Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E08: “Siren’s Song”

How was everybody’s weekend? Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Welcome back to another exciting rewatch on the Car JoeMez channel. It’s a basic channel, no premium payments needed…for now.

We’re continuing along in our series rewatch of the 2002 Mike Young Productions’ He-Man & The Masters of the Universe and I’d say so far, so good. The changes and differences from the beloved original have made sense and helped improve the presentation and the storytelling is light-years ahead of the original which was a victim of its time where these shows just didn’t feature a conjoined story across multiple episodes – forget about a full season – unless it was some kind of special like “The Secret of the Sword” movie that introduced She-Ra that was then broken up into five episodes for television or the two-part Supermarket Sweep episode of Married…With Children that will be forever beloved in my house.


One of my favorite show to reminisce about. A rewatch of this may be necessary soon.

OK, so we’ve got improved storytelling, changes that have been positive and animation that takes advantage of the advances in the system to give a sleek, action-packed finished product. I’d say we’re doing pretty good so far. Which makes this a great time to start week 2 of the rewatch. Let’s go.


S01E08: Siren’s Song

Original Air Date: October 18, 2002

We open with Adam and Teela in the middle of a training exercise when Man-At-Arms notices Skeletor’s minions in the distance making a move for Castle Grayskull. He immediately puts out the call for all the Masters to head that way and prepare for battle.

We get your standard fare within battle which I suppose it really set up just by Skeletor waking up and thinking it was a good time to take over the Castle, but the Masters are able to send his forces into retreat. Buzz-Off looks to Man-At-Arms and finally asks, “What’s so fuckin important about this pile of rocks Castle in the middle of goddamn nowhere?” He-Man gives Duncan the nod and thus he begins that protected inside is the power of the Elders. Ram Man wants everybody to take an oath to protect the secret – especially Buzz-Off since he’s new – but He-Man’s like, “Nah, fam…that shit is wack.”

Back at Snake Mountain, Evil-Lyn theorizes that they need to have the Masters break their own ranks and they decide that Ram Man is a moron so he’s the one they can go after.

Ram Man decides to go fishing on the lagoon when he’s distracted by a sexy lady singing on the nearby rocks. He’s then thrown from his boat by a wave and when he comes to, the woman, Cercei – the Siren of the Lagoon, tells him, “Look at me! I’m the Captain of your head now! And when I’m done, you won’t remember shit!” As she leaves, she transforms from her disguise to reveal…Evil-Lyn. But of course.

Cut back to the Kingdom, Man-At-Arms is displaying a new weapons system he’s come up with since they need to be ready for everything with Skeletor liable to do anything at a moments notice. Thanks to Tri-Klops’ Doomseeker drone, the forces of evil are watching the entire display in 1080p HD streaming which is pretty impressive tech for 2002 and Skeletor decides they should have Ram Man steal this for them since they can control his mind now. Honestly, as far as Skelly’s plans go, this one is pretty solid.

Ram Man does as he’s told, but it is immediately forgotten about when he wakes up. The sirens are going off in Eternia as Man-At-Arms has now recognized the missing weapon. Rammy once again tosses shade at Buzz-Off who then get into a kerfuffle. He-Man puts out the fire and says that you can’t be throwing out baseless accusations, but Ram Man goes back into his catatonic state at the first note of Cercei’s song and walks off. Teela and Adam trail him and find him hand-delivering the new weapon directly to Evil-Lyn.

It’s reported to the King and Ram Man is locked up for treason against Eternia. While in his cell, the song again calls to Rammy and he busts through the wall with ease and begins running through the woods following the tune. He’s pursued by the rest of the Masters as they try to bring this newfound criminal back to justice, but once they reach a clearing, they are greeted by Skeletor and his forces.

Skeletor is more than happy to test out Man-At-Arms’ new vaporizer weapon and giggles incessantly when it appears to have frozen our heroes. Unbeknownst to him, however, it needs an activation code and the good guys were just playing possum. The bad guys are quickly immobilized, all, that is, except for Evil-Lyn who uses her magic to take control of the weapon and freeze all of the good guys. All of the good guys, that is, except He-Man who charges at her to take back the weapon.

Evil-Lyn goes to her last resort: turning back into Cercei and trying to control He-Man’s mind. She has him close to jumping in a lava pit, but Ram Man – now freed from his mental restraints – knocks her fuckin block of with a Bushwhackers’ Battering Ram and breaking her control over He-Man. The vaporizer falls into the lava pit and it’s spell is broken. The villains turn tail and retreat to Snake Mountain while the Masters celebrate another hard-won victory.


PSA: Don’t jump to conclusions.


Final Thoughts:

Another perfectly fine episode. While there hasn’t been anything that is going to blow your mind, every episode to this point has been solid, featured a nice mix of characters and moved along the story without feeling too repetitive which is good seeing as how the main artery of the story is: Skeletor attacks Castle, He-Man stops him over and over.

That may make for a boring take, but whereas internet culture seems to just want to shit all over everything imaginable, I think it’s kinda nice to just sit back and enjoy a quick half-hour show with a bunch of characters I grew up loving.

The best part? I get to do it again tomorrow.


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