Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E23: “The Sweet Smell of Victory”

Welcome to a fresh week of episode rewatches and recaps! We’ve got four episodes to go in Season 1 and – against all odds – we’ll be polishing this off this week. You think you’re excited? Feel these nipples! (This is a BASEketball reference.)

We left off with a filler episode on  after all the wild shit went down the day before. Head back to the homepage and go back if you need to catch up, but it’s all there. I don’t have a damn clue about what today’s episode will consist off, but I’d like to get back to at least a bit of the Snake Men. Despite having the void resealed, Kobra Khan and Rattlor were able to escape and are still presumably lurking around Snake Mountain looking for another opportunity to open the void and free King Hiss.

Skeletor seems to be underestimating the threat the Snakes present to him and, although the Masters and Zodak seemed very aware of the danger, still have to focus on Skeletor since he’s what’s here and now.

It’s quite a predicament for the good guys, the bad guys and even us since we’re trying to figure out how they’re going to move this story along in the final week of the season. With that said, let’s see what they got.

S01E23: “The Sweet Smell of Victory”

Original Air Date: April 12, 2003

Screen Cap Analysis: Home is wherever you rest your head.

A group of Skeletor’s henchies looks to be robbing an antique store, but are interrupted by the Masters who must have been expecting the, They’re being watched by Odiphus: a Furby-looking thing previously seen in the prison scene where Kobra Khan escapes Eternian jail.

The building begins to collapse during the battle, but everybody seems to get out OK. The Masters, though, are obviously unhappy the villains were able to get away. Odiphus takes this opportunity to barge into Snake Mountain and inquire about membership, but Tri-Klops tells him Furbys stopped being cool in 1996 and to get the fuck out.

Tri-Klops leaves his lab and, of course, Odiphus touches shit he shouldn’t be touching and causes a chemical explosion. The accident causes Odiphus to mutate into a much larger creature with a distinct, pungent smell. Odiphus has just transformed into the legendary villain Stinkor! OK, I didn’t see that coming, but I can get with it.

Odiphus is still using his christian name as he introduces himself to Skeletor and asks about rushing the evil warrior frat, but Skeletor tells him he stinks and to get the fuck out. Evil-Lyn helps the cause by hitting Odiphus with a few energy blasts to accentuate Skeletor’s comments.

Odiphus wanders the forest, his stench having an effect on everything within reach as he serenades us with a quick ditty to get his feelings across:

Odiphus’s stench is causing the animals in the forest to stampede to get out of there, but they do so toward the palace so the Masters assume it’s the work of Beast Man. The Masters are able to get them to turn around without having to harm them, but find that Beast Man had nothing to do with this. Stratos, however, recognizes the new smell in the area and informs the Masters they have a new problem.

Skeletor too, recognizes the problem this stench just caused and summons Odiphus back to Snake Mountain so he can lead the villains on an attack of the palace. The Royal Guard is quick to alert the Masters of the new threat so they can try to evacuate the village while Duncan and He-Man investigate the source of the smell.

The smell is devastating to anyone, so Duncan radios Roboto since he can’t be affected who passes along a plan which He-Man is able to enact with ease: simply knock the gas mask off of Odiphus since even he can’t stand his own scent. This forces a full retreat from the villains who, upon returning to Snake Mountain, are forced to scrub the smell off of all their equipment. When there is complaining as to why Odiphus doesn’t have to help, he walks in and says that Odiphus is no more…from here on, he is Stinkor!

PSA: I don’t fucking know. Something about the weather.

Final Thoughts:

This is fun because it introduces a new character who has been a long-time staple of the MOTU world. He’s quite popular among long-time fans as even i remember his figure being one of the early ones I had as a kid. It’s nice to see almost an origin story of him here which I’m sure never existed from the original series. To be honest, I can’t even remember him doing a single thing in the original series which is becoming a theme seemingly every time a character is introduced here.

As far as being an episode, this one is fun and easy. A nice little, bad guys versus good guys with a new twist brought into the fold that ends up causing havoc on the bad guys who thought they had their bases covered.

Maybe I’d like this episode more if it was in a different order, but truth be told, I’m just waiting for Snake Men follow-up. In a different format, this episode fits in fine and follows a regular progression.

I’d be interested to see how much if at all Stinkor is used going forward as he was/has continued to be a popular character as evidenced by the release of a Funko Pop figure of him not even a year ago.

So yeah, as a singular episode, this is perfectly fine, but as part of the larger narrative, I want my fucking Snake Men. I think that’s a very fair critique. Just my opinion. See you tomorrow.


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