Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E24: “Separation”

Folks, we’re in the homestretch. Just three episodes to go in Season 1 and we’ve stayed on track. We go through this everyday so there’s no sense in doing a lot of recap, but if you just happen to be stumbling upon this blog for the first time, feel free to go back and catch up on all the wordsy goodness I’ve been providing for this series.

For those of you who have been reading these for the past few weeks, thank you for your clicks and comments as it’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed the discussion, but don’t get comfortable now! Once we finish this off on Thursday, we’re starting right back on Monday with Season 2! I’m excited for all of this so thanks for joining me as we re-experience a personal fave.

OK, so Episode 24. The title doesn’t give anything away. That’s cool, I don’t mind being surprised, but still waiting on those Snake Men to reappear. Who knows if that even comes about at the end of this season now? They sucked me in and now have me hanging. Oh well. Let’s get into this.

S01E24: Separation

Original Air Date: April 19, 2003

Screen Cap Analysis: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

We open in Snake Mountain with Two-Bad munching on some grindings. (Shout out Pauly Shore!) They keep fighting and Stinkor comes in to see what’s the trouble. Two-Bad calmly explains they they’re not in love with being attached so Stinkor gives them the location of a wizard who may be able to separate them. Ahhh…”Separation”…got it.

Back at the palace, Teela and Adam have just defeated Man-At-Arms and Queen Marlena in a game of…I have no fucking idea what you call it. Let’s say Eternian Connect 4. Would it matter if it wasn’t close? You don’t care, but it is a game of strategy and skill. The adults are impressed by their kids finally upsetting them for the first time. Sy-Klone and Roboto are watching and Sy begins to lament his own lack of family. Ahhh…”Separation”…got it.

Roboto explains the birds and the bees to Sy-Klone and says that there logically has to be SOME members of his family out there somewhere and Sy gets some pep in his step and says he has to track them down. He immediately pops on to Google to order one of them Ancestry DNA kits.

Two-Bad shows up at that wizard’s door and knocks him out to take his stone tablet with the spell of separation chiseled on to it. When the wizard hits the floor, the tablet breaks and Two-Bad, being a fucking buffoon, neglects to take a small, but substantial piece as he (they) leave. The basics: you need to retrieve three artifacts and join them together using more magic and then you’re free.

Five minutes later, Two-Bad is on the ocean floor already grabbing the first of the artifacts. Easy peasy. This, however, triggers the Sorceress since it’s another of those all-powerful artifacts that can take over Eternia so she calls He-Man to get his ass in gear.

OK, hold up. I talked too much shit way too soon. The backstory on the Triad (the three artifacts Two-Bad is searching for have a name when assembled) were originally joined eons ago by an ancient evil warlord named…Hordak.

This marks the first appearance of Hordak in the MYP series and I totally don’t remember him ever being here so I may have just peed a little. While I don’t think he’s going to do much today other than just be a reference point for future inclusion, it’s still pretty badass to see him.

Either way, He-Man has to stop whoever is trying to reassemble the Triad as it has a power that even Hordak couldn’t control and tried to bury to never be used again. That’s pretty fucking powerful.

Two-Bad collects the second of the three pieces, but is met by He-Man. Two-Bad offers a surrender, but it’s obviously a trick as he/they throw the Jerry Lawler fireball at He-Man and escape while he and Battle Cat are blinded.


Two-Bad gets the third and final artifact and then takes an Uber over to Hordak’s old altar to begin the spell. They realize almost immediately that this was a bad idea and run away leaving the spell to start the process of eliminating the planet. Sorceress shoots He-Man a mind-text saying the only chance is for him to return the artifacts to where they were hidden which, let’s be honest, sounds fucking ridiculous.

He-Man reaches into the specially made altar board, grabs the artifacts and begins the process of running all over Eternia in about 8 minutes to return each of the pieces. I mean, sure, whatever you gotta do. Of course, he does it because he’s the most powerful man in the universe and he may have even set a universal record for holding his breath underwater for an ungodly amount of time.

So Two-Bad doesn’t get separated, the world doesn’t get pulled apart and Sy-Klone realizes that he already has a family: the Masters.

PSA: Love thy neighbor.

Final Thoughts:

Look, we’ve had this conversation a bunch of times already, but just how many fucking artifacts exist from ancient wizards in early Eternia. Like, for real, it’s absurd. He-Man should just organize a search party and scour the planet collecting these things to ensure they’re all destroyed in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

I’m really amazed by just how many episodes revolve around the same plot: new ancient artifact with a rotating bad guy that must be returned of destroyed before all of Eternia falls. Quite frankly, I’m shook to even go back and watch the original series since there’s 130 of those episodes and probably a majority follow the same formula.

Regardless, we were able to check today’s box and move another step closer to completing this season. Back at it tomorrow with an episode that hopefully has a bit more meat on the bone.


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