Daily Cartoon: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power S03E02: “Huntara”

Welcome back to another episode recap! After opening the season with a banger, we’re sure to be joining Adora as she now begins following whatever clues she has available to put together her past and find out just who she is.

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned how the fact that they’ve stayed away from this kind of reveal was actually something I liked about this series. It allowed this universe to just build around the characters involved and let their stories grow and, after two seasons, I was really OK with that and just looking forward to seeing more from Adora and her pals (and quasi-non-pal Entrapta). I think I pretty much tossed aside the possibility that they’d go this route with Adora so when it happened it became a genuine “Oh shit!” moment for me. In today’s world of blogs and review sites and spoilers, the fact that I really didn’t know this was coming was pretty terrific.

So we’ll rejoin our heroes today as they head for the Crimson Waste, a dangerous part of Etheria where the chances of return aren’t great so Adora can explore the follies of Mara, the last She-Ra. We’ve got genuine excitement flowing through the veins and I’m about to shake the ropes Ultimate Warrior style. Let’s go.

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S03E02: Huntara

We open already in the Crimson Waste as Adora, Bow and Glimmer are trying to track Mara’s message to the source. Mara seems to have really fucked things up something fierce back in her She-Ra days.

Over in the Fright Zone, Entrapta’s running a new experiment that Hordak seems genuinely excited about, but immediately goes afoul and seems to have injured Hordak pretty seriously. He commands Entrapta to put an end to this and demands she leave at once. Poor Entrapta. She looks at Hordak as a friend now and this probably hurts her soul.

Back in the Crimson Waste, the Three Pals are quickly learning they are ill-prepared for the elements seeing as how they’re still teenagers despite their experience on the battlefield. You could never get me to do that shit. Especially at that age. I probably would have just joined the Horde and had a desk job filing the registration tags for the Horde tanks or something. I mean, I’d still have bills to pay, so the Horde seems like a safe option. I would have to ask about their 401K, however.

They come across a little bar with a bunch of outcasts and weird looking animal people are not happy to see outsiders in the joint. The regular go to make a move on our heroes, but they’re immediately stopped, by a bigger, stronger, tougher looking person who sounds like Dottie Hinson from A League of Their Own (which is the greatest sports movie of all time, just sayin’). This is Huntara.

And I just did a quick Google search and Huntara IS actually voiced by Geena Davis! Well, how about that?

Huntara basically tells the kids to get the fuck out of here before they get hurt, but Adora is feeling herself right now and petitions Huntara to guide them to the center of the Crimson Waste. She gives a solid eye roll, but agrees after reasoning that if she says no, they’ll just go anyway.

After a long trek, Huntara leads them to what she claims is the center, but really just set them up for capture using some paralyzing darts. The trio is thrown in a deep pit and has their weapons taken as Huntara states that outsiders are a threat to all in the Crimson Waste and that she told them not to trust anyone. Well, can’t say she wasn’t honest. Bow is so sullen that he takes to song to deal with this new hurdle:

Back to the Fright Zone, Entrapta is trying to check on Hordak who is in obvious discomfort and wants nothing to do with her right now, but she’ll have none of that. She observes that his armor is actually holding him together and after constant prodding, Hordak reveals that he’s a clone of the real big bad: Horde Prime!

In original Filmation mythology, Horde Prime was the trainer of Skeletor and Hordak and had a few “appearances”, but was never seen. That little fact didn’t get in the way of Mattel making a figure of him for their Masters of the Universe Classics line, however.


Here, Hordak states that Horde Prime was the emperor of the known universe and created all these clones to send off to other worlds to take them over in his name. Despite Hordak’s great successes, there was a defect in his cloning which turned him into an outcast. During a battle, a portal opened and he ended up on Etheria with nothing more than a broken ship and built his own empire. He now searches to re-open that portal so he can impress Horde Prime with what he’s done.

After about ten tries, Glimmer is able to teleport her, Bow and Adora out of the pit. Adora, thanks to her Horde training sees a set of footprints and they head off to find Huntara while on the other side of Etheria Entrapta is doing science to find ways to help Hordak who now thinks he may be nothing more than a defect. Entrapta is fucking great, you guys. She sees the good in everyone, even Hordak, and offers this little soliloquy that is just perfect coming from her.

Entrapta puts all the machines in her lab to work and soon Hordak is being outfitted with a new exoskeleton armor powered by First Ones’ tech that puts the pep back in his step immediately. He is incredibly grateful, but completely unable to say “thank you” so he says that he acknowledges her work and that those who discount her are fools. Entrapta is perfect Entrapta here and puts her hair on his shoulder and quietly says, “thanks. I like being friends with you too.”


Listen, I really wasn’t planning on this, but Entrapta and Hordak is the love connection I never knew I needed. I’m really cheering for these crazy kids. I hope they crush that fucking Rebellion.

Adora and her friends roll up with the sneak attack on Huntara and her crew. It quickly becomes shirts versus blouses with the only difference being that nobody will be making pancakes at the end. Finally Adora regains her sword and hits the She-Ra Switch to the amazement of Huntara who has heard of She-Ra, but never knew exactly what it was. The appearance of She-Ra is enough to convince Huntara to switch allegiances. She realizes she’s been hiding in the Crimson Waste for too long and now pledges to help Adora’s cause, but first she has to bring them to the ship.

What ship?

Mara’s ship.

Final Thoughts:

OK. I know I’m biased seeing as how this is Season 3 and I’ve already been into this show since it began, but this is really fucking good. I honestly can’t imagine being a fan of the whole MOTU/POP mythos and not enjoying this series. Sure, it’s not “your” She-Ra, but it’s not supposed to be either and people behind this series have been very respectful of the history of these characters while still being able to put their own spin on things.

I haven’t watched the original POP in god knows how long, but I can’t imagine I ever cared more about either Hordak or Entrapta than I did in this episode. To the point where I was genuinely happy for both characters to have found someone who just may understand their quirks a little. When that scene ended, I could almost feel a tear rolling down my cheek as I nodded with quiet approval.

Man, I can’t believe this is only six episodes. Just four to go and I’m already going through withdrawls here.

I really REALLY like the She-Ra legacy story and Adora needing to go back and learn from what Mara did in order to find some kind of link to her own past. The fact that they were able to push this to Season 3 where I just assumed that it wouldn’t be part of what happens in this new telling is really a tribute to the writing staff for developing a well-known property to a point where I was perfectly fine with leaving out such an integral piece of Adora’s story.

What a time to be alive, you guys. This is fun. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Until next time.


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