Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E12: “History”

Friends, we’ve got so much to get into and only about 44 minutes of actual He-Man time to go. With just two episodes remaining, we’re coming off a dramatic turn of events in yesterday’s episode where King Hiss was able to escape with the Medallion of Serpos that – I’m assuming – give him super snake powers. Which is wild because he was already pretty powerful as a regular snake with no medallion.

I mentioned this in my final thoughts yesterday, but I’m really worried about getting left with a cliffhanger as there just feels like so many unanswered questions remaining, but I’m hopeful for a satisfying conclusion. Doing this rewatch of the entire series has been a lot of fun and a nice, tidy finale would leave me with a very good and lasting memory.

If you feel like you missed out on anything prior, simply head back and read all the other recaps (which I obviously encourage you do regardless) and come right back here to watchalong.

S02E12: History

Original Air Date: January 3, 2004

Screen Cap Analysis: It’s the end of the world as we know it. I feel fine.

We open with King Hiss having a conference with all the Snake Men bragging about how he’ll be able to free the deity that is Serpos at moonrise. OK, so Serpos is a being again and not just a power to be held. Got it.

Rattlor sends Kobra Khan out to distract the Masters so they will be of no interruption to King Hiss’s big plans. He’s also not worried about what should happen should Khan be apprehended since Rattlor would think it serves Khan right after having left him to rot in the palace prison. Khan does indeed cause a distraction, coming into a brief battle with Prince Adam and Fisto, but he’s slick and escapes, probably to General Rattlor’s dismay.

It is here that we are reintroduced to an ugly troll of a man: Count Marzo is back in the fold. He’s encountered by Evil-Lyn who wishes to recruit him to assist in freeing Hordak. He’s hesitant, but agrees after finding himself in a sticky situation with some local police. They discuss their plans which just so happen to be overheard by Kobra Khan who relays the information to King Hiss. Apparently Hiss and Hordak are old rivals and he changes his plans of releasing Serpos to prioritize ensuring Hordak remains locked away in an alternate dimension.

While out hunting for the Snakes, the Masters are greeted by a collection of jabroni snake warriors led by Sssqueeze who they seem to dispatch rather easily with an assist out of nowhere from the returning Moss Man.

See, this is the kind of shit that gets me hyped. Marzo and Moss Man showing up, alliances being formed, big plans being made: it’s a recipe for action and I’m craving exactly that.

As the good guys are wrapping up the jaybrones, the main event Snakes show up and knock their fuckin’ blocks off. Hiss orders his guys to destroy them and then meet back up after, but Moss Man comes in with the wild babyface comeback and locks up Khan, Sssqueeze and Tung Lashor with his super-strength vines. Unfortunately for our heroes, though, they forget that Khan spits venom and he’s able to incapacitate them then freeing his friends. Luckily, Adam is able to get a moment to transform into He-Man and rescue his compatriots before any harm can be done.

Evil-Lyn and Count Marzo begin the spell needed to free Hordak just so she can make Skeletor jealous of her new man. Pssssh just like a woman. Hiss is able to see the cloud formation take shape in the sky and knows he and the Snakes must hurry to stop Evil-Lyn’s spell. He-Man and Battle Cat, able to catch up to Hiss and his cronies engage them in battle on the floating rocks of a lava river. After getting double-teamed by Hiss and Rattlor, He-Man is able to use Hiss’s own magic to cause a rockslide that seemingly take out Hiss for good.

But things are not all sunshine and roses as He-Man is contacted by the Sorceress who senses the presence of Hordak. It’s getting close, but He-Man is able to destroy the temple at the last second leaving Hordak locked in Despondos and Evil-Lyn infuriated at her failure. In the scuffle of it all, thought, Count Marzo is able to regain control of the amulet from which he gains all his powers after it is dropped and lost by Evil-Lyn. She insists that Marzo continue working with her to free Hordak, but with his amulet back, he’s much more powerful than her and lays quick waste to the wicked witch.

Hiss and Rattlor, thought to be lost and killed in the lava river are obviously not lost and/or killed and witness He-Man actually carrying out their plan for them. Now since He-Man thinks them to be dead and the return of Hordak no longer a threat, Hiss is free to unleash Serpos.

PSA: Trust is a two-way street.

Final Thoughts:

Yo, man, this shit heated up real quick! The returns of Marzo and Moss Man, the quick but fun battles and the fast pace and advancement of the story made this episode feel like it was all over 30 seconds long. It flew by.

We didn’t necessarily close any gaps, but it does feel as if the story is rapidly approaching its conclusion even without the hindsight of just how many episodes are left. There’s so much that could happen depending on which direction the writers want to take it and, obviously, I have my own theory: the one who has been quiet and off the grid during this entire build-up has been Skeletor. He had the brief moment where it looked as if he was going to free Hordak, but chose to destroy the sanctuary instead, but he has mostly been out of the picture as the Snake Men became a visible force and the Masters were forced to turn their attention toward them.

Between the Snakes and the threat now of Evil-Lyn trying to summon Hordak, I’m guessing that Skeletor plays a major role in the finale and forms a most unstable alliance with He-Man and the Masters for the sole purpose of keeping these other evil forces out of his way.

I wouldn’t mind that. He-Man and Skeletor coming together to repel a common enemy and then leaving with a knowing wink and nod before heading their separate ways (worlds apart) knowing that this is only temporary and tomorrow they will once again be mortal enemies.

Yeah. I kind of hope that happens now that I type it aloud. Our two month journey comes to an end tomorrow and I’m grateful you’ve chose to come down this road with me.

Until next time.


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