a great job of hooking an old school Filmation She-Ra fan like myself and getting me completely invested in their new telling of her story.  Come back tomorrow for a special Saturday blog as we conclude this season on what I’m sure will be a high note.

Until next time.


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