Cabrera Requests Trade, Makes All Of Us Wish We Could

Hours before Friday’s game, Mets shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, said he thinks it’s best if he’s traded since he is being asked to switch positions before the team decided to approach him with the prospect of such a move apparently.

This isn’t shocking.

You would think that as the years go by and everybody involved gets replaced by new faces who are more level-headed and the textbook “smart baseball lifers”, that this kind of shit would go away. You’d think the feeling and aura of fuckery and buffoonery that surrounds this franchise would be a thing of the past by now, but nope!

The more things change, the more they stay th

The Mets pissed off another veteran player today by apparently not letting him know that they planned to have him change positions when he returned from the disabled list and with that, Cabrera, who before today had a sterling reputation as a classy, professional player got labeled selfish and spoiled.

Well, fuck that.

Listen, it’d be one thing if Cabrera was being asked to move to make way for top prospect Amed Rosario, but nope, that’s not what’s happening here. Instead of such a common-sense move, Asdrubal is losing his spot to…Jose Reyes.

Now, if this was 2007, that would also be understandable. Unfortunately, it’s not and Jose Reyes in 2017 flat-out sucks. That’s not even facetious. He’s been all levels of awful all season and you can (and I have) argue that he isn’t even worthy of a roster spot at this point in his career.

I understand that Asdrubal has had a rough season as he’s struggled defensively as well as with a wrist injury, but the idea that this team needs to find a spot for Jose fucking Reyes is beyond fucking ridiculous.

So yeah, I’m #TeamAssDribble on this one. I’m all for teamwork and all that jazz, but with the way this season has imploded, I’m just jealous I can’t jump off the ship with him.

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