Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E03: “Once Upon A Time In The Waste”

Welcome back to another She-Ra episode recap! Coming off two solid episodes to open the season with big reveals in both of them we’ll see how our heroes begin to follow up and dig deeper into the mystery of Adora’s past.

When we left off, Adora, Bow and Glimmer traveled to the Crimson Waste in search of any clues that would help them further understand Mara (the last She-Ra) and what she did that caused all this ruckus with portals which led to Adora being kidnapped and brought to Etheria as a baby.

The group come across Huntara who swerves them, but eventually has a change of heart and decides to help them after finally realizing she can’t continue to spend her days hiding from reality in the Waste. As the episode ends, she brings Adora to Mara’s ship.

To this point, this season has been available on Netflix for a few weeks already and, while I haven’t read any full spoiler reviews, I do see the show getting some blowback for pushing politics and LGBT themes which – if I’m being completely honest – is nonsense. It’s 2019. At this point, if you don’t know at least one person who is LGBT then I am forced to believe you live hundreds of miles underground in a cave in Montana. Gays exist and therefore are reflected in popular culture. Why is that a big deal? More so, why is it something that people are still losing their minds over?

I don’t know, man. Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in NYC and went to school, played sports and attended birthday parties with people of all ethnicities and backgrounds and lifestyles that I just don’t see why this continues to be a thing. It’s life. People just like to have something to complain about.

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here blogging about liking She-Ra cartoons.

Anyway, we’ve got an episode to watch and I’m pretty excited seeing as how the first two were terrific and this is only a six-episode season. Support your local She-Ra creators team and watch this series as much as possible so it never gets cancelled and I continue to get new She-Ra stories. I don’t think that’s asking a lot. OK? Show time!

S03E03: Once Upon A Time In The Waste

Catra and Scorpia are in the Crimson Waste on the orders of Hordak and Catra is lamenting the fact that she was sent here to die while Scorpia is just happy to be spending some time together. They happen upon the same bar Adora did yesterday and Catra does a much better job of intimidating the locals and getting the desired information.

Adora, Bow, Glimmer and Huntara enter Mara’s ship which has been stripped of anything not bolted down and, after a brief moment of thinking it’s a dead end, Adora uses her She-Ra powers to open a doorway and unlock the rest of the ship.

Adora and finally makes her way to the control room and is greeted by a hologram of Mara, the She-Ra of Etheria stating that she is gone. The hologram message is on a loop which drives Adora nuts and she slams her fist against the control panel. Another hologram appears of her sword basically instructing Adora to insert it into the slot like a key in the ignition. This time, a full holographic vision appears of a seriously injured Mara sitting in the captain’s seat saying that if this is being seen, then there is a new She-Ra and Mara has failed as she was supposed to be the last.

That’s pretty fucking ridiculous and I am really loving this legacy of She-Ras story. Once again, it’s something different from the original, but as it’s being fleshed out, I’m really enjoying the layers of the history as they’re revealed.

As for Scorpia and Catra, they have commandeered Huntara’s old cronies to be their guides and these two do the same to the Horde soldiers as Huntara had done to Adora: led them smack dab in the middle of an ambush, only this one is head by Tung Lashor !

If you’ve been reading my blogs over the past few months, you’ll recognize Tung Lashor as one of King Hiss’s top cronies in Season 2 of He-Man & The Masters of the Universe, but here he’s the leader of an outlaw gang who is now coming into power now that Huntara has seemingly taken a leave of absence to go hang out with the good guys. Tung Lashor gives a speech about being the strongest in the Crimson Waste and it is immediately laughed off by Catra and Scorpia which begets a fight between Tung Lashor and Catra.

Catra takes a bit of heat, but then outsmarts Tung Lashor, getting him to go headfirst into some quicksand and asserting herself as the new strongest in the Crimson Waste. Also of note, she steals Lashor’s whip and keeps it for herself which has always been Catra’s go-to weapon in the classic series. Nice little touch there. If you get it, you get it. I get it.

Adora and crew and listening to more of the message left behind by Mara. She claims to have used the sword to open a portal to Etheria in an effort to save her people from the death and destruction she witnessed in some kind of prophecy. She begs the new holder of the sword to not be tempted to re-open the portal and to leave Etheria here in…Despondos.

Despondos is another Easter Egg for those of you who followed along my He-Man rewatch as it was the dimension Hordak was banished to eons ago by King Grayskull. And sure, this is some super nerd MOTU shit, but if you’re reading this, you’re most likely all about that so it stands to reason that the mention of Despondos got you hyped.

While Adora is trying to process Mara’s message, Huntara realizes there’s others aboard the ship. It’s Catra and her new crew who easily overtake the good guys. Huntara is able to work her way up and escape with Glimmer and Bow, but Catra is able to capture Adora and take possession of her sword.

Catra can’t wait to head back to the Fright Zone so she can shove her new triumph up Hordak’s ass, but Scorpia wants to stay in the Waste where they’re boss bitches right now and killing the game. Catra is struck by Scorpia’s words about being happy for the first time, but shrugs it off to pay Adora a visit in the prison. Adora warns Catra of Hordak’s plan to open the portal and bring forth the full might of the Horde army and when Catra asks how Adora knows this, she’s told it came straight from Shadow Weaver who’s in Bright Moon. Yet another instance of Shadow Weaver choosing Adora over Catra which fills Catra with such rage that she now intends to open the portal and crush the Rebellion.

Final Thoughts:

Once again, another solid episode and I’m loving the way they’re weaving the MOTU ethos into this in very subtle ways. It’s not distracting or overtaking the main story, but adding further depth into what is already a nicely drawn out arc.

We get some great development on the relationship between Scorpia and Catra and on just Catra alone as well. In what she be her proudest moment, Catra has any feeling of success snatched away by the overwhelming desire to prove herself to those who have discarded her and now taking the opportunity to be the one to carry out Hordak’s portal-opening plan.

Finally getting to see and hear from Mara only opens more questions than answers right now, but it shows that Adora was right to follow her instincts about Mara being the way to find out what she seeks about her past and She-Ra.

I dunno, man, I’m really digging this. Three episodes down, three to go and I think they’ve been building it really well and keeping it so I can’t wait to see what comes next. Next meaning tomorrow obviously when we watch Episode 4. So let’s agree to get some water and meet back here tomorrow.

Until next time.


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