Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E18: “Trust”

Happy Monday and welcome to another episode rewatch! Hopefully you all enjoyed a weekend if you had one and are ready to get back on the He-Man bus today.

We’re coming off a really solid week in terms of episode quality and I’m hopeful that will continue as we finish off the remainder of Season 1 here. Knowing that the story in Season 2 is drastically different, I’m incredibly interested to see how the writers tie up these loose ends. Maybe they don’t. I really don’t know. It’s been such a long time since I’ve watched this series that a lot of it feels like I’m seeing it for the first time.

For me, that’s a good thing. It allows me to give genuine reactions as I’m writing these blogs out. That seems to be what you guys react to most as well based on the feedback I get. Either way, we’ve got nine episodes to go counting today’s so let’s not fuck around on a Monday. Time to do work.

S01E18: Trust

Original Air Date: March 8, 2003

Ohh, they actually aired it a week after the last one. Insert eye-rolling emoji. Yeah, I’m paying super close attention to the air dates now.

Once again, let me state how awesome it is that every episode of this series is easily accessible through YouTube. Personally, I own the DVD sets, but I’ve become lazy and don’t want to get up to put a disc in the machine if I don’t have to when I can just open the YouTube app on my TV. What a game-changer.

We open with Tri-Klops attacking the palace prison to free Mer-Man. What Mer-Man did to justify being arrested in the first place or how he was brought to justice, we don’t know. But he’s there and in shackles. Tri-Klops just blasts the wall with his ships gamma ray, picks up our scaly friend and takes off. Man-At-Arms is livid that his double-reinforced walls can’t withstand a gamma blast. I mean, yeah, for sure, I would be too. That shit is DOUBLE-REINFORCED. Like, who was the fucking contractor on this? Seems like Man-At-Arms was sold a bill of goods on the materials used here.

Teela – as teenage warrior princesses often do – has the bright idea that they need a stronger material. Thanks, Toots. Stratos talks of a legend of Eternium: a metal that’s hidden in the ice mountains that they basically make sound like Vibranium or Adamantium. Listen…it ends in “-ium” so you can rest assured that it’s legit.

Stratos flies into the dangerous ice mountains to do some scouting and Man-At-Arms gives him a scanner to detect strange metals. Always good to have one of those handy. Unfortunately, one of Tri-Klops’ Doomseeker drones has been watching all this so Skeletor dispatches Trap Jaw to the mountains to make sure he gets his hands on this so they can build weapons to defeat He-Man.

Stratos is getting a reading on the scanner and thinks he’s located the Eternium, but just as he does, he’s blindsided by Trap Jaw. A kerfuffle ensues and causes an earthquake that swallows both battlers into a pit. Trap Jaw suffers an injured leg while Stratos has a damaged wing. Their only way out – like it or not – is to work together.

Of course, Trap Jaw pulls a heel turn on Stratos after about 48 seconds, but Stratos is a good guy so he still helps Trap Jaw to keep moving when they hear some snow beasts coming through a cavern. He-Man sets off for the mountains once the Masters lose contact with Stratos so at least help is on the way, but the snowstorm has covered the tracks so it won’t be easy for He-Man to locate him.

As He-Man scopes out the area, he’s met by Skeletor who has arrived with the rest of the goon squad who have also come as backup. While He-Man is busy fighting off the villains, Trap Jaw again turns on Stratos and leaves him for dead in the cavern for the snow beasts to find as he is able to escape.

The snow beasts are not actually beasts, but a race of…snow beasts who rely on the mining of Eternium to survive. How? We don’t know, but we just have to go along with it. Stratos says he wasn’t aware that there was a village there and wouldn’t take the Eternium now that he does know, but Trap Jaw suddenly shows up out of nowhere and lies to the snow beast people about Stratos’ intentions. Both are locked in a supply closet where Trap Jaw immediately tries to knock out Stratos and take some Eternium, but the beasts were observing and are now firmly on Stratos’ side.

He-Man has been buried in an avalanche giving Skeletor and the rest of the heels the opening they need to bust on in and take the Eternium for themselves. But this is He-Man we’re talking about so – much like Hawkins and Ryder – he’s NEVER DEFEATED! He throws a wrench into ole Skelly’s plans and with the help of the snow beasts, runs off Skeletor.

Stratos offers a communicator to the head snow beast and says if there’s ever some trouble, holla on that and the Masters will be down to throw hands.

PSA: Trust must be earned. Not by word, but through deed.

Final Thoughts:


…this episode certainly existed.

Not the best way to open the week, but hey, sometimes you have a bad day. Maybe your coffee was good, or your lunch will be solid, but yeah, this wasn’t great. I like seeing Stratos getting some screen time as he’s one of the more dependable or the second-level Masters, but they also made him look incompetent by letting Trap Jaw play him like a hundred times in three minutes.

Being good-hearted is one thing, being a buffoon is a different animal.

Just not a lot of meat on this bone today. The snow beast people have a name, but I didn’t even care to look it up because I would just about guarantee that we never see them again. This is actually tied for the lowest-rated episode of the season so at least it’s not just me. Don’t get me wrong, there are much worse things out there, but this just doesn’t do anything to advance the story or characters whatsoever. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.


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