Daily Cartoon! RICK & MORTY S.2,E.4: “Total Rickall”

Welcome to another special cartoon recap! Keeping things a bit more recent than normal today with one of my favorite current shows: Adult Swim’s RICK AND MORTY. I was admittedly late to the party on this show. I don’t watch a lot of “new” TV anymore unless a bunch of people tell me I need to jump on a bandwagon and this show certainly fell into that category. Once I got into it, though, I was fucking hooked. It’s terrific. And since I’m in the middle of rewatching Season 2 to get ready for the show’s big comeback next week, here I am writing about it.

If you’ve never seen it, the show is about Rick Sanchez, and old, drunk inventor/man of science and his grandson, Morty as they go on adventures throughout the galaxy and timelines and fucking whatever your mind can imagine. The two are also supplemented by the rest of the family, Morty’s parents Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell) and Beth (Rick’s daughter (voiced by Sarah Chalke)) and his sister, Summer.

Like any show, each episode introduces us to all sorts of crazy secondary characters like Fart, Gearhead, Birdperson and my personal favorite: Mr. Meeseeks.


I love Mr. Meeseeks. For realsies. He’s adorbs.

So today’s episode is a personal fave and – if you’re a fan of the show – I think you’ll agree. If you’re not, I’m about to try my best to describe this in such a way that makes you jittery with excitement to begin spending your time with Rick and Morty.


RICK AND MORTY : S.2, E.4: “Total Rickall”

Originally Aired: August 16th, 2015


Jerry’s brother Steve has apparently been living with the family for a year and, as thanks for letting him stay with them, Steve will be taking the entire family on a trip to Paris! At this moment, Rick walks in to throw some radioactive rocks in the trash and asks who the hell Steve is. When Jerry explains that Steve is his brother, Rick shoots him in the temple with a laser to the horror of everybody. Rick explains that Steve isn’t real and that he’s a parasitic alien that someone must have tracked in on the bottom of their shoe, but not to worry because it’s dead now. Rick says that, in the meantime, they have to be aware of any zany characters that may pop up that may have been spawned by Parasite Steve.


Enter Mr. Poopy Butthole.


Cue the opening sequence which – amazingly – has Mr. Poopy Butthole inserted into every cut. It’s terrific.

So I suppose it goes without saying that our new friend, Mr. Poopy Butthole is going to be all over this episode. I, for one, am excited.

Now, you would think that Mr. Poopy Butthole is one of those zany characters Rick told us (yes…us. We’re right in the middle of this now) to be careful of, but nobody else seems to mind so…fuck it. Mr. Poopy Butthole seems cool. He can hang out.

The family and Mr. Poopy Butthole go into lockdown as they search the house to make sure there’s no more of these parasitic aliens around because if they get loose, they’ll take over the planet by embedding themselves in people’s memories. We don’t want that. Rick has the house rigged to go into fortress mode for such an event so now these parasites won’t be able to get out just in case there are more of them. Mr. Poopy Butthole says that this makes him feel claustrophobic like when they all got stuck in an elevator after The Incredible Hulk musical. Mr. Poopy Butthole is clearly a parasite.


In the middle of this flashback in the elevator, Cousin Nicky opens up a roof panel and helps the family free. Cut back to the living room in real-time now where Cousin Nicky talks about all the wild situations they’ve gotten into. Wait a minute…who in the bluest of fucks is Cousin Nicky??


Apparently, Rick had the same thought I did and he shoots Cousin Nicky turning him back into a parasite and killing him. The whole family is suspicious of each other possibly being a parasite now since Cousin Nicky was the reason they had found that Nazi submarine way back when. Did that even happen? Jerry is so sure it happened. Of course, Jerry is sure. Jerry is stupid.

We get a flashback to that Nazi incident where the family is saved by their butler, Mr. Beauregard!


OK…what? Now who the fuck is Mr. Beauregard?! We cut back to the living room where Mr. Beauregard is serving h’orderves as they recall the tale of the Nazi submarine and Rick is suspicious again since there are only supposed to be six of them in the house. It matters not, though, because we’re immediately hit with another flashback in which Jerry gets his head caught in the bannister of the staircase with Mr. Beauregard pouring marmalade on him to all him to squeeze out. Frankenstein (yes…THAT Frankenstein) comes in and makes a British joke in Mr. Beauregard’s direction that has the family howling. We then cut to a pillow fight between Rick, Summer and Mr. Beauregard. Then another cut to Morty not wanting to go to the dance alone…until Mr. Beauregard shows up in a dress to save the day. There’s also Photography Raptor. He’s a raptor who is the family photographer. He’s there now too. He’s taking pictures.


If you’ve never watched this show before, you have to be wondering what the fuck I’m talking about. Trust me…this all seems feasible as you’re watching. But even I’m sitting here all “what the fuck drugs is Dan Harmon (creator of this and another personal fave of mine: Community) on?” And I’m someone who both watches this show and loves drugs.

Rick is pleading with everybody to stop remembering as now there’s like ten of them in the room while there’s only supposed to be six. Mr. Beauregard convinces Rick that he just liked the number six and Rick’s pencil, Pencilvester, writes a nice big six on paper for him.


Everybody starts going through their phones to look for photos as evidence that other may be parasites. Frankenstein thinks it’s odd that Summer’s only friend is a ballerina lamb named Tinkles that nobody else has ever seen. Speaking of Tinkles, she’s the subject of a San Diego Comic Con Funko Pop exclusive figure this week!


It’s a shared exclusive with Toys ‘R Us, yes, I did order it and so can you if interested by clicking here!

So yeah, we get a cutaway to Tinkles and Summer going to Never-Past-Bedtime-Land which is one of the best or worst acid trips imaginable depending on your point of view.


Back to the living room, Rick agrees with Frankenstein that it IS weird that nobody’s ever seen Tinkles, but she suddenly appears with all her friends from Never-Past-Bedtime-Land and everybody feels really bad about doubting Summer. Jerry takes this opportunity take let everybody know that HE knows who the real Smiths are because he’s known Beth since high school…and Beth’s husband, Sleepy Gary, is his best friend.

SLEEPY GARY?! HUSBAND?! This shit is bananas.


Rick is fed up and is going to start blasting people when Sleepy Gary jumps in his path to try to calm him down. He explains to Rick that this room is filled with their family and friends. The people they bar-b-que with. Rick remembers those BBQs, doesn’t he? Don’t you, Rick?


The house is now completely full of all these parasites and Rick is losing his mind. Pencilvester tells Rick that he has a habit of overreacting and we get a cutaway with Rick wanting to spend his life savings on discounted Nintendo 3DS’s that he can then flip for an extra hundred bucks a pop to be rich. To be fair, that’s a solid idea.

Jerry pulls Sleepy Gary off to the side and tells him he’s worried about their memories not being real. We then get a cutaway of the two of them on a boat having an intense moment of romance that I wasn’t at all planning on seeing.

Rick and Frankenstein get into a struggle over Rick’s blaster gun that ends up with Rick being disarmed and all the parasites now holding him down and Reverse Giraffe blaming everything on him.


Morty is now fed-up and takes the gun from Frankenstein. He tells this random duck and baby wizard to bring Rick to the garage because he doesn’t want to shoot him in front of Pencilvester. Morty puts the gun up to Rick as Rick tells Morty he’s a whiny piece of shit. Morty then shoots the baby wizard and duck and tells Rick that he’s figured everything out: the parasites only implant good memories in your mind and he knew Rick was real because he has tons of horrible memories from adventures gone awry with Rick.

Rick opens up the secret wall behind the washing machine and weaponizes him and Morty. The two of them charge into the living room and start in on the memories they have of everybody there. Morty vouches for Summer because he remembers her kicking him in the dick and tosses her a gun to join them.

Summer remembers Beth hitting her with a wine bottle while drunk on picture day and tells Morty to throw her a gun as well and the four of them begin blasting motherfuckers to high hell. Parasite blood-juice is coating the walls when Rick corners Pencilvester. He implores him to have a bad memory so he can spare him, but Morty is the heartless jerk who comes over and ends him.


Summer momentarily questions Morty, but remembers walking in on him jerking off in the kitchen and is satisfied that all’s good. Mr. Beauregard crawls up to Rick who shows no mercy and blows him away with a loud, “I guess I did the butler!” He’s incredibly proud of himself as Ghost In A Jar explains that it’s a play on “the butler did it”. Ghost In A Jar is then shot.


Jerry is trying to hide with Sleepy Gary. Sleepy Gary wants them to get to his boat, but Beth comes over and blows away Sleepy Gary. Jerry then has a massive breakdown and begs Beth to send him with Sleepy Gary.

We finally come to the aftermath. All the parasites have been put to rest and the family is settling down for a nice dinner. Jerry is still broken on the inside and because they killed all the good people. Mr. Poopy Butthole pulls up a seat and asks for a pork chop, but Beth is eyeing the fuck outta homeboy. Beth blasts him and Mr. Poopy Butthole goes flying against the wall, bleeding from his chest. Apparently, he’s real after all. Jerry calls for an ambulance as Rick and Morty tend to Mr. Poopy Butthole. Beth, shaken, tries to guzzle down a glass of wine.

We roll credits and then get a bonus scene of Mr. Poopy Butthole in rehab trying to re-learn to walk. Rick and Beth are watching from outside, Beth holding a bouquet of flowers. Mr. Poopy Butthole’s nurse comes over and Beth asks if he can have visitors. The nurse explains that he’d like to be alone and that he’s sorry she didn’t have any bad memories of him. The family somberly exits the clinic as Rick ends with a horrible catchphrase.

Final Thoughts:

OK, a lot fucking happened here and this was probably the worst episode I could have picked to recap because of that. Trust me, it’s fucking dynamite. I tried to include as many pictures as possible so you’d have an idea of what was going on, but if it wasn’t enough: I apologize.

Also, fuck you for not being able to follow along.

I’m kidding…only partially.

Either way, this show is fucking tremendous and you should watch it. Buy DVDs or do what I do and revisit it on Hulu! Like I said, it’s coming back next week for Season 3 so now’s as good a time as ever to get on the fucking train. You won’t regret it. The show is absolutely out of control, but it’s funny and if you smoke the right amount of pot, it does seem to make logical sense.

Seriously, if you watch a few episodes and still aren’t feeling this show, I’d be shocked. It’s that good. Try it. And if you already love it, well…uh…good. You should. You have good taste.

Joe DiLeo

Twitter: @MaximusSexPower

E-Mail: ShoesOnSports@gmail.com

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