Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E22: “The Island”

Welcome back to your Friday cartoon rewatch! We’re coming off what’s probably the most exciting episode of this series yet so now I can’t wait to see how they follow up.  If they follow up this soon, that is. I speculated yesterday that they may give this episode a week to breath in the story since even I was marking out so hard as it was happening.

That’s not a bad thing. I know the Snake Men play very heavily into Season 2 so it’s not like this episode will just be completely forgotten about and I’m cool with that. The people running this show have earned my trust. I keep coming back and watching the next episode. We gucci.

It’s not like I was losing interest in this series, but yesterday’s episode absolutely kicked my excitement up a notch because of how different and fresh the arrival of King Hiss and the danger the Snake Men presented felt. Even Skeletor was scared shitless of what would happen should the Snakes be freed. It’s an interesting dynamic that I definitely don’t remember being explored in the original and the way it was presented and sold made it feel like the stakes were at their highest.

But Snakes or no Snakes, we have a week to close out here. Episode title gives me no idea where this is heading so let’s just hit play and enjoy.

S01E22: The Island

Original Air Date: April 5, 2003

Screen Cap Analysis: Women…am I right?

A couple of old, retired guys are out fishing and discussing the old days. One was an old trainer for the royal guard and mentored Randor and Duncan. He gets up to fry some fish for dinner since he’s expecting a visit from Duncan that evening, but this is overheard by cousins of Clawful who pass the message along figuring Skeletor would be interested in that and maybe give them jobs working for him. Skeletor: making Eternia great again.

Man-At-Arms brings Teela and Adam along to meet Decker (his mentor), but when they arrive, Decker is nowhere to be found. Duncan immediately recognizes signs of a struggle and the trio go searching. Teela and Man-At-Arms are snatched up by the crustacean men who already have Decker captive. Adam is able to evade capture, but can’t find a moment to transform into He-Man.

While tied up, Duncan and Decker use a little strategy to trick the crab men into setting them free thinking they would fight each other, but obviously, they turn it around and start to gain an advantage. Adam, still MIA, is finally able to find enough privacy to do his power sword transformation and comes in house of fire to even up the odds.

When it looks as if our heroes have this under control, the head Crab Man calls another beast from the ocean…a sort of octopus that shoots toxic darts. After a chase to stay out of their firing range, He-Man uses his agility to jump through their line of fire which leads to them peppering each other until both monsters go down. Unfortunately, Duncan does get hit with one dart and is tapering away, but Teela remembers an antidote she learned in Professor Snape’s potions class and He-Man sets out to locate it as soon as he can.

Obviously, it works and Duncan is saved. Then I think they pull a rib on Skeletor by making him go to a tiny, tiny island in the middle of nowhere waiting for a delivery of Man-At-Arms that will never come. I guess that’s fun.

Final Thoughts:

Well, I wasn’t expecting an immediate follow-up on the Snakes, but this was the ultimate filler episode. Going about your normal day then BOOM: trouble. Absolutely nothing long-term or memorable, but for one episode, it was fine.

This is very much like old WWE formatting where you’d put the women’s match on before the main event to bring down the crowd before they get excited again. This episode was a 2001 women’s match. Nothing wrong with it, it has a place, but it’s not what you came to see.

That closes out another week. Starting Monday, we have the last four episodes of this season. It’s pretty amazing at how quick it’s gone, but here we are. Trust the process, enjoy your weekend and let’s come back and close this out like Armando Benitez wou…OK, maybe not the best choice. See you Monday.


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