Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E11: “Rattle of the Snake”

Welcome back! This is it, people. Our last three days with the 200X He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series! Thirty-six down, three to go and let’s hope these last 90 minutes knock it out of the park and leave us with nothing but fond memories.

When we left off, the Snake Men decimated all of Webstor’s spider-children who had been fed ambrosia, the potent food of the bee people that normally toxic to non-Andreenids, but – because of Webstor’s insect-biology, it mutated him into a more powerful version of himself.

As the Snakes combed through caves and mountains looking for fresh meat to bring to King Hiss, they came across the spiders, murdered and consumed them and, with that, the ambrosia that filled them. The final scene left us with a silhouette of Hiss feeling the surge of power caused by the ambrosia.

We can take guesses about what today’s title will lead to, but that would just be wasting time. Let’s hit play and do this, Brutus.

S02E11: Rattle of the Snake

Original Air Date: December 27, 2003

Screen Cap Analysis: I was going to make a Serpentor from G.I. Joe reference, but I don’t know how many of you will get it. Instead, here’s a pic of Serpentor:


We open in the lab of Man-At-Arms and he’s working on Fisto. In our last episode, Fisto was introduced as the brother of Duncan, but they don’t see eye to eye. Fisto, though, comes through in the clutch and rescues the Masters from being buried alive under a rockpile by punching through the boulders. He shatters his hand in the process and here Man-At-Arms is not only reassembling his hand, but giving it an upgrade to the thick, steel hand that Fisto has always been associated with. It looks as if Fisto and Duncan are about to patch things up, but Teela ruins the moment informing them that they’re needed by King Randor concerning trouble in Spelea (home of the humanoid bat people led by Lord Dactys).

Cut to Spelea and their soldier are trying to bunker down, but their barriers are no match for an attack by the Caligars (the humanoid lizard people who claim Whiplash as one of their own). We get a fierce battle that ends prematurely when Randor shows up with a collection of Masters. Ceretus, the leader of the Caligars accuses the Speleans of kidnapping numerous members of his tribe, but it turns out that they were actually attacked and snatched by the Snake Men.

Randor sets the Masters to search for the missing Caligars while he tries to put together a new peace treaty between the Caligars and Speleans as their alliance has never been more important that right now with all that is threatening Eternia.

Further underground, King Hiss is using the prisoners as slave labor; having them drill further the the tunnels in Subternia to find the Temple of Serpos. Serpos seems to be some ancient snake deity that, once freed, will cause all of Eternia to fall under his rule.

The Masters finally catch up to the Snakes just as they are about to have their celebration feast and dine on their Caligar slaves. Duncan, Teela and Fisto get taken out, but He-Man rescues them from becoming a replacement dinner as he plows through all the Snakes leaving just King Hiss. Once He-Man looks to have Hiss on the ropes, however, he’s attacked from behind by the returning Rattlor who has escaped from the Eternian prison cell. This distraction allows King Hiss the time needed to bring the temple to life as the monuments and statues come to life and attack the Masters. This now allows Hiss even more time to summon the medallion of Serpos. OK, I thought Serpos was another thing he could summon, but the medallion is fine too, I suppose.

With things not going the Masters’ way, they finally get some backup in the form of King Randor and a collection of Speleans and Caligars. Together the alliance is able to destroy the temple, but Hiss and his men get away with the Medallion of Serpos.

Ceretus is able to get his captured people back, but finds out that King Hiss has indeed devoured one of them. He offers his hand to Lord Dactys and states that a feud between the two people will only allow for greater evils to take over. Consider that beef squashed.

Same for Duncan and Fisto who get inspired by the show of understanding and shake hands themselves. Everybody is on the same page and now knows what they’re fighting for.

PSA: Don’t jump to conclusions when your lizard friends get kidnapped.

Final Thoughts:

I feel like this episode flew by. As much as I’ve been tense about just how much time we have left in the series, I thought today’s installment was terrific and a good use of the many characters despite spending so much time with both the Caligars and the Speleans.

Their beef has been a recurring issue throughout the entire series so spotlighting here as a way to destruct whatever tenuous peace they may have had was pretty good. Also, I just find Lord Dactys to be cool as fuck.

Once again, there’s another mysterious artifact to be had and, I’m sure that He-Man will have to destroy it at some point. The whole time this was happening, I was under the impression that Serpos was another being to be freed from another dimension similar to Hordak or like when the Snakes were locked in the Void, but I guess the medallion merely gives the holder the power of the ancient Serpos.

For the second straight episode, we have the Snakes getting a power-up. Friday, it was ambrosia and today the medallion. Seems like a tough nut to crack if you’re the Masters.

Also, is Skeletor aware that the Snakes are back? Since their defeat at Castle Grayskull where he was able to take back the throne to Snake Mountain, he hasn’t mentioned them outside of almost sacrificing Evil-Lyn for aligning with them and turning her back on him.

I would think that, at some point, that dynamic needs to be explored, but now we’re really up against the clock.

Only two episodes remain! Can’t stop now, we’ve come too far.

Until next time.


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