Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S02E07: “Of Machines And Men”

Welcome back to another He-Man recap! As we continue through our final full week of episodes, I feel like we have a lot of loose ends left with not a lot of time left to tie them up. Skeletor’s still doing his regular thing and yesterday, we found out the Snake Men aren’t dead as we thought when we left for the weekend on Friday.

There’s still a ton of these ancient artifacts and tablets laying around all of Eternia that only the bad guys know about until the planet is in jeopardy, then the Sorceress finally spills the beans to He-Man to have it destroyed. I find her more annoying with every passing day. Like, yo, just give He-Man a shopping list of all these fucking things left buried somewhere and let him get rid of them before the heels plot their next takeover based around it. I don’t think that’s a big ask. If I was He-Man, I’d have done that by like Episode 7, but nope, he’s too nice.

With that said, we launch into the first of our final seven episodes. Goons and snakes and Skelly, oh my!

S02E07: Of Machines And Men

Original Air Date: November 29, 2003

Screen Cap Analysis: Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur!

Queen Marlena is traveling home from a diplomatic mission when her ship appears to fly through a lightning storm and goes off the grid. Back at the palace, the same lightning storm is affecting sky sleds and other powered items, making everything appear to drop dead. Adam immediately goes into his transformation to begin looking into it.

As the Masters gather to formulate a plan of attack, a being named Sortech appears with a new battle armor for He-Man that will bring He-Man to his lair. Sortech is responsible for all power on Eternia being shut down and King Randor insists He-Man go to him.

Strangely, Sortech pays a visit to Snake Mountain as well and provides an armor an invitation to Skeletor as well. Well this just got fucking interesting.

He-Man arrives at Sortech’s land which looks like the junkyard planet from Transformers: The Movie and is attacked by all sorts of mechanical creations. I guess all of these things have some kind of alternate power sources that allow them to still run. He-Man shreds his way through all the obstacles before being granted access to the main building.

King Randor and Battle Cat arrive at the Corridors of Lithos and begin their search for Queen Marlena. They encounter a wounded guard who tells them that she took his weapon and went off for help so the search continues. We are shown Marlena hiking through the mountains but being watched by Kobra Khan who can’t wait to feed her to King Hiss.

As for He-Man, he does some exploring of his own and finds the man behind Sortech. A feeble old man being kept alive by machines who has grown disenchanted with Eternia’s current state and has summoned him to attempt to repair the Ergon which is a device that powers all sorts of technology. Unfortunately, he also summoned Skeletor who looks at this as a great opportunity to steal the device because…he’s Skeletor and that’s what he does.

Of course, He-Man takes out Skeletor and repairs the Ergon which allows Sortech to return power to all of Eternia. Yay.

Back with Randor, Battle Cat has a flashback to being a tiny cat and running through the caves with a young Prince Adam and Queen Marlena. He heads to the area he remembers and finds Marlena under attack by Kobra Khan and Tung Lashor.

Obviously, the good guys succeed here as well and everyone returns to the palace to be fat and happy.

PSA: Don’t use tricks, just ask if you need help.

Final Thoughts: 

This was another one of those PPV women’s matches. Not a lot here, an easily skippable episode and really nothing that should impact the future going-ons of the story.

I guess it was really just there to get in a fight with Skeletor and show that the Snakes are still around. In another time, this episode – as an independent chapter – would work fine and be more than adequate, but in the sense of serialized story, it really comes off as nothing more than filler.

Oh well. I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Not everything is a home run, but hopefully tomorrow will bring something that has a little more impact on the overarching story especially as we begin to wrap up our time with this series.

Until next time.


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