Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2, E.3: “It Came From Beneath The Sewers”

Welcome again to another episode of TMNT! Let me just take a quick moment to thank you for reading these reviews. The web traffic has increased every day so that’s an encouraging sign!

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving here in the US, I am not promising a new blog, but I will try to have it up early before any of my real activities for the day get going.

OK, back to important stuff. The Turtles have to hunt down this crystal and Shredder already has the first part of it. That brings us to…

S.2, E.3: “It Came From Beneath The Sewers”. Original Air Date: 10/15/1988


We pick up immediately from where we left off yesterday. The Turtles and April are using the Crystal-finder machine thing to try to find the next piece of the Eye of Sarnath. Shredder has the same idea and is now FaceTiming Krang to use the fancy equipment in the Technodrome (which is still in Dimension X) to track the crystal as well. Both parties track it to a local carnival.

The Turtles seem like they’ll get there before Shredder, but it’s instead found by a couple of kids before they can get there. April tries haggling with them and offers $3 (American) for the crystal, but even in 1988 that was a joke of an offer and they send April away. She runs off to find the Turtles to get more money, but they’ve been taken to a side-stage as they were mistaken for costumed performers and are being forced to put on a show.

While April is trying to find them, Shredder and Baxter roll up on these kids and make no offer of $3, they just take the crystal from them with a snicker and head back to the super secret hideout. While there, Baxter drops the crystal and it makes contact with some dirt from the bottom of Shredder’s boot. They discover that the crystal is able to create some kind of mutating dirt spore out of that and Shredder is hyped that he has another means to try to destroy the Turtles.

For someone who’s supposed to be a karate master, Shredder is Mr. Science AF.

The Turtles are now home in the sewers telling Splinter about how Shredder has the new portion of the crystal when, all of a sudden, a giant mutant plant comes breaking through the wall. Between robots and mousers and now plants all attacking Splinter and the Turtles in the sewers, it’s amazing that all of NYC hasn’t completely crumbled from the shattered underground base due to all these battles. And we’re only 8 episodes in. I can’t imagine how many more times this shit happens.

So yeah, picture a Venus Flytrap on fucking steroids (like a D-Ball and Winstrol stack) and that’s what’s trying to eat the Turtles. The defeat it for the moment and it retreats back through the sewers.

Cut to April’s apartment – which is new since her last one WAS FUCKING DESTROYED AND ALL HER NEIGHBORS KILLED a few episodes ago – where April and Irma (who also works at Channel 6) are sitting around, having coffee and talking about boys. OK, this is gonna get good. It’s like having a listening device planted in a girl’s sleepover and we’re gonna get to hear some wild ass shit…and then there’s a knock at the door and kills that pipe dream before it could come to fruition.

April answers the door, but nobody is there. Just a note with an address and saying where to meet. It’s signed by the Turtles. Now, I will say right now: this makes no fucking sense. If the Turtles could take the time to ring ‘n run April’s door, why not just wait for her to fucking answer and tell her to get her coat because they’re going out? It’s obviously a fucking trap. And it’s made even creepier that Shredder knows where April lives! Why would you want to keep living there if the Shredder can just pop in unannounced whenever the fuck he feels like it? I wouldn’t feel safe. I don’t feel safe just writing about it. What if Shredder reads this blog and is like, “I’m gonna get that motherfucker for blowing up my spot since obviously nobody else realized this shit”? I could be in real trouble, you guys.

April, despite her background as an investigative journalist, doesn’t heed my warning and shows up alone to the address which is just an empty warehouse. Shredder pops out like, “SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKERS” and captures her. She’s tied to a chair as Shredder takes her Turtle-Com and dares the TMNT to save their friend.

Even at only 8 episodes in, April is proving to be a girl with a ton of drama. I don’t know if I would continue hanging out with her if I wasn’t hitting it.

The Turtles arrive at the warehouse disguised as pizza delivery boys and fucking Baxter opens the door like a real jerk because who doesn’t have four pizza delivery boys show up with an order you never placed?! Stupid, Baxter. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

The Turtles save April as Baxter and Shredder again escape, but there’s a news report on saying a giant plant is destroying the city. They grab April and head out to meet the plant and, after remembering Splinter’s advice to get to “the root of the problem”, are able to cut the plant down and come away with this one filed under W.

Best line:

I’m going to start including this in every review I do. You get some real good shit these writers were able to slip in. Like this gem:

Shredder: Good catch, Baxter!

Baxter: You must admit, I do have soft hands.

And the gay-dar needle is pinned to the max.

Final Thoughts:

The entirety of this episode is completely preposterous. And I fucking loved it! This was a wonderful collection of things that shouldn’t make sense and when it was over, I stopped, shrugged and said, “seems legit.” That being said, there are a lot of things here that are going to impact the remainder of this story-arc, at least in the short-term.

Shredder’s finally getting some heat on the Turtles. He’s beating them to the crystals and, although they’ve been able to rescue Splinter and April from his clutches, he continues to escape and further his cause. Krang has to be impressed with his showing of late and it seems like just a matter of time until Shredder gets his reinforcements sent to him from Dimension X.

Once again, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I will try to get an episode in, but no promises. Thanks to all for reading and keep the comments, Tweets and e-mails coming! Happy Thanksgiving!

❤ Joe


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