Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E25: “The Council of Evil Part 1”

Are you excited? Because I’m excited. We’re left with two episodes in Season 1 and it’s a two-parter! There just has to be so much good stuff here. I’m really fired up to see how the writers closed this out.

If you’ve been following along while I recapped the entire season, I thank you and am happy you decided to take this journey with me. Doing anything like this takes a measure of commitment and I’m happy to have had people genuinely interested as i revisited this series since He-Man has been such a big part of my life since as far back as I can remember.

Since we’ve come this far, let’s not waste a lot of time with recaps. We know how we got here and – if you’re just jumping on – the first 24 episode recaps are very available on the homepage for you to go back and read/watch. So, without further ado, let’s jump on our wind raiders and go for a ride.

S01E25: “The Council of Evil Part 1”

Original Air Date: October 4, 2003

OK, what?!

As I’ve realized a few times while doing this rewatch, a lot of these air dates just blow my mind and this is the newest installment. The penultimate episode of Season 1 didn’t air for almost a FULL SIX MONTHS after the last episode which we watched yesterday! SIX GODDAMN MONTHS! Jeez…and they wonder why this couldn’t get any traction.

I don’t know, man. Shit like this just boggles my mind. It did back in 2002 and 2003 when I couldn’t figure out when and where new episodes would be and it does just as much today. Maybe it was a ratings thing. Maybe I’m just so biased to wanting more MOTU that I was the only one who cared. I really don’t know. I just don’t see how you build any kind of following when you jerk a show around like this. Not like this was the first show to have this happen, nor the last, but you’d think that, if you were making an investment, you’d want to put it in the best position to succeed. Waiting six fucking months to air the final two episodes in a season is setting it up to fail.

Although, since it’s not even the first time something like this has happened during this season alone, maybe the show was already considered a failure and they were just running out the clock and saying, “Uhg…we still have those episodes in the can…just find a spot so the fat blogger guy recapping it in 2019 stops bitching.” But then why order the 13 episodes that became Season 2? I really just don’t get the logic, but I’m sure others who follow that kind of stuff closer than I can tell you all the details. Regardless, I’ve enjoyed doing this rewatch and at least I don’t have to wait six months to bring this to you. Let’s roll.

Screen Cap Analysis: It was always burnin’ since the world’s been turnin’.

All of Skeletor’s regular goons are stepping up to a cave where they were told to retrieve a 1,000 year-old weapon, but waiting for them are the full compliment of the Masters. The baddies are quickly forced to retreat, but before they’re able to make a full escape, they are met by He-Man who takes on the lot of them. The battle goes back and forth, but eventually, the rest of the Masters catch up and apprehend literally ALL of Skeletor’s minions who are locked away in an underground Eternian dungeon.

With all of these villains locked up, King Randor lowers the state of high alert in the kingdom and sends the Eternian guard home for a well-deserved leave. Teela questions this and states that they’re leaving themselves wide-open to attack since Skeletor himself hasn’t been captured, but even Man-At-Arms tells her to chillax.

Skeletor, still paying close attention to the going-ons via one of Tri-Klops’ Doomseeker drones makes it seem as if this has been his plan all along. Divide and conquer. He’s now thinned out all the protectors of Eternia and motions to a group cloaked in the shadows of Snake Mountain to now go and conquer.

Who the fuck is left? Literally, Evil-Lyn, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Clawful, Two Bad, Beast Man, Mer-Man and Stinkor have all been captured. OK, writers, you got me invested. Where are we going with this?

Alarms start being set off throughout Eternia and Man-At-Arms, with his cupboard nearly bare is forced to send off everyone he has left to investigate. That seems to be just Mekaneck, Sy-Klone and Roboto. Mekaneck is brought near the old sea and we get a callback to a prior episode (see: here for that recap) where he sees an old raft floating alone. It is the raft of Count Marzo who attacks Mek from behind before a quick cut away.

Buzz-Off who was using his time off to fly home at the request of his queen becomes the subject of another callback (which can be read here)! As he returns home, he’s met by the giants he battled multiple episodes ago who thrash him as we again cut quickly away.

OK, as I’m sitting here, I’m super hyped for this. These stakes are rising and the Masters are in legitimate trouble. The kicker is they don’t even know how big this threat is since they thought things were going to be simple after capturing all those heels earlier.

Another alarm goes off and Man-At-Arms heads to the Sands of Fire to check that out leaving only Adam and Teela behind to guard the prison. The ranks have definitely been thinned out. This is getting really fucking good.

Stratos, heading back to Avion with Orko as his plus-one, decides to take a shortcut seeing as how he doesn’t think he has to worry about running into any of Skeletor’s henchmen anymore. Ram Man and Man-E-Faces, who are out fishing, go from enjoying the peace and quiet one second, to being wrapped and captured by live vines sprouting from beneath the sea.

Back at headquarters, Teela is beginning to get frantic and calls Man-At-Arms to let him know that she’s lost all contact with literally all the remaining Masters. Duncan insists she keeps trying as he closes in on the Sands of Fire. Waiting for Duncan is…Skeletor.

Seeing Man-At-Arms as a real threat, Skeletor chooses to deal with him himself. Duncan, puts up a valiant effort, but Skeletor proves to be too powerful for him to overcome. Skeletor then lets him in on the secret that he set up his own people to be captured to get the kingdom to lower its guard. In addition, he gives Duncan the hot info that all of the Masters have been effectively eliminated. We’re literally down to Adam and Teela.

And Orko.


When flying through a cave, Stratos was captured in a massive spiderweb. Orko, a slower flier than Stratos, was able to avoid it and immediately headed back to headquarters to inform Adam and Teela. Teela is ready to spring into action, but the Prince, after receiving a message from the Sorceress tells her to continue to keep watch on the prison while he searches for He-Man.

Skeletor returns to Snake Mountain for a meeting for his new Council of Evil: Evil-Seed, Count Marzo, the Giants and Webstor. They’re all reveling in their accomplishments even while knowing that, at some point, He-Man is going to come calling.

We fade out with He-Man and Battle Cat steaming toward Snake Mountain as an overlay of Skeletor is shown in the sky with his evil cackling laugh presenting the mood.

Final Thoughts:

First off: fucking wow!

I mean, from the title, I was expecting Skeletor to put some kind of group together, but this wasn’t expecting this kind of big picture plan from ole Boneface. He sacrificed his pawns to make big gains with his knights. The tone of the episode was dramatically different than the majority of the season even from the very beginning where the Masters captured the villains.

I’ll be honest, I’m so fucking hyped finishing this episode that I cannot wait to see how it gets continued and wrapped up tomorrow. I only wish more people would have seen this in a more timely manner back in 2003 because this was actual dynamite.

The bad guys did bad guy things and you actually think that this may be the time where they finally come out on top. Just great storytelling.

Tomorrow, we get part two which doubles as the season finale. I couldn’t be more excited for it and the creators and writers are making my voyage of rewatch completely worth the time.


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